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Re: Hello there

Post by ~*~Emily~*~ »

Hello! Welcome to the Lex!

I hope you enjoy it here ;)

I'm from Wisconsin too!

See you around,
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Re: Hello there

Post by pennybug84 »

Hi. I'm Jen

Welcome to the lex, it's a fun place to be! :D

See you around the boards

And if you've never been, I highly suggest visiting Stephenie Meyer's webiste. She has a lot of fun stuff there like FAQ's for all the books & some outtakes that didn't make it into the final draft of the books.
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Re: Hello there

Post by DudeRocksTheTwilight »

My blessed eMom!
Well, you're like the best eMom ever, and I know I can talk to you about stuff.
~Your eSon, Derek
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Re: Hello there

Post by audreywarenne »

Hey! Welcome to the Lex!
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Re: Hello there

Post by Jazzy'sgirl112108 »

hey!! welcome to lex!!!! hope to see you around!
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Re: Hello there

Post by willowtree »

Hey, Kayla!

Oh, could I be your eKid too. Please.


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Re: Hello there

Post by Twilightnoob21 »

Hi. I'm new here 2. I'm probably the only boy on this site. :(

But anyway, welcome to the twilight lex!!!

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Re: Hello there

Post by mark520 »

hello.. i am Mark from USA ,Ak,Anchorage,nice to meet you,im just new here..i'll hope that i can have new friend here..
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Re: Hello there

Post by MelissaDaisy99 »

Hello everyone!
I am new member and im gald join this
Thank you
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Re: Hello there

Post by bellasaw »

Hiya! I am also a newbie here.. looking forward to watch the last twilight! can't wait! geeeshh
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