Tomorrow, When the War Began

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Tomorrow, When the War Began

Post by sharlene87 »

I requested this in the "why cant i post a topic" forum but i thought i'd post it here just to cover all bases :)

I would really love to see a topic where we can suggest other great books to read now that most of us have reached the end of the series and going through serious withdrawls!!

I would especially like to start a thread dedicated to the Tomorrow Series (or Tomorrow When the War Began) its an AWESOME series that i've been reading since i finished Twilight. Its another popular series (especially in Australia) that is going to be turned into a film franchise. The books are great and i would recommend them to anyone who's read Twilight. Its a series of 7 books with another 3 attached to the Ellie Chronicles.

Also has anyone else read this series??

Oh by the way i'm Sharlene from Australia :-P