Hola, it's me! Nena

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Re: Hola, it's me! Nena

Post by Bewitched »

Hi Nena,
Thanks for all the work you and everyone did on the Lex to get it back up and running again. I missed this place. See you in the gutter!
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Re: Hola, it's me! Nena

Post by Nena »

Aww! Thank you everybody! As some of you know, I am on vacation here in sunny California. I am having a blast with the family but I miss you all.
Hope you all enjoying the new boards! Play nice gutter mates, I don't want to put anybody in time out ;) hahaha

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Re: Hola, it's me! Nena

Post by darkrider »

Welcome all! Let's all sit back and enjoy the new and beautiful TL!!! If you have any questions or just want to chit chat feel free to PM me-I'm friendly!

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Re: Hola, it's me! Nena

Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

Hey Nena!

It wouldnt be the Lex without you, Cant wait to see what new Twilight graphics you come up with next (:
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Re: Hola, it's me! Nena

Post by Goodnight Elizabeth »

Welcome Home Nena! You've got your work cut out for you, girl.
Squee! Thank you, Nena!
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Re: Hola, it's me! Nena

Post by xhopeonaropex »

I thought that was you!!!
I was like "I could have sworn she was Nena_Cullen"
Hahaha great to see you on the boards again :D
And congrats on being a mod !!!
Hope to see you around !!

Hope <3
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Re: Hola, it's me! Nena

Post by waiting for a meteor »

Hi Nena, welcome back.
I used to be Nena_Cullen in the other boards, but I had to drop the Cullen now that Edward got married and I can't marry into the Cullen's no more.
thats just such a lovely detail, its nice to see people enjoying the series and the Lex so much!

cya around the boards Meteor (darkrider's twin) :mrgreen:
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Re: Hola, it's me! Nena

Post by aria »

Nena, do you feel all awesome and important now with your lovely new green color? Have you recovered from all the Mickey Magic? See you soon!
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Re: Hola, it's me! Nena

Post by la_tua_cantante »

Hey Nena, I just checked out your MySpace and we have virtually the same bookshelf. :)

Hope to see you around the forums!! :)
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Re: Hola, it's me! Nena

Post by lalaith913 »

Hey Nena! I remember you from the original Lex. And can I just say that your banner is to die for? Seriously. I love it to death. I saw it months ago and I saved it on my computer and sent it to a ton of people. IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!! See you around! :D
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