Is There a Story Behind Your Special Rank? Tell us!

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Is There a Story Behind Your Special Rank? Tell us!

Post by Cocoa »

This thread is inspired by anyone who ever asked why you have a special rank. If you have been honored with a special rank by the Administrators of the site, share the story as to why they gave it to you here. For example:

My first special rank was "Clarifying Base Running for Edward" because I made a post very early into my joining the Lexicon explaining in detail what the "bases" were in making out in response to someone who asked what the bases were exactly. My favorite of which was 3rd base - "Touching any part on the other person that is not specifically enumerated on your own."

My Current rank is as a result of the movie interviews I have conducted over the last year.

Now its your turn. Tell us the story behind your special rank.

This is not a general thread for discussing ranks. For that please go to the Ranks Discussion Thread.
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Re: Special Ranks

Post by Elizabeth »

Thanks for putting up this thread Cocoa! I'd like to hope I helped inspire it after my question in the How Do I Get A special Rank thread. 8-)
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Re: Special Ranks

Post by Feathers »

Cocoa, I'll admit, I don't know you all that well, but for some reason, that sounds precisely like something you would do. (The bases) The thought just made me smile. And I'm so glad we have this thread; I'm always curious about some of the stories behind the ranks, and hopefully if I *bump* this back to the first page, we'll get to hear more of them.

<3 Ren
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Re: Special Ranks

Post by Ouisa »

My special rank is "Taking over the world and making it pretty." The line comes from my bio on The Host Index where I am an administrator.

"Ouisa expects to wake up one day and find that her laptop, cell phone, iPod and camera have fully integrated themselves into her body. There they will somehow assist in her master plan to take over the world and make it pretty."

I made it up in a fit of silliness but it fits what I do on that site I make a lot of banners and graphics for people and have a deep and abiding love for all things pretty (and probably some pathological megalomaniacal tendencies) as well as referring to the souls who took over the world in The Host.
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Re: Special Ranks

Post by xXBeSafeXx »

These are funny. :)
Please more people share your rank stories! Pretty pleeeease? With a Mr. Green smiley on top? :mrgreen:
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Re: Special Ranks

Post by spookybell »

I am enjoying reading these...

I am also enjoying watching my ranks change with my postings. Maybe one day I will be special too. Right now I am getting giddy as I am almost finished with lauren's hair dye adventure!
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Re: Special Ranks

Post by Likeasunburn »

Mine’s pretty straight forward, I reckon. (God, Mimi, southerner much?) I tend to sometimes say the snarky and blunt things that I believe the mods and admins of this site are too tactful and professional to say… but really wish they could. ;)
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Re: Special Ranks

Post by epona »

My rank (which is gone now :cry: ) was 'our species' protector'

I got this rank when some self righteous one post person came onto the lex giving out about SM, the lexicon and their manifesto. It was the most long winded thing i ever read, and got me angry so i retaliated with a snarky post and got a special rank as a result :D
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Re: Special Ranks

Post by awesomejen1 »

It's my goal in life...well, not the only goal, but one of them, to get a special rank...what can I do to desreve such awesomeness...we will just have to wait and see : )
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Re: Special Ranks

Post by somethingblue »

The Godmother was actually originally given to me as a term of fondness by the awesome Ouisa, over on the Host Index:

ouisa wrote:

"Actually the Godmother would so be our dear somethingblue who has offered many times to kick people in unhappy places, hopefully all of us are thinking of her today and wishing her evil ovaries a lovely swim with the fishes."

Yes, this is from November 2007 whilst I was under the knife. I am very protective of my peeps, whom I adore, and have created evil Russian minions to carry out my hit work. I love this title.
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