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KEEP IT CLEAN!!! THIS IS A PG SITE - Posts, Images & Links!

Posted: Sun Mar 14, 2010 10:46 am
by December

The Twilight Lexicon is a PG site. Please keep your language suitable for minors: no swearing, crude words, etc. IF STEPHENIE MEYER WOULDN'T WRITE IT, THEN DON'T USE IT!

This site has automatic filters to screen out rude or derogatory language. If you use a banned word, the software will automatically replace it when your post is submitted. This occasionally produces comical results (like Herman Melville's classic novel Moby Vulgar Language Is Ugly), but it's an essential tool for keeping the site PG-13. If in doubt, just preview your post (always a good idea anyway!). These filters apply to PMs as well as on the boards.

If a word is still decipherable, it's still offensive -- and still banned. Persistent attempts to outwit the filters will get you put "under moderation" (ie. every post you write will get held for approval before it appears on the boards).

And remember: the filters are not a free pass. Just because something isn't in the filters, that doesn't mean it's appropriate to write on the Lex. It's up to you to keep your posts clean. In particular, the filters can't get at text in banners and avies -- please don't make us come after you to clean them up!

Remember that the content of any IMAGES must be PG too -- including any images you LINK to!

THE SAME GOES FOR ANY TEXT OR WEBSITES YOU LINK TO: KEEP IT PG! We're a site with lots of underage users. We're not going to throw the book at you for linking to a site with slightly more colourful language than the Lex allows, but the general tone and content should not be inappropriately "mature". Use common sense.

Lex Odyssey Question #7
How does Bella escape from Alice and Jasper in the Phoenix airport?

a) she ducks behind a pillar --> page 1, post 1, line 4, word 11
b) says she's hungry and stops by the McDonald's for something to eat. --> page 2, post 3, line 5, word 1
c) she makes a phone call to Charlie. --> page 5, post 6, line 2, word 3
d) she pretends to use the bathroom --> page 1, post 1, line 11, word 17
e) none of the above --> page 1, post 3, line 2, word 5[/color]