Spoilers and Early Reactions

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Spoilers and Early Reactions

Post by 24601 »

We were asked to create a topic for anyone lucky enough to see Breaking Dawn Pt 1 before Friday's release.

This is a topic to discuss the movie before its General release. Please make use of the invisble font (the inv button).

This topic will open up after the Premiere on Monday and after the General release we will create new topics as needed. Remember to go to Request a Topic to ask for a specific Topic.
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Re: Spoilers and Early Reactions

Post by marielle »

I saw BD in the midnight preview last night!!!!

(I'm going to do my best to cover up what are the big spoilers)

The movie was amazing, my brian just won´t shut up about it…which is why I´m awake after just 5 hours again…

I think it was a really good one, though I missed lots of pieces from the book they did stick very close to the script… they added only 2 or 3 big scenes to the story, only one I found annoying. Besides that they changed small bits and piece, mainly in the wolf story…
They keep the Cullen story intact…

Things they added,
They added a beach outing with wolf pack, all-in human form, it´s sets the base for the pack´s dynamics, the relationship between Jacob and Leah, they show the imprints and how Leah and Jacob are dealing with them. I really like that scene.

They added two wolf fight scenes.
One in which Carlisle, Esme and Emmett are trying to get out to get supplies for Bella, they made the La Push pack more of the threat and with that making life harder for the vampires, in this scene Carlisle, Esme and Emmett are hunted by the wolfs… I´m not sure what to think of it yet

Seconds is the confrontation at the end of the movie we saw in the trailer, they is a big fight between the Cullens, Jacob´s pack and the La Push pack… I might be mistaken but I really thought it set a statement to have Leah help the Cullen´s in the attack first… still I´m not really agreeing with this scene

The pack´s communication techniques, the did only the scene when the pack decides to attack the Cullens with voice overs… I´m very undecided about that…I just don´t know if it was the best solution, they start off really good but when they finally meet the producer let go of what was really good….most of the scenes were done in human form though.

One thing I did miss was the Cullen∕pack relationship. You have tiny bits but I really wanted to see the blond jokes and Seth´s happy-go-lucky attitude towards the Cullens.

Kris and Rob looked stunning, they really outdid themselves… and oh my goodness the honeymoon and wedding night!!!
Sure there wasn´t a faint-to-black this time… it was really sexy and really steamy… sadly they did only one night but it was done so good... they did a additional sex scene and than later some flash backs as Bella relives her bliss…they did show a lot of skin...

The whole before the sex period on the isle was done with a lot of humor, Kris sure has the quality to do comedy
There was a lot of humor throughout the first part of the movie, with the cleaning crew and the feathers, etc…. They had a scene where the cleaning crew is cleaning out the white bed room... it was so funny. And Bella's attemptions to seduce Edward, Rob's really funny in this as he shows what effect it has on Edward and how he has a hard time not to give in.. it was so funny... we do get to see the black lingerie...(men need a drooling cup when they go see the movie)

The wedding was perfect!! Though I really thought it was a bit to short… and that the dance between Jacob and Bella, Jacob did forget to stay at the right side of the friendship/lover side…

I didn´t like the Denali clan, they looked too much and not as beautiful as I had expected, their make-up was too much…

The speeches during the wedding… so so so funny… especially Charlie!!!

Over all Billy Burke nailed it, the man really deserves an Oscar for this role… he is the best example for a dad… really…
And with that Renee was done good as well…

The CGI in the movie was done much better than before.
Bella´s sickness and starvation was horrific to see, the made Kris look like an anorexia patient, so so so scary…and when she drank the blood, the whole theatre was screaming…
In the end after the birth Bella really did look like a corpse

And boy Rob did a splendid job with the delusional Edward still clinging to his what should have been dead wife… they changed the scene a bit, Edward goes out to fight the wolves with Bella´s heart still not working, he is totally delusional that his plan is going to work and he steps up to protect his family.

I didn´t like the Baby CGI… it didn´t look like how I had imagined it…but I can´t really describe what is off with it…

The birthing scene wasn´t as horrific as I expected, the way they made Bella look was what made it so bad…but the moment the placenta ripped was gruesome… they filmed it mostly from Bella's blurry pov...but you saw just enough and the c-section was done without the morphine...so you have Bella screaming in pain during that scene (they forgot that she didn't feel anything because of her spine)

Last the imprinting was done beautifully. I really liked it a lot more than I expected. They really showed how Jacob could imprint on such a young girl and how it changes everything between the packs…

Overall I´m a big Team Edward and found the Dog always very annoying but in this movie I think they got the balance a bit better.

I´m going to see it later today again, I´ll be better to explain some thought tomorrow…
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Re: Spoilers and Early Reactions

Post by Brienna »

YAY! I saw it as well :D With Marielle and I agree with her on a lot of things ;) This IS the spoiler thread ;), but still: major spoilers coming up!!!

Right now I'm still in awe of everything I saw. I thought it was the best movie so far, but hey, that's what I thought when I walked out of Eclipse as well (and when I watched that again and again, I kept disliking it more and more.... :?) Still, I thought it was such a great movie!

Let's see...
From the beginning of the movie I went through: joy, sad, joy, sad... Jacob running off was so sad... Rene so happy with the invitation, Charlie looking at it...
The wedding was great! I think they showed Bella being scared and then suddenly comforted by seeing Edward perfect! You totally see/feel/get how she feels there! I absolutely loved their vows! The speeches were awesome!
The Jacob showing up part, for me, they did it absolutely right.
The Denali I didn't like either. They're supposed to be beautiful, but they were just too much. Too much make-up, too much beauty. They seemed too unnatural to me.
The trip to Isle Esme was good, arriving there, looking around, it was great. Bella preparing I liked. The sex part was done very tasteful I think. They showed just enough, not too much, not too little either.
I was so glad to see Edward just happy! No pain, no sadness, just happy for once! Rob looked beautiful! It was great to see him react to Bella's efforts at seducing him.

The scene where Bella and Edward were yelling at each other... I didn't like it. I didn't like Edward treating Bella that way. I wasn't happy to see that at all. Yes, they are unhappy, yes, bad things are going on, but Edward saying such things at Bella... It's a normal reaction, I think, but Edward isn't 'normal', that's my point ;)

The labor was done great. I was squirming in my seat, I almost couldn't watch it! Jacob imprinting was great. Edward fighting to keep Bella alive, I found it hard to watch, that acting was so good. Seeing how Edward here's the wolves coming and then going outside to fight them off. In one way, that was great! Him standing up for his family, protecting them. But I just can not get over the fact that he actually left Bella :shock: Just.... NO.

As for the wolf scenes. I agree with Marielle that the scene at the beach was a good addition. It made things clear in a quick, easy way. It could've complicated the movie a lot if that scene wasn't there. The scene where Emmett, Esme and Carlisle leave and fight the wolves off, I thought it was unnecessary, but it added intensity, so I get why it's in there.
The scene where the wolves are communicating in wolf form... When that scene started I was like: "YES! This IS the way to show this!" But then the scene continued and I started to feel like: "no, why did it they do it this was?" But on the other hand, I don't see any other way to do it either. I didn't love it over all, but I didn't hate it either.

From the moment I knew BD was going to be 2 movies, I said this would be the exact ending to the first part and I was right! It makes the suspension almost unbearable though.

I thought it was funny how when the movie ended, the credits started and everyone just got up and left. We stayed put though and we got a extra scene at the end! So, everyone, stay in your seats! And tell everyone else to sit down when it starts again, it's what I did :P

I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting right now. I can't wait until the rest of you see this movie and post your thoughts!
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Re: Spoilers and Early Reactions

Post by Suzan »

I saw it too last night and
Marielle wrote: my brian just won´t shut up about it
I know the feeling ;)

I freaking LOVED it! All I could think throughout the movie was O.M.G.!!!! There were so many surprises and twists and just funny and cute and horrific scenes (they were not kidding when they said it turned into a full on horror movie). It wasn’t at all what I expected, but in a good way; it was SO much better! It kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire two hours. A few minor things (ok I’ll admit, and one mayor thing) that I wasn’t too thrilled about, but I’m not going to let that bring me down, because the other 1 hour and 50 minutes was freaking amazing! Bill Condon did a spectacular job! The cast, especially Rob, Kristen and Taylor, really really stepped it up and were fantastic! From the bottom of my heart: thank you!

Below is my more detailed review. And when I say detailed, I mean detailed. Seriously, if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read any further. This is your warning: If you haven’t seen the movie; DO NOT READ! I just have to write it all down. If you feel like this is too much information; I’m sorry, but I did warn you.

Loved the way it opened with the childhood-quote. You immediately know you’re watching a Twilight movie. Almost had me in tears in the first minute with how that led to Jacob’s reaction to the wedding invitation.
Bella practicing the walking in heels was so funny, but also really sweet and endearing. You could tell immediately that she was nervous. Love Alice! She was perfect in the wedding preparations scene. So funny to see the Cullens (especially Emmett) moving around entire trees, haha.
I loved that they kept Edward’s visit in Bella’s room before the bachelor party. The flashbacks to Edward’s dark period were a little randomly thrown in there in my opinion, but I loved them regardless. It was so cool to see him with red eyes and it felt almost Sherlock-Holmes-y. Perfect balance between vicious-killing-monster (as Edward sees it) and still-the-good-guy-because-he-killed-only-the-bad-guys. If you get what I mean… When Emmett and Jasper came to pick him up I almost died laughing. It was so good to see that brotherly bond between them.
Next, Bella’s dream about the wedding. Freaking loved it! So visually beautiful! With everything in white and the rose pedals turning to a pool of blood and the mountain of bodies! WOW! Didn’t immediately get the point (I need to see it again ;) ), but I guess it was mostly about Bella’s nerves for the wedding and perhaps already for being a newborn…
Renee and Charlie were phenomenal. They really stole the whole wedding sequence. With the graduation caps, bwahahah! Giving Bella the hair pin, sniff. Charlie walking Bella down the aisle, sniff. Loved the way The Dress was introduced! It was so stunningly gorgeous!!! Absolutely loved it and the entire wedding for that matter! The vows were beautiful, although I kind of wish there wasn’t music playing during it. The Kiss: swoon! The reception was beautiful and the speeches had me laughing so hard. Edward’s speech was very sweet and touching of course. I loved how they set up the Charlie-Sue relationship. I think they did a good job explaining the Irina vs. werewolves storyline. I was extremely happy with the Jacob-scene. Very true to the book and I have to give Taylor props for this one. Very glad they kept the howl in too. I know it means something different to most of you than it does to me, but that’s another discussion. And again Renee and Charlie stole my heart when they say goodbye to Bella before they’re off on their honeymoon.
Brasil and Rio were amazing! Swoon! And then it’s off to Isle Esmee. Absolutely love that scene. The love making was so beautifully done. Everything you would expect. And just when I thought “Was that it? They’ve been making such a huge deal out of this?” We get even more with Bella remembering the night. Swoon! It was the perfect amount. The destruction that is supposed to be a bed and the feathers: OH MY!!! Loved the morning after talk, the distractions, the chess-playing as a metaphor for who will win in the battle over intimacy, the lingerie (very sexy, but oh so funny, lol), when the cleaning people discovered the destruction in the bedroom (lol), when Bella finally won the battle, when she discovers she’s pregnant, when she realizes what Edward’s planning and she has the opposite opinion… Need I go on? Isle Esmee was just perfect!
I really liked the scene on the beach with the wolf pack. Great way to start that whole storyline and explain the imprinting. Taylor is once again great in the scene where Jacob finds out about the pregnancy. They got the dynamics between Bella and Jacob right. But this is my main concern: I didn’t really think they nailed the burning Edward scene. I really just wish they kept the whole Jacob’s baby thing in. And then later in the movie when Edward took his frustration out on Bella… That was just wrong. I guess they needed a way to show his inner feeling about “the thing”, but I really whish they would have done that with the Jacob-Edward scene. The “I’m the one who will loose you”-sentence from the trailer I could have lived with, but the way that escalated and Edward walked out on her… No way!
One other minor point is that I think it lacked a bit of character building around Rosalie. Why is she so protective over the baby? I get it because I read the books, but other than that it's just not explained.
Back to the wolves. I liked the scene where Jacob breaks away from the pack. It was the only scene completely in wolf-form and it started out fantastic. I really liked they way the showed him running through the forest with images and memories of what he just learned about the pregnancy. Then when Sam and the rest of the pack started talking, I felt it became a little cartoony and cheesy. But that disappeared again when Sam is trying to order Jacob to fight and Jacob stands up to him. That just blew me away! Shills! Seth is so cute! And even though I wish we could have seen more of her, Leah is also fantastic.
They did a phenomenal job transforming Kristen’s body! She looked so thin, emaciated and scary. Especially when she looks at herself in the mirror… Shills! The blood drinking was gross, but so good! Kristen is really amazing in this scene.
The fight with Carlisle, Esmee and Emmett vs the wolves was a great addition I think. It really showed that Sam’s pack is serious about killing the Cullens and the baby. And when they almost caught Esmee… I knew they couldn’t really do anything to her, because I’ve read the book (big surprise there ;) ), but I was still on the edge of my seat.
And then the birth… WOW! OMG! This is the part where they weren’t kidding about it being a horror movie. I mean, I’m a wimp when it comes to horror and thriller, but this was really intense! I almost can’t believe this got a pg-13 rating. Loved it though; it was perfect from what you can imagine reading the book. I’ll have to see it again, because I was so overwhelmed that I can’t remember all the details. The moment Bella reaches for the cup of blood and she breaks her spine was the most gruesome thing I had ever seen. And then the birth itself tops that all. Bella really looked dead afterwards, it was amazing how they did that. Edward working over her corps was also amazing. Loved the sequence where the venom is spreading and we see flashbacks to Bella’s life. All the moments from the previous movies and even the part with Renee and Charlie and baby Bella (awww). Great tribute to the first movie and the sequence when Edward is trying to suck the venom out. I think this is going to be one of my favorite scenes of the movie.
Taylor also did great when he crumbled down crying over Bella and then the imprinting scene. I really liked how they did that. The voice over and the flashes of an older Renesmee were perfect to explain the imprinting on a baby. I really really loved how they did that.
Then when Sam’s pack moves in and Edward leaves Bella to protect his family; I can live with that change. He is by that point certain (or maybe a little naïve or delusional) that Bella is going to survive and I guess he wouldn’t let his family fight of the wolves while he’s doing nothing. The fight sequence was good and I like how it was resolved with the reveal that Jacob imprinted.
The last shots of the transformation were really beautiful. I love how we got little glimpses of Bella’s body changing from emaciated to vampiric perfection. The changing hair color was stunning! And it ended exactly how I always hoped it would! That last shot: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!
The scene during the credits was a nice way to set up for part 2. Michael Sheen is amazing as Aro and I can’t wait to see more of the Volturi.

Phew, that’s about it for now. Sorry if this was too much, but I hope writing it down will help process the movie for me. There are so many thoughts going through my mind that I really needed to put them down. (Thank you Lexicon for providing this outlet. :) ) I really need to start planning my second viewing… And my third, and the fourth and the fifth… :D
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Re: Spoilers and Early Reactions

Post by marielle »

Hihi.. us Dutchies rule here for now... I can't wait for the rest to join us...

I just got back from my second viewing...and I have some additional thoughts to add.

I'm decided about the wolf communication in the scene where Jacob is telling them about Bella's pregnancy...They should have sticked with Jacob and not do the cartoony voice overs... when Jacobs runs away from the Cullen's they kind of slip in his head, with flashes and visions, it's really good, slowly you start to hear the other wolves, Seth and Leah... but when the whole pack gets together they switch away from that. the whole scene would have been more emotional and intense if they had stayed with Jacob...

Edward begging for Bella to live after the birth is so good... just as Edward begging Jacob for help... thought Rob kept Edward looks very cool, maybe a bit too cool but his voice, the slight changes give both scenes the tear-jerking feel it needs...

There is one scene after Bella breaks her rib that the Edward fans won't like much but I'm actually very positive about it...after Bella breaks her rib and Carlisle explains to her that she won't be able to make it long enough to give birth, Bella and Edward get into a fight, a loud argument in which Edward gives it his last try to convince Bella to give it up, the fight was good it showed issues that comes with being in a equal relationship, making decisions together or alone that effects both but at the end Edward walks angrily out of the room... though it's a bit out of character for Edward, he would never leave her, it showed that Edward is still sort of human and needs to deal with things... and he gives his appology for it all...

on the styling... Carlisle's hair is screwed, they had it right in Twilight and in NM but I don't know what happened this time but it wasn't good... where I thought Jasper and Rosalie looked a lot better,....
Felix (in the scene after the credits) looks offf... his hair isn't good, neither is Caius's... I don't know why but it doesn't look right...

and the girl playing Leah should get credits for this movie, she did good... she really showed the right emotions...

the second time seeing it all was much more intense, I had more chance to really watch the actors... and I was really impressed, with all of them really...

The additional scene of Bella's nightmare was really nice and it was a good way to show off the differences in style of a modern wedding and a wedding ala Alice... in the first scene Bella wears a modern dress and although she looks stunning the real wedding dress is a lot better, and so pretty... I'm sure Kate, the Dutchess will be jealous... this one deffenitely topped hers...

one more thing, I hated the soundtrack on cd and I hate it in the movie but the score was good!!!
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Re: Spoilers and Early Reactions

Post by Nikki-- »

Here's my review I posted on my Tumblr. Just a heads-up: it's very negative, so don't read if you can't handle that. I'll make it invisible just to be safe, there are quite a lot of spoilers in there.

(Spoilers for the movie, be warned.)

I just got back from the movie theater, where I watched the latest Twilight installment: Breaking Dawn part one. Long story cut short: biggest pile of fail of all time anywhere ever.

Just to be clear: I'm not a Twilight hater. I'm actually one of those irrational, obsessive pillowcase/t-shirt/keychain owning fans who's read every book and seen every movie 5 times at the very least. I absolutely LOVE the first 3 books and movies. However, I seriously hated (strong word, but I mean it) Breaking Dawn the book. This isn't the place to get into that, but basically I think it's completely ridiculous, like fanfiction gone awry. And then some.

No matter how low an opinion I have of the book, I couldn't not go see this movie. I was hoping against hope that they'd be able to make something decent of this book. Plus, I've only read BD once, when it came out, so I was hoping it wouldn't be as bad as I remembered. Was I in for a disappointment.

Now, the first part of the movie actually isn't that bad. The lead-up to the wedding, the wedding itself and the honeymoon were actually okay both in the book and the movie. Made of cheese, but I like that. It's nice to see Bella and Edward just being together, totally in love. I do think the book portrayed this a lot better than the movie did. It's probably because I've only seen the movie once, but it kind of felt rushed. I wish there had been more cute little scenes between the two of them, and with the rest of the family. They did show some of Alice taking charge of the wedding and going completely over the top and the boys taking off for the bachelor party, which I loved. Also, Bella's wedding dress and her hairstyle were amazing. Especially the back of the dress was just incredible. I think they could have gone without the flashback to Edward's time of 'rebellion', it seemed an odd place to put this scene, but it was quite well done. My biggest gripe with the first half of the movie is the destruction of the headboard during the sex scene. In the book, it felt like something really passionate and intense, while in the movie everyone just started laughing when it happened. The rest of the honeymoon was great though, and a lot more - dare I say it - erotic than I had expected. Especially the scene in the ocean, it didn't leave much to the imagination. Which, with me being a total perv, is a good thing. So overall, despite a few flaws, this part of the movie is fine.

The trouble starts when Bella becomes pregnant. Let's not get into the fact that this is completely impossible and ludicrous to the extreme, but focus on the movie portrayal of this. I found it to be intensely disturbing. Bella looked like a corpse, no word of a lie. She was so thin, with sunken cheeks and bones sticking out everywhere. I really don't think they needed to go quite that far. But it's the actual birth that takes the prize for most gruesome slash bad scene of all time. The way it was filmed was just so very, very bad. I genuinely felt like I was watching a B-horror movie. I can't really describe what it was like, the camera was kind of blurry and swinging around all over the place. You could still see so much blood and scalpels and biting and gore though. I do not understand they were going to rate the movie R because there was too much thrusting in the sex scene, but apparently they have no problem with the bloodbath that is the birth scene. Go figure. I'm 22 years old and even I was looking at the screen through my fingers. Then after it's done, you see her lying there, completely emaciated, with a huge blood stain around her hips, seemingly dead. Now I will say: major props to Robert Pattinson for his acting here. The look on his face, the tone of his voice when he was trying to save Bella even though it seemed like she was dead - amazing. So completely desperate, so lost, and he kept going while it seemed obvious she was long gone. He impressed me so much. That's the only good thing I can say about this entire part of the movie though. The rest was just... horrendous.I mean, I know the book is pretty graphic and terrifying as well, but I really don't think they needed to show so much of it in the movie, and definitely not in such a silly manner.

There's one other scene that's particularly cringe-worthy: when the wolves are gathered and Jacob tears himself off the rest of the pack. They added some weird effects to their voices, which just sounded ridiculous. That whole scene was just awful though. And then the imprinting. I can't tell you how much I hate the fact that Jacob imprints on Renesmee. It's such a cop-out. But again, that's more related to the book, not the movie. In the movie they showed some cheesy montage of a grown-up Renesmee frolicking around, with a voice-over repeating Jacob's explanation of imprinting from Eclipse. Not good.

I do like the end shot: Bella's red vampire eyes snapping open. I think that's a nice way of ending the movie. I have to say the end credits were the best part of the movie for me. Endgames by the Joy Formidable (the only decent song on the soundtrack in my opinion) + the style was great, simple block letters in red with a white background or vice versa. Very nicely done.

All in all, this is just an absolutely terrible movie. As I was leaving the movie theater, everyone around me was saying how bad it was, so it's not just me. I was really hoping they'd be able to turn that crappy book (my apologies if I'm offending anyone, but I'm pretty fired up right now) into something presentable at least, but alas. I will not be watching this movie again. I'm going to back to my safe little bubble where Twilight consists of 3 books and movies and pretend this evening never happened.
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Re: Spoilers and Early Reactions

Post by Austwilight »

First of all, I'm not sure why everyone is writing in invisble ink when people know that there will be spoilers in here. So I'm just going to write out my thoughts.

Overall I really loved the movie, there were a few scenes that I didn't think and were cring-worthy but over all I loved it.

Loved the build up to the wedding, Bella practising in her shoes...so Bella to be so un-co in high heals. Also the other Cullens carrying around the trees and chairs, funny. I also really liked when Edward came into Bella's bedroom the night before the wedding. I loved this scene in the book and was so glad they put it in the movie. I loved watching the brotherly bond with the boys and just how happy Edward was. I actually really like the background history to Edward I thought it brough some perspective on how and why Edward behaviours the way he does.
I was disappointed that they didn't put in the scene telling Charlie about the engagement, I think Billy Burke would have nailed that scene. Overall Billy was a stand out he really stole every scene he was in.
The wedding: I thought the wedding dream was perfect. It explained Bella's anxiety over becoming a newborn and how she thinks all she will want to do is go out and slaughter the whole town. Loved the imagary of the red petals becoming the blood.

The actually wedding, I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see the dress and actually groaned when it showed Bella and Charlie and then you had to wait until she was half way down the aisle to see all of the dress. Thought the dress was very Bella, understated, beautiful, ancient looking but with a modern twist, thought it was perfect.

The speeches had me in stitches. I fact I loved the humour in this movie, I was really surprised by how much humor there was. Especially love Charlie's speech. Thought the Jacob returning scene was perfect and both Kris and Taylor played it perfectly.

The honeymoon, everyone in the cinema laughed when the bed head broke and it actually was funny. I was a bit disappointed with this scene as it was built up so much but really nothing really was shown. Loved the seducing and Rob played that beautifully, loved seeing Edward laugh and act how hard it was for him to resist.

The scene with Jacob and Leah, when she joins his pack, explained the situation really well and I really liked how compassionate Jacob was.

The pregnancy, I actually thought this was done well, I can't really think of any other way they could have done it. Bella had to be shown getting sicker and sicker and making her skinnier and skinnier was the only why to do it. I actually liked the scene where Edward gets angry, it shows his passion for Bella and just how much he is hurting inside about the thought of losing her. Also I thought it gave Rob more emotions to act with and thought he nailed it.

The birth: I was in the cinema with lots of teenage girls and they all cringed in horror over the blood and the spine breaking but I didn't find it that bad. I think I have a different perspective on the birth also due to me having had 2 babies and knowing all about blood in birth etc. So I didn't find it as bad as say a teenager who had never had any of those experiences might have. I really liked how it came from Bella POV with the fading. Both Rob and Taylor did such an epic performance in this scene. I really like the venom going through the veins and the body and seeing the change happen. Also Edward continuing to work on Bella when Jacob had given up, such showed how much Edward loves Bella.

I didn't like the over head shot of Bella after she was dressed in the blue dress, I thought they went a little overboard with the thinness and the corpse look. As soon as they started panning over Bella's vamp face I knew how it would end, so that wasn't a surprise.

I really liked the imprinting scene and the fight scene at the end. It really brought it all to a head and loved the flickering of images of Renesmee and how Jacob changes to be hers. It explained it really well and with lots of compassion.

Ok my big gripe: I didn't like the wolf telepathy scene, I liked Jacob running through the woods but when they all joined up, I thought it was too boring, "been there done that", not inventive enough and really was cring-worthy, I thought it just didn't do the telepathy justices and just how much courage it took for Jacob to break away from the pack.

So they are my thoughts on the movie. I will have to go back again to watch it again, just so I can get more out of it.
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Re: Spoilers and Early Reactions

Post by Suzan »

Quick question: Was I sleeping during part of the movie (I mean, it was the middle of the night...) or did they cut this moment out? Also I can't remember the part where Edward throws Jacob into a wall being in the movie??? It was in the trailer and on the bts b-roll???
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Re: Spoilers and Early Reactions

Post by marielle »

Suzan, no you didn't miss it... it just wasn't in the movie...just like the blond jokes... they got lost on the cutting room floor...
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Re: Spoilers and Early Reactions

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WARNING: I’m writing this as someone who loved the books and only mildly enjoyed the movies.

The best thing I can say about Breaking Dawn is that the audience cheered for Bella. All of us did.

In all my time as a Twilight fan, they’ve cheered for Edward and Jacob, but they never cheered for Bella. I hated that.
Bella is my favorite character of the series. Kristen Stewart has played her brilliantly, but for some reason she never got the attention she deserved. The Bella of the books started off as a timid and weak girl and grew to a strong and loving character whose courage brought peace and happiness to her family, but none of the movies except New Moon (thank you Chris Weitz) allowed Kristen to show that strength.

Kristen tried, she presented Bella the best way she could. Over and over, Kristen brought her best to the role, but they always cheered for the boys and not her.

In Breaking Dawn, that all changed. Finally, thanks to the combined efforts of Kristen Stewart and Bill Condon, we saw the Bella of the books, that incredible young woman we learned to love and could all relate to.

And we cheered for her.

That fact is I really didn’t like the first Twilight movie. The best thing I can say about it is that it had a rather pleasant shade of blue. The movies have slowly gotten better since then, mostly due to the dedication of the cast.

In Breaking Dawn, the combination of that dedicated cast mixed with a phenomenal director and editor gave me the characters I’d been waiting to see.

After three films, Bella is finally Bella, and she rocks.

Edward is finally and clearly the best choice. He is finally that strong, loving boy who will give up anything for the girl. He’s finally a better man than Jacob.

Jacob comes across as the possessive boy who is forced to grow suddenly into the right kind of man. His transformation was a pleasure to see, and I’m not even a Jacob lover. Taylor Lautner was exceptional in this film and his portrayal of the tortured boy who becomes the leader of his pack is equally exceptional.

So what did it? What scenes made me love this film more than even the book? (and, yes, I did like Breaking Dawn)
The wedding was spot on. We saw the things we have been wanting for a long time. We get to see Alice’s friendship, the goodbye between Bella and her mother, and, most of all, the love between Edward and Bella. The dance between Bella and Jacob was heartbreaking and showed for the last time that Jacob wasn’t right for Bella and Edward was always the best choice. Edward’s reaction to Jacob in it was exactly as Stephenie wrote it to be.

We even got to see a hilarious portion of the wedding not in the book, and it fit within the story flawlessly.

Isle Esme, while not what many fans wanted, is beautifully done and also tremendously funny. I thoroughly enjoyed Bella’s unease and Edward’s attempt to avoid her. I found myself enamored with the growth of the young couple and the awkward scenes between them.

While many others didn’t enjoy the argument and conflict between Bella and Edward after she decides to keep the baby, I saw it as Bella’s strongest moment. She fought for what she wanted and showed her courage and strength. We didn’t read about their relationship in the book, but this is exactly as I envisioned it, and Rob played the agonized “burning man” expertly.

When Jacob comes back to help Bella in her final hours of need, finally grown to manhood, I grew to love him. The interaction between Edward, Jacob and Bella at the last part of her human life is brilliantly acted.

In fact, Bill Condon and Taylor even managed to make me fall in love with my most dreaded moment of the book.
As a foster mother, the imprinting scene always carried a creepy overtone for me. While I know intellectually what Stephenie intended, I’ve never been comfortable with the idea in any way. I truly dreaded that scene. But in one beautifully acted moment, I got it. They showed what Stephenie meant and I understood and accepted what imprinting is supposed to be. It might not be my favorite idea of all time, but the moment in the movie when Jacob imprints is actually one of my favorites.

Bill Condon brought out the best in his actors. Kristen Stewart was amazing, simply amazing, as she acted out the most wonderful and horrific parts of Bella’s life. Rob’s portrayal of a desperate, self-loathing Edward made me feel that the incredible character from the books finally appeared on the screen. These three, Rob, Taylor and Kristen, BECAME Edward, Bella and Jacob from the books. Finally.

I don’t need to say much more. The scene where Edward hears his child for the first time was so raw and beautiful it brought me to tears. The birth scene is everything we’d hoped and more.

But it is that final moment of the film that made me finally and irrevocably love the movie. That moment, when Bella becomes Edward’s equal was powerful enough to bring us to our feet. And we cheered. Not for hot guys or sexy immortality, but the for simple girl who managed to touch us all and bring my inner girl back to life.

We cheered for Bella, and I couldn’t have been happier.
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