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Re: New Moon Movie ~ Take 2

Post by Edward_Addict »

Ok so I'm between leaving work and going to class right now so I don't have much time to comment or even go back and read the 10 pages of comments about the new NM drama, but I am soooooo happy that CH is out! :D I seriously don't think anyone else can do much worse.
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Re: New Moon Movie ~ Take 2

Post by shawniegore »

I'm sitting here reading all these concernes about new moon and how they're gonna want to stick to a small budget (wtf Summit? seriously? Is your head up you a$$), They want more Edward for the sake of screen time, and they want to chunk it out as soon as possible because it's money for them.......

If they do this, I am SERIOUSLY thinking about boycotting the film. Not even going to see it. I'll be screaming at myself internally to go see it, but if it's all messed up and jacked with, NO WAY! I'd rather keep the version in my head, rather than see some mangled version just so summit can have a paycheck :evil:

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Re: New Moon Movie ~ Take 2

Post by TeamJacob! »

This topic is crazy, i think someone mentioned before you go away and come back and you have no idea whats going on. Anyway i'm not reading back but the convo is going somewhere along the lines of more edward in NM??.
As much as i want edward to be there i would love them to keep with the book and give us more Jacob time :D .
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Re: New Moon Movie ~ Take 2

Post by navarre »

amie wrote:
navarre wrote:amie, I only know of CH that stated that. If anyone else has, then I have not read it. I'm sure that would have been discussed with MR if that was the case. Directors and writers do talk I'm sure.

Hopefully, SM will nix that idea with MR if that is still being considered. Otherwise, here we go again! :x

That's what I mean. CH is out of the picture (for all we know, her wanting to mangle the story like that was one of the decisions that caused her ousting) and no one else involved has suggested such a ridiculous change, so there's really no good to come from panicking about it now. Interviewers are asking Rob about it because it's the next step, but they certainly don't have any say in altering the story.

Edward is still Edward, and just because he's in 50% of the book instead of 100%, Rob will still be doing press for the film - he's still a big part of the marketing, so studio execs have no reason to push for more screentime for him for that sort of reason. And certainly that fanmade New Moon Trailer was mind blowing enough without saying "btw, that guy you're lusting after is barely in the movie" so on the offhand chance someone who has no clue what the story is and wants to see it exclusively for the sake of seeing Robert, they need not be let in on the secret in advance.

I can't imagine how they could put more Rob in and have it work, but it's not worth imagining right now, because it's unnecessary speculation that any such a thing would happen at this point.

Now, I'm off to write my New Moon screenplay so you folks stop hounding me. :D
Okay, I see what you are saying - sorry for the delay! :)
But getting panicky because of what we saw in the first movie is bound to occur until we know something substantative. I agree that Rob will market NM, but my fear now is that Summit will mangle this film with less than needed cash for location shots and special effects and timing for a great script and input from SM.

They MUST remember that New Moon is the darkest time of the month and an analogy to Bella's life when Edward cuts himself out of the picture - that has to be followed or else there is no base storyline. The development of the Jacob/Bella relationship is also a cornerstone to the story.

If you do the screenplay for NM, amie, and follow the book, I'll petition you for the screenwriting honors. :D

shawniegore, I could not agree with you more. If this movie is screwed with the same stupidity that Twilight was, they won't get a dime of my money. :x
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Re: New Moon Movie ~ Take 2

Post by CatsOnMars »

I guess filming New Moon and Eclipse together is a good idea to make sure they both get done while all the actors are still available. I might have preferred to get a little bit of time for Taylor to grow a little more before Eclipse, though. Haha.
jaspercookie wrote:I am soooo hapy Catherine Hardwicke is out. God, she made that movie feel more like a bad school play than an acutal film. I know I shoudn't judge this based on the movie, but since seeing the movie, I'm considering switching my membership from Team Edward to Team Jacob.


The movie (and when I say movie, I mean Hardwicke) ruined the book. Honeslty, now when I reread Twilight I forget the old, charming Edward I used to know. Now all I can think of is the mangled lion and lamb line. *shudders*
Join us...Join the dark side....Muahahaha. :D

Hoenstly, I really did enjoy the movie (I saw it twice) and liked a lot of the things Hardwicke's vision brought to it. But it's true, a lot of the things that just failed miserably in it were a problem with direction. I can tell that Robert and Kristen are not bad actors, but the takes that were used make them look like horrible actors in some scenes. There were so many parts where it looked like she just filmed it however the actors did it with no specific direction and decided to use that.
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Re: New Moon Movie ~ Take 2

Post by switzgal »

Ah so this is where the New Moon thread moved to!!

Did you guys read anywhere that they are definitely making Eclipse? Somebody wrote that in the other forum, with no link to the article.

Anybody worried the Summit is going to mess up New Moon? I am. At least CH really loved the Series. Who knows what type of director they get. They probably want someone cheap and maybe CH wanted a raise so they refused.

They better not be cheap with New Moon!!!
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Re: New Moon Movie ~ Take 2

Post by OnyxEyes »

I wonder if they have a new director in mind yet. I kind of hope they do because if they are trying to rush things, I don't want them to settle for just anyone.
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Re: New Moon Movie ~ Take 2

Post by oleander »

i was shocked to hear that Catherine wasn't going to be directing NM, but at the same time, maybe a new director will breathe new life into the project. my only problem with CH was that, as someone mentioned, there were some editing problems (i'm sure there must have been better cuts of some scenes) but i liked a lot of what she did too.

The idea of New Moon being made scares the crap out of me. NM is my favourite book in the series (I'm going to duck now to avoid the onslaught of projectiles...people always ask me if i'm crazy because i love the book so much) and i'm scared that whoever takes on this project is going to ruin it. Edward needs to be away for it to work, regardless of how big of a box office draw he is. They can't mess with the story and just add random Edward things just to keep RPatt on the screen.

I hope that Stephenie still has some say on the script because i don't think she'll allow too much gratuitous Edward in it.

If there's a god above, I pray that this movie won't get messed up!
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Re: New Moon Movie ~ Take 2

Post by shawniegore »

This is a little off topic, but where are people reading Midnight Sun? I thought she hadn't put it out yet. People are pulling quotes out of it and talking about scenes, and I wanna read it! Is there a link somewhere?

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Re: New Moon Movie ~ Take 2

Post by amie »

shawniegore wrote:This is a little off topic, but where are people reading Midnight Sun? I thought she hadn't put it out yet. People are pulling quotes out of it and talking about scenes, and I wanna read it! Is there a link somewhere?