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Re: Alphie

Post by alice_is_my_homegirl »

Let's just say this, you are amazing!!! This is my absolute favorite website ever!!
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Re: Alphie

Post by Miista Cullen »

Yayy ^_^ Go geeks :P

I used to do community theatre too (back in the days. Laugh.Out.Loud).

Hopefully, I will see you upon the boards, per se.

Thank-you for reading.

Your regards,

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Re: Alphie

Post by bac »

Happy Birthday Alphie!
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Re: Alphie

Post by The Real Alice Cullen »

Happy Birthday Alphie!

So, are we all set for the party tonight? I'm so excited to see you again. Esme has made the most wonderful cake for you. See you then!

Oh, by the way, don't wear that frilly dress, I like the third option the best.

Yep, that one.
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Re: Alphie

Post by missp »

Happy Birthday, Alphie! Thanks for all the time and effort you put into the Lex! :D
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Re: Alphie

Post by The Real Esme Cullen »

Happy Birthday Alphie!

I hope you have a wonderful day, dear. Yes, Alice of course is correct, I have baked a lovely cake for tonight. I hope you enjoy it. Carlisle and I will see you tonight, remember, our house, 6pm. The children are most excited, especially Renesmee, she is so looking forward to meeting you.
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Re: Alphie

Post by somethingblue »

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING! You are going to have an amazing and memorable week and all the craziness is going to be SO worth! Thanks for the love and caring and letting me be a part of your world.

xoxo Blue
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Re: Alphie

Post by una »

Happy Birthday Alphie!!!
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Re: Alphie

Post by Kate »

:) Happy birthday! :)

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Re: Alphie

Post by Openhome »

Happy Birthday Alphie!!

Thanks for letting us all play in your sandbox!
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