I'm an anti. Please don't shoot.

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Re: I'm an anti. Please don't shoot.

Post by roo-roo91 »

An anti huh?
Well nice to meet you.
I tolerate people of all kinds.
I've talked to people who loathe twilight and got along fine with them.
Names Chelsea, but please, Call me either scooby or E-Scope.
if you don't..
(pulls out bazooka)
then face my wrath.
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Re: I'm an anti. Please don't shoot.

Post by Chyeah »

Pel wrote:There was an incident about 4 months ago that Twilight Sucks assisted us with when members used the Twilight Sucks forum to conduct a trolling expedition here. The most recent Twilight Sucks ban would be Ire Malecient who called people retards, insulted those with autism, and wished that Rob Pattinson died. Simply put being offense to the mentally handicapped, those with autism and death treats are just not OK. And if that is us being close minded we are happy to wear that moniker.
I just wanted to take the opportunity to say that TS has had its fair share of trolls that may very well be from the Lex as well (not being accusing or anything). Someone even said that all Twilight haters are Nazis and rapists. SGR and I know what it's like when people say such mindless things as, "I KEEL YOU" and "RPATTZ SUX LOL" (also going with what SGR said, I think Robert Pattinson is awesome as well). As I made clear in my signature, I will be civil if you will- and if one person tells me to shut up, SGR and I do not plan on taking it out on the entire site (although I probably will end up PMing the disrespectful person informing them on the first amendment).

I short- TS has trolls, and while we find most of them funny, the ones you described just sound rude (*cough*we'vehadthosetoo*cough*). We will be nice if you will. But if you tell me I suck... I have the scary logic.
I'm an anti here for civil discussion on why Twihards like Twilight. However, if you personally insult me, I see no reason to respect you. You have been warned.
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Re: I'm an anti. Please don't shoot.

Post by purple_panda »

lol nice siggy
well we have the hard-core team edward people, the hard-core team jacob people, and the team switzerland people, i think an anti would be welcome
hope to see you on the discussion boards
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Re: I'm an anti. Please don't shoot.

Post by Mrs.TeddyBear »

Hey, Im Ted!
I've never met an anti online (no offense, but after a couple incidents Ive heard about I've done my best to avoid ya. I cant always trust my temper :oops: ), but I have a couple anti friends; you'll be a good test for me to see if I can continue to carry my side of the debate I've been taking to antis face to face, online.
Anyway, if you ever want to talk or if you have any questions about how things run here on the lex then just PM me, I'd be happy to help!
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Re: I'm an anti. Please don't shoot.

Post by Fiery Firefly »

SGR! How ya doing! These nice people let me join you. The third member has arrived! *group hug*

And for the rest of you guys, don't worry, only us three are coming on here. I didn't want SGR being a lone anti. We promise not to be any trouble. *big puppy dog eyes* We aren't bad people!
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Re: I'm an anti. Please don't shoot.

Post by TheElysianSoul »

Hello, SGR! It's nice to have an anti on here... brings more variety to this site (then again, I'm new too, so I wouldn't really know much about this site... XD).

I definitely welcome you with open arms! :D
I'm a Fullmetal Alchemist fangirl, and right there on my avatar is my OTP. :D
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Re: I'm an anti. Please don't shoot.

Post by Renesmee_Bella »

Hey SGR! Welcome to the lex!

I'm RnB or Fat. :D

I just wanted to say that I have friends who are hard-core antis but we get along fine, so I'm sure we will too. And I also wanted to say that I am always up for a healthy debate. I'm actually quite good. So if you ever feel like it, PM me! :D

Oh, and I promise I'll be civil, though I can't promise I'll be good. I am the notorious 3 yr old here on the lex, so I will occasionalu act childish and throw something at you, bit it's all in good fun! :D


P.S. *throws mustard at face* Bon appetit! :D


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Re: I'm an anti. Please don't shoot.

Post by willowtree »


Welcome to the Lex. I'm 4, and Fat's older sister.

Have fun here, and please don't be too mean! :D We'll try to play nice too.

~h. f. e. l.


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