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Re: Pel or Pelirroja

Post by Krystal »

Pel, Welcome back to the Lex! XD
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Re: Pel or Pelirroja

Post by Venecettia »

Hi! Welcome to the Lexicon, I'm Venecettia.
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Re: Pel or Pelirroja

Post by inspired »

Hi Pel,
I just wanted to say a huge "THANK YOU" for all of your hard work. This site is incredibly fun and the community here is so welcoming. I hope I run into you on the boards some time.
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Re: Pel or Pelirroja

Post by vampirechick101 »

thanks for all your hard work and it's so good to finally meet you!
Welcome back :D
I also speak Spanish by the way! That is cool :D
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Re: Pel or Pelirroja

Post by rapid_reader1 »

Hi Pel!!!

Welcome back to the Twilight Lexicon, and I just really wanted to thank you for helping put together this AMAZING site!!! :D

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Re: Pel or Pelirroja

Post by *TwilightIsMyDrug* »

Welcome back to the boards. Hope you have an amazing week! :D
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Re: Pel or Pelirroja

Post by BlackWinter »

THanks Pel for making the site awesome for us Twilighters!!
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Re: Pel or Pelirroja

Post by twilightmom »

WOW - After reading all of the posts, I'm guessing something bad happened to the Lex a while ago? I'd like to say thanks for this forum and sites! I've never been on one before, and I have to say this is pretty well laid-out (but a bit overwhelming!) A week ago I thought I was alone in my crazy obsession (as a more "mature" woman) with Twilight... Now I know differently. Thanks for giving all of us a safe, fun place to be.

I love the name - I am a red-head and my nickname was "Red" in college - how original! It was short for "Rhode Island Red" which was the name of the rooster in Looney Toons. Hmm... What does that say about me?

Anyhow, thanks so much!
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Re: Pel or Pelirroja

Post by I_love_Bloodsuckers »

Hey! Pel. You speak spanish, like me, and you live in NJ. Like I....used to. :(
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Re: Pel or Pelirroja

Post by Dreauror »

hello Pel, just read we are around the same age, yay! feels more at home now. I always feel a little voyeristic chatting on a teen site, but there are so many great things that teens say and they have this wonderful enthusiasm for life, I just love chatting to them. Its nice to see someone else around my age. Are we into sharing Carlisle or are you more finding your youth again with Edward, mind you giving that he's around 100 we can all say we are into mature men :D
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