List of Ranks ~ Don't look if you want to be surprised

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List of Ranks ~ Don't look if you want to be surprised

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Here is a list of the current ranks. The number beside it is how many posts are needed to reach that rank. When you reach that post count your rank will automatically change (like it or not!).

There are a few users who have been given special ranks in recognition of their contribution to the boards. These ranks are permanent and do not change with post count. For more about special ranks, see here.

This thread is now locked. The conversation about ranks which was on this thread has now been moved to the Ranks Discussion thread.

0 Settled in Forks
25 Wandering Through Town
50 Buying a Better Raincoat
75 Learning to Love Green
100 Jump Starting Bella's Truck
200 Teaching Eric Social Graces
300 Banging Out Dents with Tyler
400 Hiding Lauren's Hair Dye
500 Helping Mike to Get a Clue
600 Hanging Up on Jessica
700 Ignoring Renee's E-Mails
800 Fishing with Charlie
900 Finding a Nice Guy for Angela
1000 Has Caught Sight of Edward
1100 Lured By the Scent
1200 Touched By Cold Hands
1300 Lusting for Blood
1400 Completely Dazzled!
1500 Officially Bitten!
1600 Playing Thunderball
1700 Frozen in Time
1800 Red-Eyed Vampire
1900 Veggie-Vampire
2000 Acquiring a Taste for Mountain Lion
2100 Part of Carlisle's Clan
2200 Decorating with Esme
2300 Tantalizing Men With Rosalie
2400 Playing the Stockmarket with Alice
2500 Wrestling With Emmett
2600 Changing People's Minds With Jasper
2700 Resisting Temptation With Carlisle
2800 Drag Racing With Alice and Edward
2900 Playing a Duet With Edward
3000 La Push Lover
3100 LaPush Tour Guide
3200 Cliff Diving with Embry
3300 Eating Spaghetti with Billy
3400 Riding in the Rabitt
3500 Finding Stuff in Billy's Trunk
3600 Member: LaPush Cliff Diving Team
3700 Spending Time at the Clearwaters
3800 Wating for Quil to Heat Up
3900 Healping Paul Get Grip
4000 Protector of Jacob's Honor
4100 So Jealous of Emily
4200 Wolf Girls Like it Hot
4300 In Love with Fur
4400 Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog
4500 Keeper of the Quileute Legends
4600 Treaty Keeper
4700 Working in the Garage with Jacob
4800 Gone Fishing with Harry
4900 Patrolling with the Pack
5000 Official Dog Lover!
5250 Wants to have Puppies!
5500 Member of the LaPush Gang
5750 Often Mistaken for a Bear
6000 Phase Control Expert
6250 Quileute Chieftainess
6500 The Ultimate Wolf Girl
6750 Joining the Hunt for Enemies
7000 Communicating Telepathically with the Pack
7250 Officially Imprinted
7500 Loving Italian Sprts Cars
7750 Learning Italian
8000 Celebrating St. Marcus Day
8250 Racing for the Clock Tower
8500 Lurking in Alleyways
8750 Walking Through the Sewers
9000 Looking Behind the Golden Door
9250 Digging the Castle Motif
9500 Dying to be a Member
9750 Answering the Phones with Gianna
10,000 Official Member of the Volturi Guard
10,250 Hearing Edward’s Voice
10,500 Jumping Off Cliffs with Bella
10,750 First Beach Lifeguard
11,000 Convincing Edward He’s Not Dead
11,250 Being Tortured by Jane
11,500 Unaffected by Jane’s Smile
11,750 Touching Aro's Hand
12,000 Taking a Tour With Heidi
12,250 Saving a Few For Demetri
12,500 Happy in Edward's Arms Again
12,750 Wishing for a Yellow 911 Turbo
13,000 Accepting Rosalie's Apology
13,250 Sleeping for Fourteen Hours
13,500 Banned From the House
13,750 Taking a Vote
14,000 Having an Epiphany
14,250 Bargaining with Edward
14,500 Giving Charlie an Ultimatum
14,750 Under House Arrest
15,000 Enforcing the Treaty
15,250 Passing Notes to Jacob
15,500 Paroled for Good Behavior
15,750 Filling out College Apps with Edward and Bella
16,000 “Daydreaming” with Alice in the Cafeteria
16,250 Fixing Mike’s Car
16,500 Watching Alice and Edward Play Chess
16,750 Having "the Talk" With Charlie
17,000 Visiting Renee
17,250 Stepping Across the Boundary Line
17,500 Making Bets with Mike on Who'll Win the Fight
17,750 Looking After Edward’s Heart
18,000 Pushing Magnets Together on the Fridge
18,250 Sneaking off to LaPush
18,500 Telling Jacob the Whole Story
18,750 Taking Nature Lessons from Jacob
19,000 The Only One Getting Older
19,250 Stamping Your Foot Like a Girl on TV
19,500 Imprinting With Sam
19,750 No Freaky Virgos Here
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