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Ask Edward Anything

Post by The Real Renesmee Cullen »

I thought of a game! The mods think this is a great one, well most of them do, and I hope you all do, too.

You all know that my Dad knows pretty much EVERYTHING about everyone (but Mom), right?

Well, he still asks me questions all the time! Especially when I'm out goofing off with Seth and Jake. I know, I know, he's just being a good Dad and all, but it's still annoying! So, I thought we could have a little game here called Ask Edward Anything. If Dad won't answer, one of us Cullens -- and maybe even a wolf or two -- will! Won't that be hilarious? Uncle Emmett can't wait to see what you ask!

Oh, and December just reminded me to tell you to keep it PG-13. They are so strict here. :roll:
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Re: Ask Edward Anything

Post by rebekah0193149 »

Edward, what were you thinking about whenever Bella first told you she was pregnant? It says you were "frozen"

or much easier question, What is your favorite activity to do w/ Renesmee?
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Re: Ask Edward Anything

Post by abbyweyr »

I've noticed that you use terms of endearment for Bella, but she only calls you Edward. Any idea why that is? and what term of endearment would you like her to use?
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Re: Ask Edward Anything

Post by The Real Edward Cullen »

A few weeks ago Renesmee threatened me with something like this when I questioned her about some time she spent out hunting with Seth and Jacob. Now I see it coming to fruition out here in the open. Since I don't want to ever give her an excuse for not answering my questions in the future, I suppose I must resort to answering your questions, regardless of how personal they may be. I know this place well enough to fear just how personal some of the questions might end up getting, but so be it!

All right, rebekah0193149 wanted to know what I was thinking when Bella first told me she was pregnant. I don't think I should go into too much depth on that because today is supposed to be a celebration and I don't want to depress anyone with my morbidity. Besides, it all worked out in the end. But at that exact moment I was in a deeper kind of Hell than I was when I thought Bella was dead, for I honestly believed she would die and it would be my fault.

But you also wanted to know what kinds of activities I enjoy doing with my daughter, which is a much happier topic to consider! Renesmee and I spend time conversing over books and films and music. She is as interested in the cultural arts as I am. But our favorite pass time is playing music and singing. I actually got Bella to confess a while back that I do not have the most beautiful voice she has ever heard. That title officially belongs to my beautiful daughter!

abbyweyr wanted to know why Bella doesn't refer to me in any terms of endearment. Actually, she does have a few pet names for me that are rather scandalous in nature, but she only uses those when we are in private. I'll let your wicked imaginations run with that one.
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Re: Ask Edward Anything

Post by alicerosecullen285 »

First, how does it feel when Renesmee is out with Jake. Second, do you prefer be with Bella or with Nessie??? :D

P.S: Happy Birthday!!!!!! =)
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Re: Ask Edward Anything

Post by Jazz Girl »

Ness~ Wow. Thank you for ... convincing your dad to do this. Good gods, so very many questions that I've always wanted to ask. But, in keeping with the celebratory theme, I promise I'll keep it light. :lol:

Edward~ First, thank you for indulging our curiosities. Alright, keeping things light and celebratory, if you could only listen to one musical artist for the next 25 years (ordinarily I'd say for the rest of your life, but in recognizing exactly how long that will be, I'll give you a break ;) ) who would it be and why?
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Re: Ask Edward Anything

Post by TwiHardPotterFan »

Hmmm I kinda want to ask questions that might frustrate you in a fun way...

1. Who would you rather listen to? The Backstreet Boys (my fav!) or NSync?

2. Would you rather wear hot pink high heels for a day or a zebra printed blouse?
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Re: Ask Edward Anything

Post by marielle »

Hey Edward I'm hoping you are enjoying your bday.
my question for you, we all know you see Carlisle as your greatest role model, but who else do you really look up to?

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Re: Ask Edward Anything

Post by corona »

Oh boy, I have several questions, but I'm going to stick with just a few, nothing too uncomfortable.

* Has Bella ever asked you or Rosalie to rebuild her truck?

* Has Bella ever "pranked" you with her shield? I always though a great joke would be to get you and Alice to bet on a chess game, and then Bella shields Alice's thoughts from you.

OK, one last question that you don't have to answer. Has a certain young someone ever gotten curious about the, errr, story behind a certain bracelet? I can't say more, considering who might be on the board today; I don't want to be responsible for letting the wolf out of the bag. ;)
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Re: Ask Edward Anything

Post by The Real Charlie Swan »

marielle wrote:Hey Edward I'm hoping you are enjoying your bday.
my question for you, we all know you see Carlisle as your greatest role model, but who else do you really look up to?
Well, one of them had just better be me.
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