True Things --Second Round

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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by spookybell »

Truth: I would like to take a spinning class. I never have
Truth: I should be working out and not eating Halloween candy.
Truth: I love Halloween
Truth: I love the fall
Truth: I have bed tummy cramps and a mild fever.
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by kkswmmr114 »

Truth: I may have just failed my Spanish test.
Truth: I really need to buckle down and start studying uber-hard for my last two tests.
Truth: I am now waiting on my friend to get out of class in the computer lab.
Truth: I don't have any tests to study for this weekend *YAY*
Truth: But I do have a Halloween cake to make for Saturday morning for work.
Truth: I got rave reviews of my cakes that were due this past weekend.
Truth: My ego in regards to my cake baking/decorating is very high now. :D
Truth: I really want to go out drinking tonight. (Legal for me, just so you know...)
Truth: I definately need it after the past few weeks...
Truth: I have a scholarship dinner instead to attend... :( *BORING*
Truth: We learned in Argumentation today how to turn any argument into resulting in a nuclear war.
Truth: I really want to use that in an argument now...
Truth: I may start an argument with my boyfriend tonight just so I can use it.
Truth: I probably need to NOT try to start an argument...
Truth: Bad girlfriend...

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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by Lynzeee »

true- my car as a nail in the tire
true- that sucks
true- i leave tomorrow to san antonio at 5pm
true- then saturday going back to Austin
true- im excited beyond words
true- not just for austin but i miss my family down there
true- i stayed up too late last night
true- its cold.. in dallas.. well chilly rather..
true- im making Peanut butter cup cookies for A's Fall fest tomorrow
true- the are so good it should be illegal
true- I love fall
true- i love winter more
true- I slightly Bored
true- i watched Fringe last night too
true- Im loving that show
true- i want some new shoes
true- and a new purse
true- i think i may take a nap.. i need it
true- i should because the kids are sleeping
true- I cannot believe we are on Randomness #3 thats nuts
true- i love fanfiction
true- im still in a writers block
true- hopefully that will end tonight(giggles at Kym)
true- I need some new music.. always.. any suggestions?
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by StupidxLamb »

Truth: I've been really sad lately.
Truth: I want peanut butter cup cookies now.^
Truth: The weather is going to cool down this weekend, finally.
Truth: I have quite a bit of Adv. Math homework to catch up on.
Truth: Two of my best friends are in a huge post-breakup fight.
Truth: I have a crush on my best guy friend in the situation^
Truth: It's really stupid.
Truth: I don't think there are any knights in shining armour out there.
Truth: I wish guys matured faster. :|
Truth: I'm slightly hungry.
Truth: I cleaned out my jewelry box today and found some awesome things. :]
Truth: My brother is visiting his girlfriend this weekend.
Truth: I'm going to miss him :[
Truth: My mom and I have not been getting along.
Truth: I hope I can still go ice skating this weekend with my less-dramatic friends.
Truth: I'm sick of the shallow-ness in the world.
Truth: People can be very self-centered :geek:
Truth: I include myself in that category, honestly.
Truth: The presidental debate last night made me laugh.
Truth: Politics are ridiculous.
Truth: It's interesting keeping up with all the new angles that people are taking.
Truth: I can't wait for the election to be OVER.
Truth: I need to start my prayer journal for RCIT class...soon. :!:
Truth: I've been listening to "Crush" by David Archuleta obsessively.
Truth: Love is disappointing.
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by Conzoni al vento »

truth- no one is on when I'm on
truht- i feel al alone
truht- we said truths in french today
truth- it was boring.
truth- i sang Colors of the Wind and bugged people
truth- I am listening to the MOulin Rogue soundtracj
truth- Baz is my fav director!
truth- im so seeing Australia!!!!
truth- very excited for Sexdrive, Zach and Miri, and Quantum of Solace
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by a_n_n_a »

Truth: I have much to do before I go to band at seven.
Truth: Yesterday night I gave my friend the cookies we decorated/ate at my church activity.
Truth: She is the only person that would truly appreciate the cookies and the randomness of my visit.
Truth: I'm wearing my new student council sweatpants. They're royal blue.
Truth: My baseball tee student council shirt fits perfectly except for exceptionally long sleeves that look like they're just too short.
Truth: PAPER TOWNS COMES OUT TODAY! I'm going to convince my mom to let me go and get it at my favorite bookstore before I go to band.
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by wildroses »

truth: i just ate a ham sandwich
truth: i'm all out of orange juice :(
truth: i ran into Tristan today.
truth: he looked at me, but thats it
truth: i'm listening to rob's music now
truth: our homecoming game is tonight
truth: i still haven't decided whether or not i want to go
truth: today was weird, i don't know how to explain it
truth: i'm really tired
truth: i don't know whats wrong
truth: but i am okay
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by Tateyyy92 »

True: I was verrrrry sad today.
True: I went to see him and he wasn't there. :(
True: He called in sick. But I know he wasn't feeling good so I'm glad he's getting some rest.
True: I REALLY hope he's there tomorrow cause if not it's going to be a verrrrry long day.
True: My stalker sent me a text today so now we are all on edge.
True: My brother is over dramatic.
True: I miss my friends. They are all busy this weekend so I'm all alone.
True: I have found that love is the best drug there is.
True: I wish I could tell him how I feel.
True: Today was a verry good hair day :)
True: I neeeeed to talk to someone. I wish Brittney was here and not in Vegas.
True: He is the firey meteor in my sky.

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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by Goodnight Elizabeth »

Truth: I haven't posted on this thread in days.
Truth: I'm on Fall Break until Tuesday.
Truth: I'm bored.
Truth: I should be reading Dark Hunter 3 and 4.
Truth: Nima is going to beat me if I don't finish them soon.
Truth: Instead tonight I'm chatting with everyone on YM.
Truth: I say "Yay me" waaay too much.
Truth: My husband is deer hunting.
Truth: It's bow season.
Truth: He doesn't gun hunt.
Truth: He says, "It's too easy."
Truth: I'm a hypocrite.
Truth: I'm anti-hunting.
Truth; I love deer steak and deer chili.
Truth: I'm ashamed - or at least I should be.
Truth: Lynzeee --> Fringe is awesome. I love Pacey! I mean Josh.
Truth: Watch The Ex-List tomorrow night on CBS. It's hilarious!
Truth: I walked 2 miles today. Yay me.
Truth: I did it again.
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by heifergrl1 »

Truth: I found out that I bruised myself...again...
Truth: Its on my knee.
Truth: It hurts to touch.
Truth: I have songs from Mamma Mia! rolling through my head.
Truth: I really want to get them out.
Truth: I get to go to Indianapolis in a couple of days.
Truth: I'm super excited.
Truth: One of my really good friends moved across the country a week ago.
Truth: It makes me sad.
Truth: Now I'm listening to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.
Truth: They are one of my favorites.
Truth: I got my haircut today.
Truth: I have bangs now.
Truth: I can't wait to see everyones faces when they see my hair :lol: .

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