New Moon--Favorite scenes in the movie

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New Moon--Favorite scenes in the movie

Post by bac »

What was your favorite scene in NEW MOON?
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Re: New Moon--Favorite scenes in the movie

Post by swedishskinjer »

I really liked the first introduction of the Volturi. Aro ripping off that rogue immortal's head with a small smile was classic.
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Re: New Moon--Favorite scenes in the movie

Post by CastMeNotAway »

It's really hard for me to choose, but I think If I HAD to pick just a couple favorites, I'd say...

-BOTH "breakup" scenes

-The Bella & Jacob scene in her bedroom

-When we see the wolves chasing down Victoria

-The Bella & Edward reunion

-The last 3-4 minutes or so of the movie :)
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Re: New Moon--Favorite scenes in the movie

Post by switzgal »

My favorite scenes, well there's a few...

1. Victoria/Harry/Cliff diving scene was so awesome especially with the music
2. The months also perfect music
3. Jacob and Bella rain/break-up scene
4. Jacob in Bella's bedroom scene

Those scenes above is enough for me to see the movie again and again.
Just saw it last night for the 3rd time. Will probably see it again some time. Saw Twilight 4 times and I like New Moon more so I have to see it again!!
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Re: New Moon--Favorite scenes in the movie

Post by JoanneMaria »

E & B
break-up and make-up
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Re: New Moon--Favorite scenes in the movie

Post by marielle »

Proposal.....Proposal.... Proposal......

- the reunion in Voltera...
- when the phone rang... I was like Go edward!!!!
- Alice's jabs toward the dog.
- Edwards intro...
- Edward quoting Romeo...

- Did I say the Proposal..... that was definitely my most favorite part....
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Re: New Moon--Favorite scenes in the movie

Post by Bellsuz »

THE last scene!!! Proposal...but what made that scene for me was when she said to Jake, don't make me choose...Gaaaahhh!!!
I also liked E&B break up scene as well...when he kisses her forehead...heartbreaking!

I'm going to go watch it for the 3rd time to figure out what my other fav scenes are!!!
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Re: New Moon--Favorite scenes in the movie

Post by pennybug84 »

It's hard for me to narrow it down. So here's all of mine, in no particular order:

The scene in the school w/Alice, Jasper, Edward & Bella. Funny & Jasper finally got his power mentioned!

The Edward & Bella break up, so heartbreaking & good at the same time. (Plus it was sooo close to the book. Why couldn't Edward telling Bella the truth have been this close?)

The 3-way date. I loved Mike here. He was funny & he stole this scene & the scene where Mike asks Bella to the movie.

The cliff diving scene. Sooo good. Kept in the lines from the book & with the song that's playing while she's in the water.

The Volturi in Italy. (The first intro to them was good too.) I loved loved loved this scene. Michael Sheen stole & made this scene just so awesome.

The vote. I was glad they got Rosalies apology in there somewhere. And I loved all the Cullens in this scene.
When Bella told Edward to shutup, it surprised me and so I haven't decided if I like that part or not.

And then of course the last 20 seconds or so with the one condition, and then forever, and "Marry Me, Bella."
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Re: New Moon--Favorite scenes in the movie

Post by BellaSwan1234 »

i liked the scene were bella saves edward and they are together again

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Re: New Moon--Favorite scenes in the movie

Post by dandyvampgirl_13 »

The awkward silence in the elevator. Nuff said.
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