Confederate Army~ Team Jasper

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Re: Confederate Army~ Team Jasper

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Thank you!
That could help couldn't it.

Welcome Jazz Girl.
I'm Major Eva.

Message from Jasper.

Sorry I haven't been on either site. I have been tryingto get things in order. The battle better not start until I get back becasue I want to see how it goes. I'll hopefuly be back soon. Be good. And I might be in the mock battle. I don't know yet.


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Re: Confederate Army~ Team Jasper

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You have to see this. *freaks*
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Re: Confederate Army~ Team Jasper

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I just wanted to congratulate to the Army Majors for organizing this amazing team. Thank you to all other officers and recruits for keeping the thread alive and for all your hard work. I am very honored to be your leader and I hope to see you all on our new thread.

Jasper Hale
Confederate Army Major