New Moon-Your movie going experience

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New Moon-Your movie going experience

Post by bac »

This thread is for discussing your New Moon movie going experience.

Did you got to a midnight showing or wait?
Did you dress up, where a special t-shirt?
What were the crowds like?

Will you see the movie again?
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Re: New Moon-Your movie going experience

Post by theotherStephanie »

Thankfully, my viewing experience was uneventful, well, except for seeing the movie itself! I purchased tickets online a while back, two showings back-to-back for today, Saturday. I was concerned that the lines would be long, especially after I went by the theater last night and saw the long lines outside. So I arrived an hour early expecting to have to wait outside (in the cold), but was pleasantly surprised that not only was there no line, but the theater was empty and open for seating. So I was able to get first choice of seats in a near empty theater to wait for my first viewing. Afterwards I had just enough time to hit the restroom, go through the ticket line again and get in the theater before it really started filling up.

And no, no one wore anything obviously Twilight related, no one shouted out or clapped or anything like that (sign of a conservative town or...?). I didn't even see anyone I knew. But that's okay by me; gives me quiet time to reflect and dissect.
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Re: New Moon-Your movie going experience

Post by marielle »

Premiere viewing was perfect....
we went with a group of 5 4 girls and 1 guy ( who is a big fan himself) we had perfect seats....
and there was only reall fans.... so no giggling when shirts flew of, no wistleling when Bella and edward kissed, no comments on the vision... everybody was just in awe....

then I went again the day after the premiere.... that was completely different..
I went with my mom... sat in fromt of four girl...
they were going all the time like, "he is sexy", "oh man he is sexy" when taylor was on screen... so I'm totally team Robward so I cheered go team Edward when the phone rang.... :lol: I just couldn't resist...
but the worst part was they didn't know the books, they hadn't seen the first movie, and almost at the end they didnt even know who Charlie was... I mean come on.....
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Re: New Moon-Your movie going experience

Post by trhmllr »

I went to a midnight showing in my town. The theather was PACKED with huge lines down the length of the theater on both sides. But we had bought tickets like 2 months ago, so we just pased by the lines and walked right into the theater. They had about 10 showing in this theather and all ended up selling out. Our group was good. Not to many screaming (except when it first started of course.,.also when they comercial for Rob's new movie Remeber Me came on there was some screaming). I LOVED THE MOVIE. I am a Team EVERYONE!!! I love them all for different reasons and I love all the books for differnet reasons.
The second time I went with a friend from work We had our New Moon shirts and just enjoyed the movie. We were able to pay more attention, instead of going what are they going to do, what are they skipping, why did they do that, etc.
I am happy with the movie. Yes they left out stuff, but they cant make it exactly like the book. They only have 2 hours. So you have to remember that. Plus there was lots of sexy men to look at!!!
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Re: New Moon-Your movie going experience

Post by CullensGirl14 »

When Jake first took his top off to help Bella when she had cut her head, the whole place just went a little bit crazy, there were swoons, whoops of joy and all manner of noises. The audience did stay quiet when Edward was topless though...which i thought was odd, because there are loads of Edward/Rob fans about...oh well i guess it was one big Jake lovin' audience hehe. When the movie finished about half the audience applauded!

The place was pretty much full only a handful of empty seats. There was no queue, but then we did get in just as the trailers started, so we probably missed the queue to get into the theatre...although there was a queue at the ticket desk...but we'd booked the tickets so didn't have to wait for those either hehe.

Definitely going to see it again!
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Re: New Moon-Your movie going experience

Post by sherismack »

I went to midnite show. got tix about month ago. almost all theaters in the multiplex where showing new moon. true twihards! nobody said a word throughout the entire movie( xept for a few gasps) we all clapped and gave standing ov at the end. I truly enjoyed this watching experience, i know when i go to see it again, it will not be the same. this movie topped ALL my expectations!!!!!
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Re: New Moon-Your movie going experience

Post by Nikki-- »

I've seen it 3 times now (I'm not normal, I know :lol: ) and none of them were very pleasant experiences as far as the audience goes. You'd think that people who bother to go to the midnight showing are real fans, but some people there were constantly laughing and making loud rude comments. It was the same the next two times I saw it. I know I shouldn't let it bother me, but it really got on my nerves sometimes.
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Re: New Moon-Your movie going experience

Post by despoina92 »

I didn't have the chance to go to a midnight showing because I am not living in the place where the cinema is, so I managed to go yesterday. The place was crowded by tweens who were constantly making comments -and didn't know the books so well, they just liked the shirtless guys. My friend right next to me was trying to make them shut up but they wouldn't.
Anyway, I was trembling before the movie began and hyperventilating (it was the first time I went to watch any movie with such anticipation. I thought I would pass out!) but when I saw the Summit logo in the NM colors I managed to calm myself and get excited in a silent way, watchig the movie in awe. Well, I admit it, I sometimes forgot to close my mouth because of what I saw. I admit it, I laughed with the first half of Alice's vision (after seeing Bella sparkling & eyes I shut it up, because I truly loved it).
I didn't want to end at all! There is still this saddness that I won't see it again in an amount of time (hope the local theatre will bring it sometime in the next two months, too). I so didn't want it to end , that when we we leaving the theatre, I was turning back to watch the credits (yeah, I'm such a nerd!).
But the most exceptional thing was that when the movie ended, I got the same feeling from everyone in the room: silence and excitement. It was massive. I've never seen anything like that before!
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Re: New Moon-Your movie going experience

Post by RebeccaCullen »

Saw the movie Friday night at 7:05, even though the movie was supposed to start five minutes earlier but the theaters system went down.

I got to the theater at around quarter to five and the line for my showing had already began to form and I was pasted the ladies room and near the water fountain. I was one of the luckier ones because like half an hour after I got there the line was told to go out the exits that were in the area.

Lines for the snack were starting to for so I ended up buying my snack at ten to six and at 6:30 we were allowed to go get out seats. Finding the seat was next to impossible, but I got one where I like sitting. At one point the person in charge of the group of us to see the movie had to come in and tell us we could only save one seat (so it was the seat you were in plus one). And before the movie started she had us get our cheering out of our systems, told us to keep our mouths shut and the movie was going to be starting late, but only nicer then how I have it phrased. When the trailer to Remember Me came up the room started cheering because Rob was there.

I do plan on seeing it again, sometime after my finals.
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Re: New Moon-Your movie going experience

Post by kerry211 »

I went on Friday night with a group of family girls and 1 twiguy. We'd bought our tickets 6 weeks ago but had to queue to get good seats all together. It was a real twilight audience with the odd gasp of delight when Jake takes of his T shirt and a bit of laughter at Bella the vamp.
Went back on my own yesterday afternoon and it was a lovely peaceful showing. If anything I enjoyed it even more. Third showing's tomorrow accompanying another family member
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