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Posted: Sun Mar 14, 2010 9:53 am
by December
The Lexicon always has been and always will be a spoiler-free site. By spoiler, we mean any information that hasn't been published by Stephenie Meyer, or posted on her own website, or said publically for all her fans to hear. If you have access to or have acquired material from any other source -- or found it illicitly posted elsewhere -- do not post it here. Posting such material is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN and will get you BANNED. The same goes for film-related information and material.

Just to be clear -- we're not talking about information which could spoil a non-Twilight book or movie for someone who hasn't yet read/seen it. However, it is customary Lex practice (and courteous!) to warn other users before posting any potentially spoilery information and/or to use the Invisible Font. (More about the Invisible Font here).

For discussing newly-released Twilight books or movies, we usually create a special temporary thread so that those who haven't finished reading (or viewing) it can avoid being spoilt. As a rule, we give fans at least a month before permitting discussion of a new release throughout the boards. Please respect this restriction while it's in place.

Many people have chosen on principle NOT to read the unfinished manuscript of Midnight Sun. We ask posters to respect this and (with the exception of Chapter 1 which Stephenie posted back in 2006) avoid discussing anything from Midnight Sun except on dedicated MS threads. If you feel you absolutely MUST mention MS elsewhere, please do it in the Invisible Font. But don't be surprised if some other posters refuse to read or take notice of MS-related remarks. The Lex fully supports them in this choice.