Breaking Dawn the Movie- I'm in the middle

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Breaking Dawn the Movie- I'm in the middle

Post by cullengirl »

You didn't love it, didn't hate it -- or maybe loved some parts and hated others. This is a thread where you can meet up with fellow fans who were in the middle about the movie and add your middling-enthusiastic review.

Please remember that this is a review thread, not a discussion thread. If you have a different view about the movie, there's a suitable thread for you to post your own review on. Please respect others' opinions.
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Re: Breaking Dawn the Movie- I'm in the middle

Post by Twihard_61 »

in my opinion i LOVED breaking dawn but thts just cause im a twihard! :) xxx
i think its good that stephenie chopped the book in half to make two films because then i can look forward to another fil (yay :D) but my other friends think other wise, they dont pariculary like the concept of twilight but they admitted that they enjoyed the other three films.
overall i think breaking dawn the film was great and the director handled the honey moon very well xxx :D
Twihard_61 xxx
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