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Re: Request a topic

Post by cullenclanfanman »

i suggest that you do a new topic about the 'Eclipse' film since a new director has been selected!

this way we can all discuss the new director and new film, since they are clearly already working on it:

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We will open a whole forum when we get the official press release from Summit Entertainment.
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Re: Request a topic

Post by topazeyes2 »

I'd like to see a how you picture the Werewolves in the movie thread if it's not good enough that's O.K. Thanks

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Lets use the New Moon movie art thread for this one. There you are allowed to post ideas, pictures, links of all things New Moon Movie.
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About the movie New Moon and its trailers

Post by jianne05 »

I'm pretty sure that all of have seen the trailer of New Moon in youtube or wherever...(the fan made one) I'm just wondering.. The movie will be released on November but where did the fans get the videos to make their own trailer???

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We have a thread In The Twilight Zone forum, to discuss Twilight themed videos. Use this thread to find out where to find the videos and how to make them.
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Re: Request a topic

Post by switzgal »

On the CAST LIST, can the mods posts the new actors playing the wolves
shoot, I can't remember their names... ugh!!!

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Done. Check out the Cast list.
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Re: Request a topic

Post by FindYourTrueCalling »

I haven't been on the Lex for that long lol ;]
But how about the whole 'Robert Pattinson Phenomenon?!' from a virtually unknown actor to A -List Celeb!
Its a thought ;]
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Re: Request a topic

Post by Daniellea »

I want to know how they will make the wolves. I wonder of they'll use actual wolves instead of taking the time to use special effects to make huge ones.

Mod Edit: Sorry a little late but here is the thread: ... =33&t=5409
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Re: Request a topic

Post by twiGIRL »

hmm.. too late but i hopre theres a thread about favorite lines in the twisereis or something. ;)

Mod Edit: Here is the thread: ... 10&start=0
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Re: Request a topic

Post by Total Twilight Fan »

Please can we have a thread about the trailers (for example the one at MTV awards and other trailers as they are realeased?)
Thanks xx

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Re: Request a topic

Post by twilightgrl4life »

How about a topic about all New Moon related things we can buy (other than TV shirts, the books, etc)? I mean I was reading about an IPhone program that countdowns the days until New Moon opens which is kinda cool. How about other programs for phones or games coming out? Something for twilight girls to play and do over the summer?

Mod Edit: Sorry a bit late, but here is the thread: ... =33&t=5411
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Re: Request a topic

Post by switzgal »

Can we start a new thread for Eclipse? They started filming so we can have the same topics on it..

1. Worried About Eclipse
2. Songs you want on the Eclipse Soundtrack
3. Director David Slade
4. Lines and Scenes you want in Eclipse

on the Cast List

5. Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria
6. Xavier Samuel as Riley
7. Catalina Sandino Moreno as Maria
8. Jack Huston as Royce King
9. Julia Jones as Leah Clearwater
10. BooBoo Stewart as Seth Clearwater
11. Jodelle Ferland as Bree


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