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Re: Eclipse trailers and teasers

Post by dandyvampgirl_13 »

It wasn't a horrible trailer. There was lots of action, but I bet they ended up showing every action sequence in the movie. And I'm assuming they added a lot of fighting scenes to make the movie more exciting.

As far as I know, I'll be taking a nap every time Robert or Kirsten are on screen, and watching with vague disdain and occasional excitement when ever heads get ripped off.

Is it just me, or did it seem like Robert was getting paler by the minute in that trailer? I swear he wasn't that pale in New Moon.
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Re: Eclipse trailers and teasers

Post by dazzel21 »

OMG!!! I'm bouncing in my seat, and people are giving me strange looks. I.AM.SO.EXCITED. Eclipse is going to be best movie I can almost feel it now...
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Re: Eclipse trailers and teasers

Post by n0vaice »

I was really expecting more from the new trailer, like Rosalie's story or their past lives. But I still got excited with the fight scene and alteast we got to see the RING! :D
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Re: Eclipse trailers and teasers

Post by missp »

OMG!!! I have watched it at least 15 times since yesterday and I still squeal like a little school girl every single time! I can't wait until June 30th!! It's going to be freakin' amazing!!! 8-)
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Re: Eclipse trailers and teasers

Post by DramaPrincezz013 »

I'm actually glad that there weren't any backstories or romance in the trailer. They need to save something for the movie. I want to see as little as possible before it actually comes out, but still enough to get me excited, and the trailer did just that. Plus, we'll have TV spots and clips coming out within the next few weeks, so that sould be exciting. (:
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Re: Eclipse trailers and teasers

Post by bored by the sea »

n0vaice wrote:I was really expecting more from the new trailer, like Rosalie's story or their past lives. But I still got excited with the fight scene and alteast we got to see the RING! :D
yeah i was hoping for some rosalie/jasper backstory stuff but i guess that means itll be even more awesome when we see it in the film+plus the fact we to see THE RING!!!! totally made up for that im actually fairly sure i held my breath for the maority of the trailer especially on this bit, the fight scenes do look awesome but as dandyvampgirl13 said that could be all of the ones that are in the film like with New Moon+yes Edward was epically pale in this!! :lol: gah i LOVE IT!!
thinking we may get to see something on the mtv movie awards maybe because theyre coming up soon and they ALWAYS show some sneak peek or scene from Twilight, plus New moon is up for lots of awards...
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Re: Eclipse trailers and teasers

Post by clpviolet »

I saw the trailer on Oprah. It was great she talked with Dakota Fanning for a while and she introduced the trailer when the time finally came to show it. I then I went online and watched it another 5 or six times!! I think the movie looks really good and I just keep wanting to watch the trailer again cause the action is happening so fast I have to go back and look at a certain part over again. Now I can hardly wait for the movie.
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Re: Eclipse trailers and teasers

Post by xx-topaz »

I loved the trailer. Lots of action that makes it so my boyfriend actually doesn't cringe at the thought of going to see it with me... eeeeeeeeee1!!!!! I'm so excited. I do wish there was more romance in the trailer, just a little bit more would have been better I think. But that just makes it more suspenseful. I'm really excited to see the backstory for Rosalie and Jasper. But did anyone else notice Carlise? He looked super pale and old. But maybe it was just the lighting and the briefness of the shot of him.. I dunno...
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Re: Eclipse trailers and teasers

Post by Total Twilight Fan »

I loved the new trailer, thought it struck the right balance between the action and the romance bit. Obviously the last trailer appealed more to the love triangle and this one more to the action and fight with the New Born Army. I think that adding Riley being bitten by Victoria, and then creating the army and leading them across the lake was nice, I loved that part. I also liked seeing the wolves involved and them running at each other from other sides of the forest. Jasper appeared to be leading the Cullens. Also, Bella's face when Edward gave her the ring was priceless, and I loved Carlisles bits. I hope to got that we get Jasper's story, although we probably won't get Rosalie's that would be nice. Looking forward to it now!
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Re: Eclipse trailers and teasers

Post by TammyAZ »

Actually it has been talked about in several interviews with the cast that both Jasper's and Rosalie's back stories will be told in the movie :)

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