True Things --Second Round

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True Things --Second Round

Post by Nena »

True Things thread rule: Any topic can be covered in this thread as long as each statement is true. Remember we are a PG-13 site and this thread needs to stay within those boundaries.

True: People posted way past page 100 in our last thread.
True: Nobody pmed a mod.
True: Nena is not happy :geek:

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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by Goodnight Elizabeth »

Truth: First! (Mods don't count ;) :lol: )
Truth: I love the smell of a new thread.
Truth: I IM'd Nena about page 107.
Truth: She locked the thread WHILE I was posting.
Truth: I lost my message.
Truth: It's gone forever.

Truth: I'm working on a video for my grandmother's birthday party which is tomorrow.
Truth: My grandma turned 97 yesterday.
Truth: She still lives alone and is 100% capable.
Truth: She's my hero.
Squee! Thank you, Nena!

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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by una »

True: I'm second!
True: My first time posting to this thread/topic.
True: I never really have understood it...but eh, it's like a game, right?
True: I'm thankful it's Friday.
True: I'm following my SuperTwin.
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by *Bloodlust* »

Truth: I'm third!!
Truth: I hate my skin.
Truth: Roomie says not to take what people say and do personally.
Truth: Sometimes it's just difficult.
Truth: If people go on through life NEVER taking things personally, I don't think the result would be desirable.

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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by Katwomankath »

TRUTH: It is still very hot here.
TRUTH: Shanny hurt her Achilles tendon.
TRUTH: We spent all day yesterday at Dr. offices and x rays.
TRUTH: She is a trooper.
TRUTH: No dance for a while.
TRUTH: Hopefully she will have a full recovery.
TRUTH: We are going to So You Think You Can Dance Tour tomorrow.
TRUTH: The Vic Man is performing tonight in a music variety show.
TRUTH: We may move to Colorado.
TRUTH: I am going to Utah on Sunday.
TRUTH: I am looking forward to seeing my Dad.
TRUTH: I hope he is well enough to enjoy my visit.
TRUTH: I have a whole week to do what ever I want.
TRUTH: I am looking forward to doing what ever I want.
TRUTH: I am about to go to Lunch with my Husband.
TRUTH: I need a hair cut.
TRUTH: I am going shopping for some nice things for my trip.
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by nicalyrenard »

True: I have way too many papers to write and exams to study for at the moment
True: I'm about go go Vulgar Language Is Ugly out my plasma
True: I'm making plans to meet up with my english friend in Barcelona over new years (yay! his hair reminds me of Edward)
True: Halloween is too far away

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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by AliceLauren »

True: I am very hungry, but way to lazy to move right now.
True: I'm listening to 'Monsters' by Matchbook Romance (i love this song so much)
True: Yesterday my friend and I rode around on our bikes with bandannas tied around our foreheads.
True: That was very fun.


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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by StupidxLamb »

Truth: New thread!
Truth: Someone should have PMed a mod... :oops:
Truth: I just shocked my system with large amounts of caffeine in the form of COFFEE.
Truth: I also had Wheat Thins :] Yummo.
Truth: I have a lot of Chem and English homework this weekend.
Truth: I also have SAT prep stuff.
Truth: I don't care! I will work on it Saturday and Sunday.
Truth: Fridays are LOVELY things. <33
Truth: It has been raining for two days.
Truth: I want to go for a walk, but I can't.^^
Truth: I just woke up from a nap a little while ago.
Truth: That, too, was quite lovely and the reason why I gorged on caffeine.
Truth: Sometimes you just need a Wake Yourself Up boost. :]
Truth: I'm going to change for tonight! I'm going out with the gang.
Truth: Unfortunately one of the gang is my ex's brother...who reminds me SO much of him that it freaks me out
Truth: Ahhh, bad memories are no good! No good.
Truth: I'm going to go brush the coffee out of my mouth. :lol:
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by a_n_n_a »

Truth: I got home from the powder puff game about 20 minutes ago.
Truth: I scored a touchdown. That's right, kids. SIX POINTS RIGHT HERE!
Truth: My thoughts were to take a shower but I think I'll be okay; just need to wash the paint off my face.
Truth: A snack would be very nice right about now.
Truth: Tomorrow night I will dance the night away.

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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by ashleygill03 »

Truth: The second season of Heroes is really not that great.
Truth: I'm pretty disappointed.