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Photo thread

Post by Kiri »

Been looking through the site and wondered if you had a photo section.
Not just photo's of Twilight but photo's of yourself, your dog, your vacation... or whatever you want to post a pic of.
I just seen a lot of forums that have had that and it was a good way to connect the fans even more.

Settled in Forks
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Re: Photo thread

Post by jennaentrust »

Yea! That is a great idea! We could put pics of the Twilight Cast maybe even have a fashion section?! :D
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Re: Photo thread

Post by Twihard_61 »

I looked at a discussion between on the twilight lexicon people and somebody asked if they could have a photo section.
The twilight lexicon person replied with an answer that basically said that it would take up too much space on the system and it would cause problems :(
I would like a photo section too but it's not possible

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Re: Photo thread

Post by December »

Sorry -- for some reason we missed this discussion earlier! You're quite right Twihard_61. As Openhome explained elsewhere:
We've thought about an image thread, but images take up so much space that it would cause issues with our site. We do allow images on special days. Mostly , people just post a link to what they want to share. Trust me, we all click those links! ;)
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