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Re: Report the Spammer/Troll

Post by roseaurora » ... &start=370

girlindark is possibly a spammer. His/her first post is a link that I am not going to touch...

MOD EDIT: Thank you. Taken care of.
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Re: Report the Spammer/Troll

Post by copper curls »

alright, so this is an older one, but still, it is misplaced / spamming.
trying to promote another website, I'm assuming, but I don't want to follow the link, just in case.

here is the User's Profile, as well.
I don't know what sort of other post might have been made.

~ Kat

Mod Edit: Thanks Kat, I removed the post but left the user. The other posts seem harmless and they haven't been on in over a year.
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