Birthday Wishes for Renesmee and Bella!

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Re: Birthday Wishes for Renesmee and Bella!

Post by catashs »

I wish Bella and Nessie a happy birthday!!!! ;) ;)
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Re: Birthday Wishes for Renesmee and Bella!

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I know you are a bit overwhelmed with Renesmee's driving and all, and I know Jacob's gift to her, didn't help much, but I also know she will be fine. She loves to drive just like her father, and she will love the freedom of her own cars. Trust me.

It's time for a little freedom for your growing girl, and for some fun for you. I wish you happiness and peace of mind, and the joy of knowing that you get to live eternally twice, through yourself and your beautiful daughter.

For those of you wondering where we were on the 10th, let's just say we made good use of our gifts to Renesmee and took a road trip. A long one. :D
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Re: Birthday Wishes for Renesmee and Bella!

Post by dazzel21 »

Thank God for FB. Someone posted on my wall reminding me of the date. I almost forgot and its almost the 14th of September here. Anyways....

Happy Birthday Bella and Renesmee

Wish you both had a good one!

Ohhh, Bella and Edward finally gave in and get Renesmee a car for her birthday. Yay! :clap: I wonder what Jacob got for Renesmee. Now I'm intrigue.

Where did you guys go for that long road trip? I bet you all had fun.
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Re: Birthday Wishes for Renesmee and Bella!

Post by corona »

Happy Birthday, Bella and Renesmee, and best wishes for this wonderful day.

The new cars and motorcycle look great, what fantastic presents.

I'm going to have to give it to Jacob, the Harley is a nice present, but there seems to be that element of shrewdness behind it, like his bracelet gift. I respected Jacob a bit more when he was playing it smart.

Hmmm, I wonder if Edward detected a bit of calculation in that gift. Maybe it's time for him to get a few new motorcycles so that the entire family can enjoy the road together. Just a suggestion.
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Re: Birthday Wishes for Renesmee and Bella!

Post by cullenfan_87 »

Happy Birthday Renesmee and Bella!
I hope that you each get time to enjoy your day in your own special way.
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Re: Birthday Wishes for Renesmee and Bella!

Post by alicerosecullen285 »


I hope you have lots of fun!!!! :D
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Re: Birthday Wishes for Renesmee and Bella!

Post by Jacobs-girl »

Happy Birthday Bella and Renesmee! Wishing you happiness for eternity. :D
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Re: Birthday Wishes for Renesmee and Bella!

Post by GrayceM »

Hope you both have/had a wonderful birthday!

...And I have one getting his license next week :worried:. I'm sure Renesmee is a better driver than him already. Bella, just keep in mind that she's not quite as fragile as you were. ;)
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Re: Birthday Wishes for Renesmee and Bella!

Post by SwanCullen »

Happy Birthday Bella and Happy Belated Birthday Renesmee! I hope you both have a fab birthday!
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Re: Birthday Wishes for Renesmee and Bella!

Post by Openhome »

Happy Birthday, Bella and Nessie!

Congratulations on your new found freedom, Renesmee! There's nothing like finally being able to make your own choices.

Bella, hang in there! I know how you feel. Trust your daughter and your skill as a mother, and enjoy some well deserved one on one time with your husband! May this be the happiest of birthdays for you both!
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