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Settled in Forks
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Post by Simply.Wonderful. »

How did you pick your screen name?: It's my screen name for other sites.

How did you come to read Twilight and which book is your favorite?: I was in a bookstore, the cover caught my attention, I read the back and it sounded interesting. :] My favorite is the first.

Who do you like best: Edward, Bella, or Jacob?: Edward and Jacob.

Who is your favorite minor character?: Alice and Jasper.

Where are you from?: Oregon.

How old are you?: In my teens. =P

Teaching Eric Social Graces
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Re: Hiya.

Post by flow_3 »

Hellow and Welcome...^_^

Settled in Forks
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Re: Hiya.

Post by Simply.Wonderful. »

Thank you. =D

Finding a Nice Guy for Angela
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Re: Hiya.

Post by yanjan3 »

hi! welcome to the lex..!

hope you get settled soon..
feel free to pm me if you need help about 'nything..

see you around! :D
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Lusting for Blood
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Re: Hiya.

Post by Vampire.Bunny »

im bunny
welcome to the lex

copper curls
Welcoming Newbies with Cheers and Emmett-hugs
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Re: Hiya.

Post by copper curls »

hey, and welcome to the Lex! :D

I’m copper curls ~ feel free to PM me anytime.

If you have any questions about the site, you can check out Alcyone's Guide to the Lexicon, our Site Philosophy, or the Posting Regulations.

hope you enjoy the site & I’ll see you around the boards!

~ cc
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Wishing for a Yellow 911 Turbo
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Re: Hiya.

Post by -Jasper »

Hey, and welcome to the lex!

Hope to see you around later on the boards :D

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Touched By Cold Hands
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Re: Hiya.

Post by Dazzled_by_Cullens »

Hi I'm Megan. Welcome to the lex! LOVE THE BOOKS TOO OF COURSE. Hope to see you on the boards later :D
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Digging the Castle Motif
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Re: Hiya.

Post by sarah! »

Welcome to the Lex!
I'm Sarah.
Hope to see you on the boards!
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Wandering Through Town
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Re: Hiya.

Post by lauren00 »

Welcome to The Twilight Lexicon!:)
I'm Laurenn,
you will see me ALOT on here;
i lloovee iitt:)

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