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New moon special effects

Post by Nena »

You can talk about the movie special effects in this thread.
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Re: New moon special effects

Post by debussygirl »

So far the effects look AWESOME. Or maybe just in comparison to Twilight.
I mean seriously, look at how Jacob climbed up Bella's wall and compare it to Edward's horrendous tree-climbing. It is a million times better! I think the special effects are going to be way awesome from the taste we've gotten of it so far.
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Re: New moon special effects

Post by switzgal »

^^^ you're right. I hated that entire monkey climbing effect they had in Twilight. Plus I hated that Catherine allowed the actors to change their lines, while "Spider Monkey" is a cute term of endearment, it was NOT in Twilight the book.
I didn't know who to blame for the missed lines, and missed scenes, Melissa, the actors (who I've read some didn't want to say certain lines from the book and changed it.) or Catherine.

I hope in New Moon they just stick to the lines and scenes in the book.They're perfect the way SM wrote them. I didn't understand why they needed to add scenes that weren't in the book instead of filling the time they shot those scenes with the ones we all wanted to see from the book. I never liked the field trip scene, instead they should've extended the meadow scene with lines in the book or used the time for that scenes covering other parts they've missed.
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Re: New moon special effects

Post by lionlover »

I agree. I love the lines from the books! It's the perfect script! I didn't like how much they deviated in Twilight. So far it sounds like New Moon will not disappoint! also the special effects look way cool! I can't wait to see how they changed the vamp sparkle to make it better. Weitz is like the special fx king so I'm sure he'll make us proud!
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Re: New moon special effects

Post by theotherStephanie »

I'm very hopeful that as the success of the movie(s) continues, the budget for special effects will increase. Summit HAS to realize what a gold mine they have! I'm sure the execs know the addage, you have to spend money to make money.
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Re: New moon special effects

Post by Jazzy'sgirl112108 »

i totally love all the quotes too!! i swear im gonna go to the theater and count how many quotes there are! im not really loving the wolf effects so far, i think they look too much like a typical wild dog. but, otherwise i think Chris is gonna make us proud!! officially 40 days till!! why cant we just skip october and go to november already??
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Re: New moon special effects

Post by DramaPrincezz013 »

I just have to say, that judging from the first trailer, i didnt really like the jacob wolf at all. But they showed a clip of that scene on ET tonight, and i have to say they changed the wolf some, and it made it look absolutely perfect. (:
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Re: New moon special effects

Post by RebeccaCullen »

I love what Chris Weitz has done with the special effects. The budget is bigger then Twilight's, but still relatively small compared to what some fantasy movies get, and you really can't tell it's got a low budget. So far what I've seen in regards to the effects, they are a huge step up from the first film. I really can't wait to see all of the effects in motion.
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Re: New moon special effects

Post by TwilightRose1 »

I agree, I think the Jacob/wolf thing is a little weird looking. I thought they might make him more realistic rather than obviously fake.. Myabe it'll improve in different scenes of the movie..? I'm pretty excited about the things they'll do with the Volturi in terms of special effects.. like their different powers and such. So exciting! :mrgreen:
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Re: New moon special effects

Post by swedishskinjer »

Apparently, New Moon's budget is around $60M.

However, the wolves look FANTASTIC! They don't look fake at all. In the close up of that one eye, it looks incredibly realistic, from the eye moving to the hair peppered around it. When they roar, the fur even rumbles realistically.
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