Chapter 31: Talented

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Re: Chapter 31: Talented

Post by Brienna »

1.What is your opinion of Tanya’s assessment of the werewolves? Do you feel she is right, that they are no match for the Volturi?
Yes, she is right, the wolves are strong, but they don't have special powers, the Volturi do.

2. We've known that Kate is talented along with Eleazer. What do you think of their talents? Are they what you predicted?
Not what I predicted, but their talents are cool!

3.Eleazar was part of the Volturi guard – was this a surprise to you? How do you feel and what are your impressions when he
speaks of the guard and his ability to leave it. Why would Aro allow him to leave?

Aro wanted to show that the Volturi are the Good Guys. By not allowing Eleazar to leave, he would let people know/see what he was up to.

4.What were your reactions and/or thoughts of Bella’s talent? Is it something you predicted?
I think I would have predicted it, it seems logical. I think it's useful. I think it fits Bella, she always wants to protect everyone and with this she can.

5.Peter and Charlotte have arrived, what are your feelings regarding their appearance and what are you thoughts of Alice and Jasper at this point?
I knew Alice was still doing the right thing, but that she didn't want anyone to know. I never doubted her.

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