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Re: Worried about Breaking Dawn?

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2012 2:17 am
by Tornado
Yes, there will probably be deaths in a vision, but I don't think there will be anywhere else, apart from Irina.

Re: Worried about Breaking Dawn?

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2012 3:27 pm
by GrayceM
corona wrote:Irina is going to get it, though. They will likely milk that scene out for all it is worth.
It would have made that so much more heartbreaking had they introduced the Denali's prior to the wedding. At least mention them in passing...Or mentioned that Laurant went to live with them for a while...
Looking at the movies from the point of view of someone who has not read the books, which I have to do for my husbands sake, there's no indication that Laurant knows anything about the coven in Alaska much less that he's involved with one of them.
I'd like to know the reason behind them not being brought into the story until now. I have a theory but I don't believe the great MR would ever admit it...

I agree that there will be a lot in Alice's vision. After all, she drops a vase and she takes time to explain to them what they need to do and we all know that her visions are very quick scenes or flashes. Edward sees some of the vision too and there's even part where he asks her something like "What was that, I didn't catch all of that"...
She saw Edward being killed in NM. Though they didn't show her vision in Eclipse, but I assume she saw some of the action in the clearing with the newborns.
marielle wrote:Uhm.... NO!!! that's so not helpful....that's even more depressing...
;) You know what...come to think of it, I'm not absolutely certain she was trying to help when she told me that. Sorry, at least it's a different perspective...

I'm actually not worried about pt 2 like I was before November. I think BD pt 1 is the best movie by far, almost as good as the book....almost.

Re: Worried about Breaking Dawn?

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2012 5:43 pm
by Tornado
I think the reason that the Denalis weren't mentioned before now is as simple as the fact that they weren't necessary. Any unnecessary dialogue is the first thing to go when translating a book into a movie. Why mention their story if you're never going to be introduced to them?

And even in the book we never see Irina until she sees Bella hunting in the second half of BD, so, in a way, we've got more of her in the movie than we ever had in the book, because we've seen her interacting with the Cullens at the wedding, and seen that they obviously consider her family, and that she is heartbroken over Laurent's death. It's presented an aspect of her character that we might not have had otherwise, and has given us a chance to see her point of view before she dies.