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Request a topic

Post by HarryTuttle »

Someone should do a what are your favorite Science Fiction movies post, that could be fun.

MOD EDIT: New thread can be found HERE.
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Re: Request a Topic

Post by 3dw2rd Cull3n »

I've got an idea. How about a thread about "How you would survive" dangerous stuff as a vampire. Not Vampire VS Vampire, but similar to what edward and bella were doing in eclipse, right after Jacob shows up in bella's school.

MOD EDIT: New Twilight Scenarios thread started HERE.
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Re: Request a Topic

Post by Edwards Wheels »

I've had an idea for a topic. I've done a search and couldn't find any matches.

I thought a 'What 1 question would you ask Stephenie Meyer, the cast or directors if you had the chance?' topic could be quite entertaining and interesting?

MOD EDIT: The first part of your request is now found in Quench Your Thirst- What would you ask SM if you could?.

Part 2: What would you ask the movie makers?
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Re: Request a Topic

Post by Chernaudi »

I don't know where this could fit, but I came up with this idea when I realized how many items that are/were sold or manufactured that coincidentally shared names with Twilght Saga characters. So how about this for a topic: Items, places, and other things that share names with Twilight characters. I won't give spoilers here, but there are three cars(two mass produced old cars and a fairly recent concept car) that share names with three characters, and one of the first home PC compuer systems made in the early 80s also shares a name with a character.

Those are just examples, and others can be movies, songs/albums, or other items or media. However, items named directly after characters don't count, but those that share the names by coincidence would qualify for the topic if approved.

MOD EDIT: The new thread can be found HERE.
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Re: Request a Topic

Post by andypalmer »

I'd like to post my review of the New Moon movie, but there doesn't appear to be an appropriate topic. Would a "New Moon Movie Reviews" topic be appropriate?

You are correct in that there isn't a specific New Moon Movie reviews topic. However, there are several threads that would be appropriate to post your review on. Try one of these.

This is the entire New Moon Movie Forum to check out
New Moon Movie, Take 5
I've Seen New Moon, Spoiler Alert
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Re: Request a Topic

Post by Bobbblie »

Can we have a topic on the new 3D televisons and if we are going to get breaking dawn in 3D?

Mod Edit: 3D Television thread here.
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Re: Request a Topic

Post by vampyre_princess »

I don't know if anyone has asked for this, but can we have a thread about SM's new novella? please? Not sure where it should go as it's to do with Eclipse.

Thanks, Pixie

Mod Edit: There's actually a thread here, in the Odds and Ends forum.
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Re: Request a Topic

Post by Cullen_Lover »

I would like to request the topic "I've Met a Twilight Star!" (or a name like that,) on this thread people would post about their expeiriance meeting a Twilight celeb.

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Re: Request a Topic

Post by BNTCC »

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner Novella release and events. Thank you!

Please use this thread.
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Re: Request a Topic

Post by Total Twilight Fan »

Can we have a 'Myths and Ledgends' about Vampires and Werewolves?

Try this Mythical Creatures thread.
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