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hey there!

Post by NeDzThErApYfOroCd »

Hey there! My name is Renee.
I picked my screenname because i need therapy for my obsession with this series.
I started the Twilight series when my son got the books because of his girlfriend (I finished them he didn't). It is hard to decided between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn as my favorite.
I like Edward the best.
My two favorite minor characters are Alice and Emmett, I can't pick one as a favorite.
My hobbies are reading and pampering myself.
I am from West Virginia.
I am 34.
I am looking forward to checking out the forums.

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Re: hey there!

Post by sarah! »

Hello, welcome to the Lex! :)
I'm Sarah. Feel free to PM me anytime!

Hope to see you around!
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Re: hey there!

Post by SethisMine »

Hello, Welcome to the Lex! I hope you have a great time here on the boards.
Oh and one quick warning... THE LEX CAN BECOME ADDICTIVE! :lol:
Anyhow, see you around!
SethisMine :D
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Re: hey there!

Post by 4everklutzy »

Hey there!

Welcome to the Lex--it's a great place to get some TW therapy! I started by reading my daughter's copy of the book and couldn't stop! It's addictive and the Lex can be too :lol: Hope to see you on the boards and feel free to PM me anytime--I'm a bit of a newbie too.


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Re: hey there!

Post by Vanquish »

Welcome to the Lex.
Hope you enjoy it around here as much as I do. :D

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Re: hey there!

Post by Dazzled_by_Cullens »

Hi I'm Megan. Welcome to the lex! LOVE THE BOOKS TOO OF COURSE. Hope to see you on the boards later :D
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Re: hey there!

Post by flow_3 »


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Re: hey there!

Post by Sydflower »

Hello there!

Welcome to The Lex! If you have any questions feel free to PM me!

Good Luck and Hope to see you on the boards!

- Syd

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Re: hey there!

Post by Vampire.Bunny »

im bunny
welcome to the lex

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Re: hey there!

Post by -Jasper »

Hey, and welcome to the lex.

Hope to see you around on the boards later. :D

- Jasper
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