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Re: Alphie

Post by cullengirl »

Happy Birthday, Alphie!

Thank you for creating the Lex, my second home from home. Oh, by the way, Fritz sends the Brothers' birthday wishes too! :twisted:
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Re: Alphie

Post by The Real Alice Cullen »

*skips in*
I'm back!! And, look, I've brought the family!!

I have to go get ice, but hopefully every one will be by for a birthday wish and some fun!
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Re: Alphie

Post by Jestak »

Happy Birthday Alphie!!

PS--Alice, be sure to turn on the lights in the trees outside so Bella can find the party ;)
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The Real Alice Cullen
I've got my eye on you
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Re: Alphie

Post by The Real Alice Cullen »

OH! Lights, right.
Amazing how someone so tiny can be so irritating....
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Re: Alphie

Post by TammyAZ »


Thanks to you and the Lex, I've found a whole new bunch of sisters at the HH :) Here is to you and many more years of happiness!! CHEERS!

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Re: Alphie

Post by The Real Jacob Black »

Hey, I remember you! *Says in a sexy voice* Were you the one who wanted to have my puppies? Ouch! *Looks disapprovingly at Bella* What was that for? *Bella tells Jake that it was someone else not Alphie* Oh I see. :oops: *Drops a huge birthday gift in front of Alphie* Well, er..happy birthday Alphie. Thanks for creating a nice place where we can be ourselves.
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Re: Alphie

Post by DramaPrincezz013 »

Happy birthday, Alphie!!
The Lex seriously rocks my socks. :D 8-)

((PS this whole The Real... thing is so cool. Keep it around!))
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Re: Alphie

Post by The Real Edward Cullen »

Happy Birthday Alphie!

Thank you for making me and my dear Bella so welcome here. It's been an extraordinary three and a half years for us all, hasn't it?

And Alice...Bella's here with me. So you can turn those strings of lights off and reduce our carbon footprint. Which is already better than most humans, since we don't breathe....

And now, if I may, a toast:

To Alphie, without whom we wouldn't be together here today!
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Re: Alphie

Post by The Real Bella Swan Cullen »

Wow, Alice, you really outdid yourself.

I'm so glad it wasn't for me.

And thanks for the lights!

Happy Birthday, Alphie!
I hope it is a great day for you.
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Re: Alphie

Post by DoNotFeartheDark »


This place has be almost a second home to most, if not all, Twi-Hards, fans, and devoted readers. We all truly treasure this and our time here. Without your honest passion and love for the Twilight , we would be very lonely indeed. We all would possibly never have met dear friends within this wonderful universe. Onward through 2010!
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