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Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2012 12:35 pm
by marielle
Well that would explain why we can't figure out what scene it is... because it has nothing to do with the movie

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2012 1:32 pm
by corona
Hmmm, interesting, but more appropriate for a comedy, like "There's Something About Mary", where everyone sang and lip synched to Buttercup.

Suzan, agreed, that is something for the DVD extras. However, this news isn't "new" in the sense it hasn't been suggested before. I think the Denali gals mentioned it as a possibility.

It is "news" now that Nikki has also piped up as thinking this will be the closing scene. She also seems a little more sure of it than those other actresses.

In my opinion, not good. Practically anything is ok for comedies, the whole point is entertainment through comedy and credits scene comedy is just more good stuff. It is still all about me, making me, the paying customer laugh even more. If I'm paying to laugh, and I get more laughs in, then I consider that a bargain. I like being catered to.

Breaking character for a drama, though, is something different. That is a vanity project. It is no longer about me, it's about them. I will walk out. I won't walk out in anger, I'll just walk out, because the target of this movie, me myself and I, is no longer being served.

You know? Dramas just don't do that. Schindler's List didn't end with cut scenes of actors muffing their lines and then breaking up.

If BD2 ends with a vanity cast and crew dance scene, I'll be very disappointed.

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2012 2:58 pm
by Violet Sunlight
Hello everyone,

Chernaudi ~ I'll try to do what I can to help with your fan fic. I'll look at it this weekend.

Everyone ~

Regarding Nikki’s comments and the possible credit-scene:
For the most part, I agree with everyone on this. Out of character scenes would be okay on DVD but NOT on the big screen.
When I leave the theatre I want to believe the fairytale is still on.
I want NO reminders of the real world, AT ALL. [**For obvious reasons.**]
IMO, it would NOT be a wise use of valuable screen time.
Especially, considering that this is the last Twilight movie, I would want them to take advantage of EVERY single second on screen to further the story along or to give us moments that were in the story but just not mentioned by Bella in the book. Pretty much anything related to the story.

But to be honest, if the whole movie meets or exceeds my expectations and the minute and half credit-scene is fumbled, I’ll let it go. I’ll just consider it as having my cake but no icing or fudge or cherry. I guess I’ll consider it as a useless party favor and think "it was the thought that counted".

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Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2012 3:47 pm
by Chernaudi
Violet Sunlight: You can't help me too much with that fan fic, because I haven't posted it anywhere and I'm still working on it. Only things in my FFN link are early versions of two that I'm having beta'd and published.

Everyone: I usually don't like surprises and I've wanted Summit to stick to canon as much as possible with the films. But they've failed horribly so many times...It's little wonder why I don't avoid spoilers.

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2012 5:35 pm
by Tornado
So Nikki's saying that their little dance on set is the extra scene in the credits?

Yeah, I'm not thrilled about that idea. I was looking forward to seeing that on the DVD extras, but I don't think the place for it is in the movie. All the other movies have been serious up until this point - throwing something like that in, especially after what I hope is a dramatic and amazing ending, would risk taking the weight of that ending away from it.

In thinking about the different scenes it could have been, I thought a scene between Jake and a grownup Renesmee was most likely because they'd clearly already cast somebody as grownup Renesmee. We saw her in the imprint scene in pt 1. So doing a scene like that would not cost them much more. Just stick Jake into the scene they already had, and you're pretty much done. I would like it to be a scene of Vampire Bella attending school for the first time as a Cullen, but I think it's unlikely as that would have required revisiting a school set (which means a lot of extra cost) and hiring another crew of extras. Also, I think we would have heard rumours of a scene like that prior to this.

So Nikki may well be right. At least now I can prepare myself for the disappointment.

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2012 2:59 am
by smitten_by_twilight
Chiming in , staying up late Lexing again :D

I haven't seen the interview between Nikki and MTV but it sounds as though she is suggesting that the credits scene that has been teased is the dance-off we heard so much about? I don't think this could be true. First, other people have said that everyone who watches the credit scene is touched and cries, and the only crying I can see happening over the dance-off is tears of laughter. Second, we've heard about it for more than a year - it's not exactly a surprise. Third, it's just crazy. Also, from the limited interviews I've seen with her, I think Nikki has a tendency to misspeak in public? I don't believe that the credits scene could be the dance-off. It would be the most miserable way ever to end a famous romantic drama.

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2012 2:01 am
by marielle
34 days before the Midnight premiere!!!!!!!

I love all the ideas on that last scenes. If I had the time I would reply to them all but sadly and strangely my boss wants me to work.

Anyway what i wanted to ask,

What are your plans for the premiere of BD2 and the first time you are going to watch it?

I have tickets for the marathon with my mom of Tuesday night and than Wednesday evening I'm going again with a good friend of mine.

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2012 2:06 am
by Tornado
I have my ticket to the midnight screening all ready. My only worry is that my friend who's coming with me will pull out for some reason. I really hope not, as I don't think I'd be game enough to go on my own, and there's no one else to ask!

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 6:42 pm
by Violet Sunlight
Hello everyone, :wave:

Chernaudi – Sorry I took so long to respond. Tough week for me. Not only did my laptop break down last week but my car broke down this week. Finally though, both are fixed now and I just have to play catch up to everything.

So here we go:
Chernaudi wrote:Sorry I haven't frequented this thread, and this is probably more appropriate for the science section (and it's kinda a joke, after all), but I wonder if, say, having Guyver I and/or Guyver III from Bio-Booster Armor Guyver on the Cullen side would swing things in their favor?
Going by what I read on wikipedia (as you suggested), I think the character Sho as Guyver Gigantic or as Gigantic Exceed being on the Cullen's side and with Bella’s shield being in place can pretty much pulverize the Volturi. I think without Bella’s shield whatever Guyver(s) is put in front of the Volturi would be vulnerable to Alec, Jane and Chelsea being that Guyvers are part human. My input probably doesn't make sense, but this is all I came up with.

Marielle – I plan to watch BD2 on 11/16/12. I took 11/16/12 off of work. Though, I might change my mind and watch BD2 on 11/15/12. I haven’t purchased any tickets yet. I’m planning to go with my friend (she’s the one who introduced me to Twilight and I went with her last year to see BD1) to the first showing I can get into. Then in the afternoon, I’ll go again with my kids and niece and whoever else wants to come along. Just to let you know, I watched BD1 5 times in theatres. Sometimes I went by myself and sometimes with different groups of friends and relatives. I plan to do no less for BD2.

Everyone – I just wanted to share my comments on the recent 14 BD2 pic shown last week (not in any particular order):
1. Cottage – I really like. It’s very close to how I envisioned it. Cottages always remind me of Thomas Kinkade’s cottage artworks, very nice.
2. Cottage Closet – I like it, though I thought it would be bigger and I like that Edward & Bella are smiling. Also, looking forward to seeing the rest of the cottage.
3. Bella & Emmett arm wrestling while Edward watches – looks like it will be fun.
4. Bella & Renesmee hugging while Edward and Jacob watch – very sweet. Also, other than the wedding, I think BD2 is the first time Bella wears her hair up.
5. Bella & Charlie hugging – very touching.
6. Edward caressing Bella’s face – very romantic. Also, Bella’s hair looks great in this pic.
7. Bella & Edward on Bella’s first hunt – very convincing. Though, I hope the CGI on the cougar attack will look better on the big screen than it did in the trailer.
8. Esme – Nice pose, though it looks a lot like the pose she did in BD1 when the wolves were chasing her.
9. Alice & Jasper – They look stressed out being that they are not smiling. Although, they do look good.
10. Charlie picking up Renesmee while Sue is watching – everyone in the pic seems full of life and happiness.
11. Rosalie & Emmett – This pic reminds me of them in the 1st Twilight movie when they first walked into the cafeteria, so bonded.
12. Bella looking at her hand – again very convincing. Can't wait to see how she carrys herself in BD2.
13. Jacob and Bella – They look concerned about something, maybe Irina.
14. The Volturi – look very intimidating and confident as always.

Although, we didn't see Carlisle in this set of pics, I'm glad we all got to see them. All the pics look great.

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 8:50 pm
by TwilightFan87
What are your plans for the premiere of BD2 and the first time you are going to watch it?

I thought about going to the marathon but I just don't think I could do 10+ hours in a movie theater sitting still, as much as I wanted to see TW and NM in theaters. Plus there was no one who would tag along with me so I settled on dragging hubby to the 10:45am showing on November 16th. None of the crowds of the midnight release but still seeing it right away.

I likely go away with with a girlfriend at least one or twice more of course.