Worried about Eclipse?

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Re: Worried about Eclipse?

Post by Bronze Haired Girl »

sweetpea wrote:I can't find the post now but it was regarding the picture of E&B in the meadow for the 3rd movie. I don't remember them revisiting the meadow in the 3rd book. Does anyone remember the chapter or page. Thanks!
Chapter 27, toward the end. Page 615 in the hardcover. It's where Edward tells her she doesn't have to marry him, that she can do it her way. And she tells him she's going to do it "right".
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Re: Worried about Eclipse?

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Thank you BHG! I just read it and hope that scene makes it to the screen.
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Re: Worried about Eclipse?

Post by TeAm_EdWaRd »

edwardsluv wrote:
TeAm_EdWaRd wrote:
edwardsluv wrote:I don't have much faith. I think that Edward Bella's relationship will be shafted again. In the Eclipse interviews with the cast Robert Pattinson did say that Kristen spent most of her time filming with Taylor. That only means more Jacob and Bella than Edward and Bella.
OMG, are you serious? I'm gonna cry! Which interview are you talking about? Can't be true... NO! NO! NO! :cry:
Yes! Yes! Yes! It is true. Kristen even says that in Eclipse Bella realizes that she's absolutely in love with Jacob. Here's the linkhttp://www.daemonsmovies.com/2009/11/25 ... interview/ In the book she realizes that she loves Jacob but she loves Edward more. She absolutely loves Edward more in Eclipse. I hope they get that right, but it sounds like not. I'm trying to have faith. But they keep giving me reasons to not have faith
Yeah, now I remember that interview! :? Looks like they weren't really following the book... The waiting is killing me. All I can say again is that I hope I won't be disappointed! I really need more E/B stuff! :(

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Re: Worried about Eclipse?

Post by carranzaya »

Yep am worry about it, i havent liked the script, hope Eclipse would do better than New Moon.
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Re: Worried about Eclipse?

Post by swedishskinjer »

carranzaya wrote:Yep am worry about it, i havent liked the script, hope Eclipse would do better than New Moon.
How have you read the Eclipse script?

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Re: Worried about Eclipse?

Post by pennybug84 »

I just reread Elipse & man are they going to have to cut A LOT out to take a 600 page book down to a 2 hour movie. I just really hope they don't focus too much on the newborn fight & "love triangle" that we miss some of the good B & E moments.
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Re: Worried about Eclipse?

Post by Bastet »

i'm really interested to see what's slade gonna do with eclipse since he has some interesting ways of filming (i recommend Hard Candy) and he for surw is not making movies for big masses (lets say it that ways because i don't have better words to explain what i mean)... i'm not sure he's the right choice for eclipse although i love his movies... but in the other hand maybe he surprises as all very positively... we'll have to wait and see...
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Re: Worried about Eclipse?

Post by SweetImpakt »

oh god :( I'm really soo concerned about the movie.
It looks like there is going to be waaaaaay to much newborn fighting, since they have to cut a lot, Slade will focus on the action parts probably.
I just really hoep they don't forget to put in some Bella/Edward moments. That would be really stupid.
I just wish CW could have done Eclipse too.

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Re: Worried about Eclipse?

Post by lady4string »

I just hope the main actors (RP, but mostly KS) actually put an effort into this movie. I'll forgive RP for a phoned-in New Moon since he was barely there, but I hope KS at least steps it up a bit. She seems nonchalant in both films so I can't help but wonder if she regretted taking the role or that she's just not a good actress. Before the Twi saga, I had only seen her in minor roles & knew nothing of her personally so I had no expectations and was disappointed in Twilight and NM and actually felt bad for her when I first saw TW (it's pretty bad when you are cringing for the actress & feel sorry for her) & had held out hoping she did better in NM. She definitely phoned it in for both movies. I know some will say she's a great actress and cite other movies, but as far as this role is concerned, she is just not there at all. :(

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Re: Worried about Eclipse?

Post by marielle »

I was wondering, since we saw a scene from the extra's SM wrote for New Moon in the movie..
maybe she will release some extra's for eclipse so they can be in the movie as well?
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