Vampire Gifts - and Their Scarcity in Bree Tanner

A discussion of the novella The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

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Re: Vampire Gifts - and Their Scarcity in Bree Tanner

Post by Lyra-Bess »

Also, Raoul or Diego likely had some sort of potential as well or they wouldn’t have made it into the novella.
I'm not sure if I think that Diego had a gift or not. I didn't think that he did, but I'm interested. What did you think it might be StellaBlueBella? I thought he was kind of there purely as Bree's romantic interest and another sane mind to bounce ideas off. I thought if they'd had more time together then they'd have totally paired off. Which brings me nicely to Fred.

I kind of got the protective older brother vibe from Fred right up until maybe the last quarter of the book. Then all of a sudden I wasn't sure anymore. I think once Diego was out of the picture and it seemed like he and Bree were on the same page about Riley's coven he warmed up to her a lot. I think he started to want something to happen between them. From Bree's perspective I always thought she didn't see him in a romantic way, just as someone dependable, which is exactly what she needed. Like I said before, I thought Bree and Diego were meant to be together, which got me thinking - if a vampire's mate is killed, do they ever find another mate? That may be off topic, but I guess it's kind of related?
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Re: Vampire Gifts - and Their Scarcity in Bree Tanner

Post by Tornado »

SM has said that vampires are generally drawn to gifted humans and that's why a lot of vampires out there have special gifts.

However, in this scenario, Riley is doing the picking, and he is told to pick people who will not be missed, so the pool he can draw from is quite small. It's not like he can go too far from Seattle. He needs to look after the other newborns there.

Not to mention, Victoria doesn't seem to have been particularly successful at changing people, managing to turn only about one in four. There could have been quite a few more talented people brought to her, but they were the ones who didn't survive.

Basically, the ones who made it were those who were brought to her often at the end of a long night of trying to change people. It's logical to assume that Riley would have brought those he thought the most promising first, to impress Victoria, and she failed to change them because she couldn't stop. This is why Bree survived. Riley brought her last, because she wasn't that significant, but Victoria was so sated by then because she'd already killed everyone else he'd brought that she managed to control herself enough to change Bree instead of killing her.
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