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Re: Eclipse director David Slade

Post by Jadey »

I love that beer belly bald man.
I love how he keeps us updated via Twitter.

Hes a really artistic man, and I think he's good for Eclipse.


Chris Weitz will still always be the no.1 though :)
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Re: Eclipse director David Slade

Post by LoveMeSomeEdward »

Just checked imdb on him and realised he directed 30 days of night, i really liked this movie, hopefully he'll work his magic on Eclipse like he did with 30 days. Can't wait. The build up to the big fight while Jacob and Bella getting even closer!! Gonna be great!
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Re: Eclipse director David Slade

Post by RebeccaCullen »

Jadey wrote:
I love how he keeps us updated via Twitter.
Yeah, I don't use Twitter, but love that he uses it to keep fans updated with his.

Really haven't seen anything from him, but the couple pics that are floating out there look fab so far.
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Re: Eclipse director David Slade

Post by RoseSpecialist »

Has no one here yet posted anything about Hard Candy (directed by David Slade)?

I haven't seen 30 Days Of Night yet, (though it's next on my Netflix queue), but I do have some comparison/commentary as far as Hard Candy is concerned:

In Hard Candy, almost the entire movie is completely between these two characters. It's them butting heads/mutual fascination/internal frustration/psychotic angst and eventual revelation of real intention. Visually, it's a beautiful movie. And the beauty of it sucks you in and is somewhat hypnotizing in the contemporary simplicity. Most of the movie takes place inside the lead male character's house. The whole thing could probably be pulled off as a play if it weren't for some necessary camera angles to keep plot devices hidden.
The one main overriding thing from THIS movie that indicates a quality that David will (likely) bring to Eclipse is character tension. He knows how to play that string of tension/attraction/push/pull that rides between two actors and make it sing till it's playing it's own tune. How would this quality translate to Eclipse? The romantic tension between Bella and Edward, the pull and push of Bella and Jacob and the seething animosity/eventual moderated acceptance between Edward and Jacob is (I think) going to be the main highlight/focal point. The marriage proposal, the tent scene, the J/B kiss on the mountaintop, the kiss/punch, these are going to rock your socks off. That triangle is the core and foundation for everything in Eclipse.

That and a bunch of bitchin' vamp vs. vamp and vamp vs. werewolf fights. :D That degree of "fight training" that everyone is twittering about? Think the first Matrix movie. Only instead of slamming into concrete walls/subway stations think knocking down the entire forest one slammed-into tree at a time.

I for one can't wait till the Edward/Victoria face-off. I have it all choreographed in my mind to the tune of "Infra-Red" by Placebo (from Stephenie's playlist).
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Re: Eclipse director David Slade

Post by wig4usc »

I just watched 30 Days for the first time....and while a totally different kind of vamp movie, I'm very optimistic for what he'll do with New Moon. We'll just have to wait, be patient, and trust that he's a professional and will want to deliver. From everything I've read and heard from him, I think its going to be great! :P
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Re: Eclipse director David Slade

Post by sherismack »

so im confused. are all the movies going to be directed by different people? :?:
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Re: Eclipse director David Slade

Post by married twilighter30 »

I have seen new moon....And I am hoping DS is able to keep up with the story line I have heard he is a good director but I have not seen any of his films before so it is going to be intriguing to see.

The one thing that I cannot wait to see is how he picks up from where Chris left off. And also like others I am waiting to see the battling between Edward and Jacob over Bella.

I am not too worried about seeing the fight scene with the newborns...I want to see the fight between edward and victoria.

I am hoping it is in the movie.

Well I cannot wait til june....
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Re: Eclipse director David Slade

Post by willowtree »

They're getting ANOTHER director? I like Chris Weitz!

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Re: Eclipse director David Slade

Post by swedishskinjer »

Having a different director for each film isn't necessarily a bad thing. They did the same thing for Harry Potter.

I like the idea of having a different director for each film, too, since it keeps things intriguing and adds a new visual style to reflect the changing themes of each installment in the saga. Besides, Chris was still working on New Moon in post-production when they started preparations for Eclipse. David Slade is a brilliant stylist, and both Hard Candy/30 Days of Night focus on things that are relevant to Eclipse: vampires and human drama.
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Re: Eclipse director David Slade

Post by marielle »

SM.. said in an interview that she want every movie made by a different director...
I don´t know why on earth she wants that... I thought CW was perfect...

I hope Slade will keep the good work up...
Hoping for some news of eclipse....
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