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jadon black
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Hello, I'm Jadon

Post by jadon black »

Hello everyone, I'm Jadon. I am a guy who reads the Twilight series. I have read other books (Steven King, Anne Rice, etc.) but I've never been hooked by any piece of literature quite like the Twilight saga. My wife originally got into the books and I used to give her a hard time about reading them so much. Until one day while the weather outside was bad and I began reading them. I was hooked immediately! I read all the books in like 6 days. I know that doesn't sound like much, but I do have to work. That was back in August and I still read them almost everyday.I think for me the the greatest aspect of the series is the emotional pull. I love the saga and I also read The Host and liked it as well.

I have a big question that is one of the big reasons why I joined this forum. Have any of you felt depressed or emotional after reading these books? I have. Before I read these books I felt.....numb almost. Nothing ever bothered me, I was a rock, and have been that way for years. Now, after reading those books and feeling the emotions of them, of first love......I'm depressed. It's like I didn't know what I was missing. Now I do.

If anybody feels or has felt the same way please let me know. If not, just tell me to get over it. By the wasy, my favorite book is Ecllipse because of the drama of the love triangle. It really brings out the characters personalities even more.
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Re: Hello, I'm Jadon

Post by skylarblue »

Hello and welcome to the Lex. Enjoy and hope to see you around the boards.

Just to answer your question, I think these books cover almost every human emotion that we have. You have love, loss, hate, passion, friendship and they take you on an emotional rollercoaster. I think that's why they are so popular.

So welcome
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Re: Hello, I'm Jadon

Post by CantBreathe »

Welcome Jadon! These books are definitely an emotional rollercoaster. I've always been an emotional and depressed person, but these books have definitely changed me and my outlook on life and love. Now I'm just depressed that there are no more books coming out and the story is over. Anyway, see you around the boards!
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Re: Hello, I'm Jadon

Post by Ichigo Kitty »

Hello Jadon. I feel the same way about Twilight whenever I read about Twilight for the love scenes when I was single. I felt depressed because I didn't know what I was missing either. But now I found someone and I don't feel that way anymore, I feel happy for Bella and Edward instead of depressed. But yeah anyways, welcome to Lex! PM me if you want a friend on this forum. =D
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Re: Hello, I'm Jadon

Post by audreywarenne »

Hey! Welcome to the Lex!
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Re: Hello, I'm Jadon

Post by vampirechick101 »

I'm vampirechick101 or vampchick =]
welcome to the lex!!
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Re: Hello, I'm Jadon

Post by copper curls »

hey, and welcome to the Lex. :D I’m copper curls ~ PM anytime! Hope you enjoy the site & I’ll see you around the boards.
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Re: Hello, I'm Jadon

Post by SethisMine »

Hello Welcome to the Lex! I'm SethisMine! :D
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Re: Hello, I'm Jadon

Post by Venecettia »

Hi! Welcome to the Lexicon, I'm Venecettia.
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Re: Hello, I'm Jadon

Post by TwiOLightLife »

Nice to know there are boys that embrace the books as much as girls do.

Im Sarah, Welcome to the Lex. And I know what you mean when you say numb, Sometimes its like you cant even register what happens after reading them, they just suck you in!

Thats how you know your reading something you like Alot.

Hope were friends!

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