True Things --Second Round

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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by samajama »

Truth: I'd lie.
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by ana; »

Truth: Regret is AWFUL.
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by kkswmmr114 »

porscheturbo911 wrote:Truth: I'm watching the first season of Dawson's Creek.
Truth: Some of the stuff that happens on this show is so warped.
Truth: But I still love it :D.

Truth: I just found out that one of the actresses playing a teacher on Dawson's Creek was born in Forks, Washington.
Truth: o.o
Truth: Dawson's Creek is awesome!!
Truth: I love that show too.
Truth: I have seen every episode, ever.
Truth: I own all six seasons.
Truth: That is kinda embarrassing now that everyone knows... :oops:
Truth: Our football team lost last night.
Truth: It was our first game to lose this season and they were our rivals.
Truth: It was cold last night too.
Truth: But I like the way fall feels here.
Truth: And I got lots of new fall/winter clothes last week, so I'm super-stoked to be able to wear them!
Truth: I need to stop getting on the Lex and work on my response paper.
Truth: If I just sat down and did it, it would take less than 20 minutes...
Truth: I just have a really hard time sitting down to do it...
Truth: Because the Internet Explorer icon looks so much more enticing than the Microsoft Word icon. 8-)
Truth: And the Lex is so much more fun than writing a paper over something I don't even understand!! :?
Truth: I may have to turn off the antenna to my wireless internet to get my paper done...
Truth: That is so sad... Lol...

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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

sarah-belle wrote:Truth:I REALLY WANT TO SEE Nevershoutnever!!!!
Truth:The guy is so freaking adorable
Truth:I would like to know who you're talking about
Truth:I agree with Bloodlust that it's finally starting to feel like fall here
Truth:I love fall in Texas
Truth: Nevershoutnever is coming to Houston FYI.
Truth: Im very surprised you didnt know automatically who I was talking about.
Truth: I need this person to help me do my myspace & make it frickin amazing-er.
Truth: I hate to burst Sarah & Toni's bubbles, but its called a cold front & they are severely temporary here ):
Truth: Thats the only way we get like below 80 here.
Truth: It'd be nice if it stayed like this forever though.
Truth: Im listening to Toasted Skin-The Academy Is...
Truth: I love this song, its so the 'Summer Song'.
Truth: Im now listening to Mayonnaise-The Academy Is... (Yes, its a Smashing Pumpkins cober & amazing one at that)
Truth: My iPod died just as I started typing that truth.
Truth: I just got an IM from my friend who got suspended for TeePeeing the bathroom.
Truth: It was really funny.

Truth: The post below mine reminded me of something.
Truth: I ordered my Hit The Lights Shirt/CD last night!
Truth: It should be here by Thursday!!!!!
Truth: That is all.
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by Carrisa »

Truth: I got five shots yesterday
Truth: My shoulders hurt when I lay on them!
Truth: I got new pants! 8D
Truth: I love them!
Truth: I still have homework to do
Truth: I'm just now getting over my cold
Truth: Three days till my laptop arrives (hopefully)
Truth: No school this Friday!
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by StupidxLamb »

Truth: 5 shots is a LOT.
Truth: I've been really sad lately.
Truth: I'm becoming more and more disillusioned in this world.
Truth: I don't want to be sad anymore.
Truth: I'm listening to White Horse by Taylor Swift.
Truth: My best friend and I have the same period schedule.
Truth: That was random.
Truth: We are period buddies.
Truth: I'm really hungry & tired.
Truth: So many songs are making me cry lately.
Truth: I can't wait for my brother to come back home tomorrow.
Truth: My best friend is giving me my belated birthday gift tonight! :]]]
Truth: I am wearing smokey eye makeup
Truth: It's chilly outside.
Truth: I don't want to go to class tomorrow. :[
Truth: I'm going to church in about an hour.
Truth: My crush has a "surprise" for me tonight.
Truth: I feel numb all over.
Truth: Life is hard. :cry:
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by a_n_n_a »

Truth: The Packers are playing the Colts.
Truth: I started my application for two schools today.
Truth: Later when I bring my laptop down I am going to send in an application for real, my first one.
Truth: Paper Towns is supremely fantastic.
Truth: I updated my iPod yesterday for the first time in quite some time.
Truth: Now I have the new Ben Folds CD to listen to wherever I am.
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by wildroses »

truth: i'm listening to jack johnson
truth: i feel really creative
truth: one of my friends is annoying me
truth: i'm not going to let her get to me
truth: i'm in a really mellow mood right now
truth: she talks too much
truth: about herself
truth: i'm going to stop ranting about her
truth: i was drawing about 3 minutes ago
truth: now i think i may write
truth: the weather is absolutely beautiful outside
truth: music calms me
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by spookybell »

Truth: I also own the entire Dawson's Creek series.
Truth: I love Pacey!
Truth: It is sunny and I am going to go for a walk.
Truth: 5 shots!!! Outch!!! That is a lot. I'd refuse!
Truth: I can't find my good earphones, only the crappy ipod earphone.
Truth: ipod earphones hurt my ears and fall out all the time.
Truth: I am going to look for my good earphones.
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by virginiax7 »

Truth: I burned my face with my mom's curling iron.
Truth: It isn't very bad, so I'm happy that it's going away quickly.
Truth: I have a chemistry quiz tomorrow that is going to be hard.
Truth: I have to make a card for my brother's 10th birthday.
Truth: Homecoming was fun. :]
Truth: I want to get my braces off.
Truth: Starbucks would taste good.