New moon: Favorite lines in the movie

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Re: New moon: Favorite lines in the movie

Post by dazzel21 »

edwardorbust wrote:The whole Face Punch dialogue....... genius!
I love this scene too...

Edward: ...but it's my job to protect you. From everything, except my sister!!!

Alice: It's time, it's time, it's time...(during Bella's birthday scene at the Cullen's)

Emmett: I vote hell yeah!

Emmett: Dating an older woman. Hot.
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Re: New moon: Favorite lines in the movie

Post by Edwards Wheels »

"It's my job to protect you...........................from everyone except my sister"

"Dating an older woman? Hot!"

"I didn't think you'd be opposed to grand theft auto"

"Is that a grey hair?"

"What is that god awful wet dog smell?"

"hell yeah!!" ( Emmett when he votes )

"you are so stubborn"

"we thought you were looking a little pale"

I can't remember any more :D
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Re: New moon: Favorite lines in the movie

Post by JustMe44 »

I would have to say that as of 6/15/10 that my favorite line is when one of the Wolfpack members (not sure which one right now) says something along the lines of "Did you see him (Jacob) phase on the fly?"

Now this has recently become my favorite line of the movie because of a hilarious incident that happened to me the other day.

I was eating lunch at a nice restaurant and our younger waitress was taking the order of the large table next to us. The customers had ordered salads with their meals and the waitress says, "I'll have those salads out to you 'on the fly'." The old man responds by saying (jokingly), "Oh, no, you can leave the fly out of it!" I about died with laughter. It was awesome and reminded me of New Moon!! (where I received a complementary eye roll from my husband)

I also looked around and found out what the Italian line means... Hope this is right.. sounds right...
Bella: "You don't know a thing about his soul."
Aro: "Forse.. ne il vostro l'uno o altro" or "Perhaps.. nor yours either."
Now the direct translation is a little sketchy (as with most direct translations) and I have read a few things where the actual Italian speaking people said that it is poor Italian. Hopefully this is right though.
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Re: New moon: Favorite lines in the movie

Post by Delfhine »

I think all of its part is best for me because I'm a twilight fanatic.

Every parts of it is important.

but I love the most is when they are in fighting scene with jacob and the lycans.

its truly great. the wolf are like real.

I'm still waiting for the next episode of it guys.

cheerr twilight. :lol:
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Re: New moon: Favorite lines in the movie

Post by Nora »

There were so many great lines in the movie .

Some of my favorites:
Emmet: "Dating an older woman? Hot!"
Harry: "Don't worry, my kung fu is strong."
Jacob: "What a marsmellow."
Emmet: "Hell yeah!"
Jared: "The wolf's out of the bag now."

I could go on forever ! :D
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Re: New moon: Favorite lines in the movie

Post by Tornado »

"You're going to come back?"
"As soon as you put the dog out."
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