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Re: I've Seen New Moon! (Spoiler Alert)

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 4:00 pm
by paula_bnsnt
You're right about the e-mails to Alice! I had forgotten to comment on that.
I think it was a great idea for two reasons. First of all it helps as an excuse to keep Bella as the narrator, it's so much better than just the voice with no excuse to be telling the story. Second: it really brings up Bella's friendship with Alice and how important it is to Bella, which wasn't shown in Twilight.
Also, in one of those e-mails she says something I loved in the book.
New moon, Ch 12, p 293 wrote:Could a world really exist where ancient legends went wandering around the borders of tiny, insignificant towns, facing down mythical monsters? Did this mean every fairy tale was grounded somewhere in absolute truth? Was there anything sane or normal at all, or was everything just magic and ghost stories?

It's one of my favorites 'cause it sounds like Stephenie laughing at how silly it all sounds when you look into perpective..Vampires, shape-shifters/werewolves in a little town.

I wanted to comment about the "i'm not like a broken car, you can't fix me" conversation between Bella and Jacob. In the books Bella thinks about it, only she compares herself to a house
New Moon, Ch 9, p 216 wrote:Like a vacant house-condemned- for months I'd been utterly uninhabitable. Now I was a little improved. The front room was in better repair. But that was all- just the one small piece. He deserved better than that- better than a one-room, falling-down fixer-upper. No amount of investment on his part could put me back in working order.

Anyway, my point is Bella never explains that to Jacob. She just thinks about it and hopes he notices but she never tells him. And as I read the book I always thought "If she would just say it, things would be easier!!" and that was one of those thoughts that were worth sharing... so I loved that in the movie she does speak it out loud, and explains him. Even if the comparison is different, it means the same thing.

Re: I've Seen New Moon! (Spoiler Alert)

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 4:13 pm
by Black
di0772 wrote:
I have a question to all you fans. Since Bella punched Paul in the face in New Moon without injury how will Melissa be able to write the scene from Eclipse where Jacob kisses Bella and then Bella punches him and breaks her hand? Does this mean the only kiss Bella and Jacob will when Jacob tricks her when he finds out she and Edward are engaged just before the Newborn War?
I've thought about this and I think they'll either cut the scene out, or have Bella actually punch Jacob the way she's supposed to. She only gave Paul a little b|tch-slap. An actual punch to the face might be a little more intense.

Re: I've Seen New Moon! (Spoiler Alert)

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 4:32 pm
by melting into you
I thought about the slap too and Bella not breaking her hand, but then realized she slapped him in the face, not punched him hard in the stomach. So we'll see.

I was a little disappointed in the ending, but got it since I've read the books. My friend who didn't read them, only saw Twilight, turned me and said, "huh? That's how it ends?" Everyone in the audience pretty much gave a gesh lame ahhh sound. I just smiled knowing what's coming, but my disappointment was there was more discussion after he asked, so it felt like another scene cut, not that I'm complaining really. The ones that were cut were fine with me. It didn't feel choppy at all like Twilight.

Agree 100% the music was so well place, so well picked, and although I imagined every song possible for the break up scene, the silence was the best. The music as she sat in the chair with the months passing by was excellent!

As for the chemistry. Seriously? A lot of you that posted you didn't see it in Twilight? Really?? That kiss when he comes to her room was beyond on fire in Twilight. They have had chemistry from day one, I thought so anyway. :)

Re: I've Seen New Moon! (Spoiler Alert)

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 4:57 pm
by Heart_in_Hand
Two words:


I saw the midnight show but I haven't had enough time to get on the forums since then. I can sum up why I love this movie better than Twilight like this:

New Moon felt like I was watching the book New Moon, whereas Twilight felt like watching an adaption of the book Twilight. Even with the scene cuts and small changes, it all just felt like New Moon to me.

It was wonderful... I'm going to see it again soon! :D

Re: I've Seen New Moon! (Spoiler Alert)

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 8:53 pm
by Stupidshinyvolvowner
I totally agree with what everyone has said so far. I think that the New Moon movie was SO much better than Twilight. I hadn't planned on that because I like the Twilight story so much better than New Moon.

But I think that Chris and all the actors did such a good job. I think they did an excellent job staying with the story. Not too many scenes were added, which I really appreciated. It drove me crazy with Twilight the way they added scenes that were unnecessary (like the greenhouse scene) instead of keeping other important scenes (like B and E saying I love you...)

I don't want to repeat the things everyone has already said. I do want to add one thing that I loved. I thought the look on Edward's face as he kissed Bella's forehead right before he left was perfect. You could see how devastating it was for him to leave and I think Rob did a great job in capturing that.

Great job!!!!!! Loved it. I've already seen it twice and am desperately trying to remind myself that every time I go it costs ten dollars. But the DVD release is so far away! LOL

Re: I've Seen New Moon! (Spoiler Alert)

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 9:19 pm
by melting into you
You reminded me of something when you said you loved the way Edward kissed Bella's forehead before he left. Did you notice, and I don't know if this was directed or planned out by the actors, but the look on Bella's face everytime she thought she saw Edward, like on the bike, he had the same exact expression after he put one foot out in the sun and sparkled. He thought he was dying and saw her and had the same look of total awe of how much he loved her, she did the same everytime she saw him while he was gone. Good job!

Another side note, different subject from Edward and Bella. I liked that they added Jacob as the wolf looking over the cliff when he was done fighting the vampire and saw Bella on the cliff, that's how he was able to save her, in the book it wasn't clear how Jacob got to her that fast. Well done again. This movie just rocked. I'm so glad because I know how hard the actors said they worked to make us happy. And they did!

Re: I've Seen New Moon! (Spoiler Alert)

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 9:24 pm
by Stupidshinyvolvowner
I'm not sure if I noticed Edward's expression being the same in the visions and right before he stepped out in the sun, but I did love the look on Bella's face every time she saw her visions of Edward. I thought it was perfect.

Re: I've Seen New Moon! (Spoiler Alert)

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:35 pm
by switzgal
My favorite scene was the scene where they had Victoria running, Harry getting a heart attack and Bella cliff diving. That entire sequence was fantastically choreographed.

The scenes that made me cry...
When Jake looked all sad when Bella told him she loves him and he took off as a wolf. Also the look on Edward's face when he kissed Bella's forehead.

So I cried twice, which means this movie was well done!

Re: I've Seen New Moon! (Spoiler Alert)

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:49 pm
by Zina
switzgal wrote:So I cried twice, which means this movie was well done!
I cried when they were showing how depressed Bella was ... oh and when Charlie would comfort Bella when she was having her nightmares. Charlie Rocks!

Re: I've Seen New Moon! (Spoiler Alert)

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:53 pm
by amethyst
I just got back, like right this minute, from seeing New Moon. And I don’t know how to phrase my awe. When I learned that Chris Weitz would be directing New Moon, I was euphoric, because I knew we hand a genius to bring part of the series to the big screen. And he clearly succeeded, that much is clear.

Bella’s dream, when I saw that scene I automatically knew that this is it. That this movie was going to be awesome in its own right. It was beautifully shot . . . Incredibly acted.

Robert as Edward was incredible . . . I can not begin to describe the emotions that fluttered within me as I saw Edward in him. When he was reciting the quote from Romeo and Juliet, the way he handled Bella, the way he showed emotion, and the way he spoke. Just incredible. I loved loved loved it. I felt that I was watching Edward. I felt so heartbroken. I kept thinking if this is real, if I was truly dreaming. He mirrored . . . no, he was Edward.

Kristen as Bella . . . I, I feel like I owe Kristen a huge apology. I really feel ridiculous and stupid to ever have questioned her acting abilities. I still cringe when seeing Twilight, though . . . But she was Bella. She just was. She did such an incredible job, insanely amazing job. She made me cry. I could see life in her eyes. She was just amazing.

Taylor . . . This kid could act. I’ve always loved Jacob in New Moon, despised him in Eclipse and half and half in Breaking Dawn. That’s never, ever going to change. Though I do “generally” love Jacob if Eclipse never comes to mind. I was really impressed with him.

And the biggest highlight of the film was the Voltri -- Michael Sheen was magnificent, Demetri and Felix as well. Caius and Marcus too, and Jane. I just love love love every bit of Volterra.

And Kudos goes to Rachelle and Edi, and the wolf boys and the humans and Charlie (Billy Burke) and the Cullens. Really, every cast member was just magnificent, down to Billy and Harry and Emily.

This movie has reached beyond my expectations.

I cried during the breakup and post-breakup. I was heartbroken in every scene after that. Whenever I saw Edward after that, I felt such a thrill, much like Bella.

About the ending, everyone in the audience went "awwwwww" and screamed and clapped.

There were these really annoying girls who would laugh in parts that REALLY were not funny and everyone would just say "SHUT UP" LOL. Annoyed the hell out of me, I wanted to throw my shoes at them since they were sitting so close.

And I REALLY don't understand what's so funny about Alice's vision. I thought it was beautiful and Rob was JUST Edward. I was so freaked out. And Kristen looked beautiful. Though I do agree when others have said that the vision should've just been Bella sparkling because Edward and Bella running (although an amazing scene) didn't really quite fit with the current scene. It felt out of place.