Who would you like to play...

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Who would you like to play...

Post by Nena »

Let's discuss here the actors that you would like to see play the New Moon characters on the movie. Please don't post pictures only links. Let's be respectful of other's opinions and remember that we will only be discussing others besides the "official Cast".
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Re: Who would you like to play...

Post by copper curls »

hhhhhhhm. this thread is kinda empty. *ECHO*echo*


this isn't a recommendation; it's a question, but I'd like to hear other people's opinions: Who do you want to see play Seth Clearwater?

I think that it's an important role, mostly because of the way Seth acts as a link between the werewolves and the vampires, and I'd like them to choose carefully.

any ideas :?:
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Re: Who would you like to play...

Post by bite_me »

Have they got anyone official yet?

I looked on google images for 'Seth Clearwater" and it came up with Tyler Posey

He's cute, but not how I imagine him at all . . . :? rogue-chere13.livejournal.com/ 12861.html (how do you make it a link?!!

Oh well. Cant really be bothered looking for more people right now.

What about Aro, anyone?
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Re: Who would you like to play...

Post by amie »

I adore Seth, so I hope they pick someone really, really wonderful for him, but I honestly have no suggestions!

If they hadn't already had Taylor in as Jacob, I could see Steven Straight as Jake and Taylor as Seth - he's got that same clarity and light-heartedness about him.
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Re: Who would you like to play...

Post by CauseofEdwardIlove »

I heard today that they might replace Taylor with "Steven Straight"....I need to find this guy on the net cause I have not a clue as to who he is :?
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Re: Who would you like to play...

Post by LoveMeSomeEdward »

I think that would have worked out better since Tyler is naturally hyper and fun and Steven Strait just being his gorgeous self. If they got Steven to play Jacob I would of had to rethink my Team Edward Status.
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Re: Who would you like to play...

Post by debussygirl »

If they replace Taylor that will be lame. I hate it when in sequels they get other people to play the parts. Especially since Taylor's up for it, he sounds super excited to do NM. They cast him so they should just deal with it!
End rant.
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Re: Who would you like to play...

Post by twi-nerd »

Well, since the topic is called 'Who would you like to play. . .'
I have been pretty silly about this. I would like them to make an open casting for Jane so I can audition :D . If they don't, I'd like to see Emily Browning play Jane.
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Re: Who would you like to play...

Post by Deja »

Dakota Blue Richards for Jane, I think

http://www.theage.com.au/ffximage/2007/ ... x343,0.jpg

Which would work out if Weitz does direct.

Tyler Posey for Seth

http://www.theage.com.au/ffximage/2007/ ... x343,0.jpg
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Re: Who would you like to play...

Post by -veiled- »

I would absolutely love to see Jodelle Ferland play Jane. She creeped me out in "Silent Hill" and personally, I think she is perfect for the part.