Worried about the New Moon movie?

Discussion of the New Moon Movie

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Re: Worried about the New Moon movie?

Post by Maira »

I'm worried that:

Chris Weitz will try to make it funny.

The new characters will be badly played.

They'll do something stupid with Edward in Bella's head.

I'm not worried about the wolves, though. Trained wolf-hybrids would probably be available, and they could make them seem bigger the same way the hobbits and humans were taken care of in LOTR. See here for more info.
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Re: Worried about the New Moon movie?

Post by twilightsagaaddict »

I REALLY, REALLY don't want any part of Eclipse in NM! PLEASE keep them separated!

I also want them to show the pain Bella goes through when Edward leaves and the passion of when she sees him under the clocktower!
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Re: Worried about the New Moon movie?

Post by elizabella »

I'm a little concerned with them trying to add too much Edward. The pain Bella goes through is so real, that we need to feel that pain with her. Maybe they could front load the story a little, show how in love they are etc. We need to feel our hearts ripped apart when he leaves, especially when she realises the cd is gone :sob: so we can feel the ecstasy when Alice returns!

I'm not too worried about the wolves I suppose because I don't really expect them to look as big as bears. :shock:

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Re: Worried about the New Moon movie?

Post by twilighter_alice »

Oh, I hope they can fix that stupid "Sparkle" thingy they did in Twilight. That was terrible!
Maybe they'll figure out that vampires don't have cakey make-up jobs.

I hope they pull off the wolf-phasing scenes. I loved how it was described in the books.
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Re: Worried about the New Moon movie?

Post by BellaNicole »

When Bella leaves Edward, I want to see the agony. I want to see catatonic Bella. I also hope they do a good job in casting the Volturi, especially Jane. I think the little girl from Silent Hill would be good (I love Dakota Fanning, but she is too sweet looking)

New Moon is my favorite book from the whole series, so I have high expectations for the movie.
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Re: Worried about the New Moon movie?

Post by jessi437 »

I am so terrified for New Moon, i hate to say it but I am. When Edward leaves, i really want to feel what Bella is going throug and i dont know if Kristen can pull it off without coming off like a total B (kinda like how she came off in twilight), im not so much worried about the wolves, I think that chris will do a good job. I have also been worried about the rumors about adding scenes tot he movie about what edward is doing, if they add too many of those, its really going to kill the movie for me.

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Re: Worried about the New Moon movie?

Post by edwardlikeshaystacks »

Yes, that's another one of my worries as well. I really hope they don't just add more Edward for the sake of the fan girls. I mean, as much as I'd love to have more Rob in it...I'd rather have them stay true to the story so I can jump and squeal to my heart's desire when he does come back.
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Re: Worried about the New Moon movie?

Post by twi-nerd »

I think that's the main reason for why they're putting Edward in more of the scenes(the fan girls).
Also, they're not letting him go that easy. They're paying him. They're not paying him to sit there waiting for some of his scenes. Also with the others, we won't see them in a long time in New Moon.
I'm a bit terrified especially with the whole Dakota Fanning one.
Someone said that they're not casting Leah. I think they are. Leah comes out in some scenes but without speaking roles. They still have to cast someone at least to stand there as her.
That little girl that plays Samara from The Ring would be perfect for Jane. I don't know if she would be too old but she's pretty, had an angelic face and could pull off the evil thing. I'm talking about the good Samara though.
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Re: Worried about the New Moon movie?

Post by MySunJB21 »

I'm also worried about the wolves, I don't want to them to be "man like" like traditional werewovles (example..Underworld).
When they have said they want to keep Edward in the movie more I've been pictureing putting Edward in the scenes where Bella "hears" him instead of just hearing is voice. If they had in scenes that show what he's up to, that will just be lame.
The birthday party scene might be cut ( I could see them doing something like that).
I'm with everyone else when it comes to Kristen's acting after Edward leaves. She is really going to have to let us feel her pain.

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Re: Worried about the New Moon movie?

Post by -veiled- »

Personally, I'm a little worried about who is directing the movie, not what's going to be in it. American Pie is an all-time favorite movie, but I'm not sure Chris Weitz will measure up to my standards. :p

As for the scenes, I am looking forward to seeing the Volturi, Italy, and overall just plain Edward again!

I think I'm just afraid of how the Volterra Square scene will turn out, when she is running to save him or how scary/spooky the Volturi will be compared to the book description.

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