Bizzare Story From Newbie

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Bizzare Story From Newbie

Post by angbaby »

I am angbaby and have what I think is a rather bizzare story. I was introduced to the Twlight series about 3 weeks ago. It has been working its way around my work for months. Not only is over 1/2 of the staff reading the series so are a number of our patrons. This in its self is not of any real interest except I work for a local Blood Bank...LOL Also, I have recently gotten my daughters reading the series and all my son's (I have 3) girlfriends reading the series. One of my sons is in the Coast Guard and we have been anxiously waiting his new posting assignment. Well he got it yesterday. He will be spending the next 3 years in La Push Wa. Kindof creepy huh!
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Re: Bizzare Story From Newbie

Post by runswithwolves »

Hi welcome to the lexicon, i'm Shelly. PM me if you have any qeustions. :D Happy Veterans Day.
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Re: Bizzare Story From Newbie

Post by vampirechick101 »

Welcome Newbie :lol:
Well yeah feel free to Pm me anytime :D
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Re: Bizzare Story From Newbie

Post by Evil Guppies »

Wow! Those are interesting coincidences. Maybe you'll be able to visit Forks! :lol:

I had a funny coincidence too...I started reading Twilight while on vacation. Our rental car was a silver Volvo, which really amused me.
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Re: Bizzare Story From Newbie

Post by Venecettia »

Hi! Welcome to the Lexicon I'm Venecettia.
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Re: Bizzare Story From Newbie

Post by BreathelessVampire »

Hi, nice to meet you and welcome to the Lexicon!

I am BreathelessVampire, feel free to send me a message anytime or ask a question!
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Re: Bizzare Story From Newbie

Post by Krystal »

Hey, I'm Krystal! Welcome to the Lex!

Feel free to PM me if you ever want to chat!

Hope to see you around! :mrgreen:
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Re: Bizzare Story From Newbie

Post by Kymberli »

Hi, I am Kymberli

I love it that your son will be in La Push. That is really cool. Now you have excuse to visit Forks.
Welcom to the Lex, Just ask if you have any questions
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Re: Bizzare Story From Newbie

Post by cutesweetiezzz »

Welcome to the Lex.
I'm Elaine, by the way.
I hope you enjoy it around here.

Feel free to PM me if you need any help or if you just want to chat, kay?

Well, I'll see you around the boards then. :D
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Re: Bizzare Story From Newbie

Post by stellar87 »

Hey welcome to the boards! I think it's pretty funny that the staff of a blood bank are reading about vampires...just makes me laugh. hehe And it's weird that your son is gonna be in La Push. I live up here in Washington and it's pretty funny to hear people talk about these little places that no one used to know about. Anyway, hope to see you around!
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