Hey! I'm Seraphyn

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Re: Hey! I'm Seraphyn

Post by Seraphyn »

Birthday? But my birthday is in May... o.O?
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Re: Hey! I'm Seraphyn

Post by alellie »

Seriously, it's your birthday?
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Re: Hey! I'm Seraphyn

Post by Dreauror »

Hello Seraphyn, I was lured here by some interesting perfumes that wafted from Stephanies board and I found myself with all these cool twilighters.
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Re: Hey! I'm Seraphyn

Post by twi-nerd »

Hey seraphyn.
I hope you love the posts. I am a bit new here and I have come to love these posts. I think it is wonderful to have a forum where other fans of TWILIGHT can share their opinions.
Hope you love the posts. I also love Angela. She is just so sweet and she sounds adorable.
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Re: Hey! I'm Seraphyn

Post by Miista Cullen »

Heii ^_^ I like yor screename too. I think it's catchy. Especially if it were written in a book 'Seraphyn'.

My fav. minor character is Angela too!!! :D

Hopefully, I will see you upon the boards, per se.

Thank-you for reading.

Your regards,

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Re: Hey! I'm Seraphyn

Post by Oh Rosalie! »

Hi, just passin by, Hi Seraphyn, hope to hear more posts from you :D
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Re: Hey! I'm Seraphyn

Post by misscullengirl »

hi there!I am also new here.I'm just starting to orient myself on this,i'm not even sure how to start!lol!
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Re: Hey! I'm Seraphyn

Post by twilightdreamer »

Sup Seraphyn! I'm twilightdreamer call me twi! :D PEACE!
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Re: Hey! I'm Seraphyn

Post by FindYourTrueCalling »

Heyyy :D
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Re: Hey! I'm Seraphyn

Post by Ihavemylion »

Welcome!! I used to live in FL when I was younger - Fort Myers area.... are you anywhere near there?
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