Hellou, new world!

Introduce yourself here.
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Hellou, new world!

Post by jawsuhlin »

Hellou! I'm jawsuhlin. I'm using The New Kid in Town suggestions as a template for my introduction. Pardon my lack of creativity.

How did you pick your screen name?

My screen name is my real first name, written out phonetically. =)

How did you come to read Twilight and which book is your favorite?

My younger sister was obsessed with the series, but I preferred classical literature (big Jane Austen fan), so I was critical. I took her to see the movie for her birthday, and it sparked my interest. Once I started reading the books, I just couldn't stop. As far as a favorite, that's a more difficult question to answer. I'll go with Breaking Dawn because I'm a sucker for a happy ending.

Who do you like best: Edward, Bella, or Jacob?

I love them all. My favorites are Alice and Jasper, however. I love Alice because of her bubbly personality and Jasper because I'm very into Civil War history.

Who is your favorite minor character?

*glances up*

What are your hobbies?

I love to create- music and writing.
I also love to check out what others have created- music and writing.

Where are you from (general area like Montana, not exact town!)

Iowa, like in the Music Man.

How old are you? (In general, like teen, 20's, 30's, 40's etc)


Anything else you would like to share.

I'm not quite as much of a super-fan as some of you may be, but I love and appreciate the story. I used to be in a book club and thought this could turn out to be a similar experience. =)
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Re: Hellou, new world!

Post by samajama »

Hello, welcome to the Lex!
Feel free to PM me if you have a question or want to chat. There are plenty of places on here to discuss the books and their characters, but also many places to roam around and just chat about everything else. See you around the boards!

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Re: Hellou, new world!

Post by Vampire.Bunny »

im bunny
welcome to the lex
hope to see you 'round

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Re: Hellou, new world!

Post by skylarblue »

Hello and Welcome to the Lex.

I'm pretty excited that I figured out your name even though you put it out there Phoneticly (I'm usally bad at that kind of stuff)

So, anyhoo enjoy and hope to see you around the boards

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Re: Hellou, new world!

Post by Dazzled_by_Cullens »

Hi I'm Megan. Welcome to the lex! LOVE THE BOOKS TOO OF COURSE. Hope to see you on the boards later :D
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Re: Hellou, new world!

Post by -Jasper »

Hey, and welcome to the lex.

Hope to see you on the boards later. :D

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Re: Hellou, new world!

Post by sarah! »

Hello, welcome to the Lex! :)
I'm Sarah. Feel free to PM me anytime!

Hope to see you around!
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Re: Hellou, new world!

Post by SethisMine »

Hello, Welcome to the Lex! I hope you have a great time here on the boards.
Oh and one quick warning... THE LEX CAN BECOME ADDICTIVE! :lol:
Anyhow, see you around!
SethisMine :D
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Re: Hellou, new world!

Post by flow_3 »

Welcome.. :D

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Re: Hellou, new world!

Post by Bellsuz »


Glad you decided to give the books a try :)

Welcome to the Lexicon!! Hope to see you around the boards!
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