Birthday Wishes for Renesmee and Bella!

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Re: Birthday Wishes for Renesmee and Bella!

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I hope you both don't mind that I'm a few hours late. :blush:
Renesmee, congratulations on learning how to drive! Do it as much as you can, no matter what your parents say. Practice makes perfect! Although I'm sure you're a natural at driving. I hope you had a fantastic celebratory road trip!
Bella, you must be really proud of your daughter. Don't worry too much about her safety. If you of all people (no offense, but you were kind of clumsy as a human) can survive riding a motorcycle, I'm sure Renesmee will be fine with her (half-)vampire talents. If it will make you and Edward feel better, you could give her the jacket and helmet Edward gave you a few years ago. (He doesn't still make you wear that stuff right?) Anyway, I hope you had a fantastic birthday as well! Enjoy some quality time with your husband while Renesmee is spreading her (motorized) wings.
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Re: Birthday Wishes for Renesmee and Bella!

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Happy Belated Birthday Bella! And even more belatedly, Renesmee!

I can't believe I missed the day after thinking and waiting for so long. I hope you had a very happy day, with no unwelcome guests, and all your family.

I am sorry you could not hand down your old truck to slow Renesmee down and keep her safe ... but at least you know that she is not in so much need of it.

Congratulations Renesmee! Keep it to the continental US for a while, and your folks may feel a little bit better.
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