Chapter 22: Promised

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Re: Chapter 22: Promised

Post by Brienna »

1. The chapter is called “Promised”, why? What is the significance?
Because of the imprinting.

2. How did you feel about the family’s reaction to Bella’s first hunting trip and her actions towards Renesmee? Where they valid? Did Edward deserve the chastisement?
Edward should have been more careful, yes. And the family should have had more faith in both Edward and Bella. I imagine Alice would have let them know if Bella had done something 'wrong'.
I could understand how they acted about Renesmee, but I felt really bad for Bella about it.

3. How do you feel about Jacob’s behavior with Bella’s first meeting with Renesmee? Was it justified? Or do you feel that Jacob was overreacting?
Stupid me, didn't realize Jake had imprinted on Renesmee. So I thought he was being weird. I felt like Bella: "why should he care?"

4. Now that you have finally met her, what do you think of Renesmee? Are you surprised she is gifted? What do you think of her gift and other special abilities?
I fell in love with her immediately, I wasn't surprised at all that she was gifted.

5. Do you think Bella was wrong in her reaction to Jacob’s news regarding his relationship with Renesmee? Did you appreciate that Jacob didn’t tell Bella what the situation was, that she had to figure it out?
Jake should've told Bella. I felt she responded natural, you find out an adult is in love with your baby :shock:

6. We are left knowing that Bella attacks Jacob. Is she justified in her actions or is she overreacting? If you were in Bella’s shoes, what would you have done?
I think I would have attacked too, but I don't think it's the right thing to do though.
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