Hey! I'm Seraphyn

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Re: Hey! I'm Seraphyn

Post by mayfayre »

hi seraphyn! lol i can completely understand how you feel regarding the humidity. i live in a california valley, but when i go to arkansas to visit family i feel as though the moment that i step off the plane i have entered a sauna. i still can't wrap my head around the concept that there are times that it is actually higher in temps at night than in the day.

so what genre of books do you write?
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Re: Hey! I'm Seraphyn

Post by CéliAmbre »

Seraphyn, you too are back! I think almost everything has gone back to normal, thanks to you great mods! we love you so much and would have died out of impatience already if you wouldn't feed us with information and creative ideas to ponder about all day long...<3

anyhoo (yes, i did not invent this. unfortunetly. i got it from a little girl who's probably older than my grandma by now =) her name's Alice.) do us "old" people also "need" to introduce ourselves? i don't mind, but i hadn't thought about it.

congrats for you wedding again, Seraphyn.
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Re: Hey! I'm Seraphyn

Post by y3nd0 »

Hey Seraphyn!

It is me again. I happened to come across your myspace (through Stephenie's), and I read your summary about your novel, Fallen.

MAN! I want to read it so much! :( I sincerely hope you get published, 'cause I'd buy your book. ;) Gah. I have a curious mind, and you picked at it by ending with, "What is Xander's secret?" :'(

Congratulations on your wedding, by the way! :D
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Re: Hey! I'm Seraphyn

Post by Seraphyn »

For those who asked about my writing:

I'm currently working on a YA urban-fantasy series (in case the terminology is confusing, Twilight is a perfect example of urban fantasy) that I'm in the process of finding an agent for. I've come close to landing contracts with a couple, but still no bites. One thing I can say to anyone interested in becoming a published writer, it's a looooong road. Stories like Stephenie's path to publication may be spectacular, but they're so far from the norm it's sick. ;)

If you want more information about my books, you can visit me at any of these pages:

But, no, I'm not telling you what Xander's secret is! :D

Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone! It's fabulous to have the lex up and running again.
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Re: Hey! I'm Seraphyn

Post by leahlovetwilight »

welcome back and thanks for all your work on the lex!
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Re: Hey! I'm Seraphyn

Post by BettingOnAlicexX »

Hi Seraphyn! Welcome to The Lex.
If You need any help or have any questions you can Pm me anytime.

Its really kool that you are a writer.!
I hope to read some of your books in the future.

See you around the boards.
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Re: Hey! I'm Seraphyn

Post by BreathelessVampire »

Hihi,welcome to the forum! =)

Nice meeting you! I like your name btw
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Re: Hey! I'm Seraphyn

Post by Krystal »

Seraphyn, Welcome back to the Lex! XD
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Re: Hey! I'm Seraphyn

Post by Venecettia »

Hi! Welcome to the Lexicon, I'm Venecettia.
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Re: Hey! I'm Seraphyn

Post by Nena »

Happy birthday today Seraphin! :)
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