The Dating Thread--take 2

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

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Spartan wrote:Sorry to interrupt but what exactly is this thread?
Well, it's called "The Dating Thread", and that's exactly what it is. If you have a relationship problem we'll give you advice. If you have a dating story to share that could help someone else out, come and share it. Or maybe you just have a random question about dating in general and want other people's opinions. It's pretty self-explanatory. We talk/advise/wonder about dating.

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

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thanks a_n_n_a - I notice you have a pic of David Tennant - I fricking LOVE him - He's just pure awsomeness :lol:

So yeah - Dating.

Do you think it's wierd for a 15 yr old girl to date a 13 yr old guys who's at least 4 inches shorter?
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

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I think it depends on the person. I personally would never date anyone younger than me--but for the reasons that
i'm way into older guys (my list of incredible guys are all more than 30yrs old). But if you are comfortable with him, and you honestly like him, then i do not think that it is wierd. There is no problem in dating someone younger than you are. I know sophmore girls who go otu with seniors that have been going out for almost a year. So if the person who is involved truly liked the younger guy then she wouldn't really care what age they were. =] hope that helped.

tell tj that taking breaeks means you aren't strong enough to admit that it's over. No one ever recovers from a break. Because that's what happens... you break... along with everything you built up in the relationship. i hope it works out for him but i wouldn't be so sure.

yayuh!!!! This boy is too sweet. (and yes, they are divine. tehehehe) whats the deal with you not being able to date him now? brother still not approve or the whole thing with britney or his previous commitment issues or what? Whats goin on, girl? lol

i agree with Marie's "Wish i were her" statement. I envy your friendship with those guys myself. heck, if i could have al l male friends i'd chose them over girls in a heartbeat. like i've said before-- i think they are pure. i have a chick problem becuase i think they are all evil coneiving b!+ch&$. lol. you girls aren't though (atleast that i've seen) butit's way too much drama and in guyland it's the truth 24/7.

no updaaets with me. =[

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

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Conzoni al vento wrote: Marie-
yayuh!!!! This boy is too sweet. (and yes, they are divine. tehehehe) whats the deal with you not being able to date him now? brother still not approve or the whole thing with britney or his previous commitment issues or what? Whats goin on, girl? lol
At this point, it's 50% my friendship with Britney and 100% my parents' disapproval. :[
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

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Haha thanks. :] And awww, Eli's just the cutest. I can't believe he's already on Breaking Dawn. I always tell guys that they'd love Twilight if they actually put their bias aside and read it! Haha. But that's cool and super cute that he's making Twilight references to you. ;] Lol. And again, yes, it sucks that you two can't be a couple, but... you've still got something. And it's cute, whatever it is. :]

Well Ben can do whatever he wants, cause you don't care, right? Right! Haha. Who cares if he's shunning you? (Which is immature to begin with, but okay... Haha.) I'm glad you're doing better. And we love you, too. :]

I wouldn't worry about it. Really. Boys are forgetful and he probably just neglected to tell you. Honestly. I don't think he would deliberately not tell you something like that if you guys are friends. So don't put too much thought into it. Next time you talk to him just be like, "Thanks for telling me you're back in town..." Lol. I'm sure he'll be like, "Oh my gosh, I forgot to tell you?" :]

Welcome to our thread. We'll take good care of you. :] And no, I don't think it's weird. A two-year age difference is usually acceptable, be it up or down. More than that would be kind of weird, depending upon the situation, but I think you're fine. As long as you're both really interested in each other. Then you deserve to try a relationship and be happy together. :]

I'm totally with you. Boys always tell the truth. Because they don't care what other people think. And girls are... sometimes not fun AT ALL. I mean, I love you girls :] but some girls just don't know how to be REAL. And that drives me absolutely crazy. Hence, most of my best friends are currently boys. :]

For me, nothing. No school today meant I pretty much didn't do anything. I went to Border's and got some new books, though, which is cool. And my Border's boyfriend (the BEAUTIFUL MAN that works at Border's that I... um... stalk) was there. But he didn't get to check me out. Bummer. The guy that DID check me out kept trying to flirt with me and it was totally awkward. Anyway, I finished my research paper revisions and read one of my books. (The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a great read, if you're interested in the Holocaust.) And I've been texting Andy all day. But hey, what's new...

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

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Spartan Well, personally I wouldn't go out wiht anyone two years younger but some boys can be really mature for their age! To be honest, I probably would go out wiht someone younger but they'd have to be extremely perfect! No, make that 100% perfect! Teh age thing I mihgt be able to deal wiht but the hieght thing might get me! I'm not judgeing though because the guy you're talking about is probably lovely! :D

lovemesomecullenssI really want to read that book! I've read Private Peaceful! I cried like a baby! Get in there wiht the borders man! Go in there and ask him if they have a certain book in stock and get him to look for it! You get to be the damsel in distress AND you can observe him at a closer angle! OR to look really intelligant go and get the HEAVIEST most hardcore book ever and casually say when you buy it "Have you read this book? I've worn mine out so I thought i should get a new one!" About 10 seconds later he will propose! :lol:

Tiffi He's obviously an absolute idiot! Next time, make sure you shun him! It'll make you feel better! And its totally understandable if you don't feel ready to date as well! You probably lost all confidence in boys but you will find someone eventually and he'll be 10000000000000 times better than Ben! :D

Marie He loves you! :lol: It;s weird but loads of people see paralells between their lives and Twilight! i do a bit but my Edward is an idiot!

up-date Jake is coming home!!!! WHY?!?!?! Does he feel he had to or something!?! he is an idiot!
I got this e-mail saying: "I'm coming home. I love you too much. Jake x"
As some of you know I went to his the other day and it was possibly the weirdest experiance ever.
I mean for the first coulpe of hours we just goofed around and ate a lot and played Twister (I'm not sure why, but we did. I lost. Miserably!)
After though we had a huge chat and I kind of confessed everything to him about how I felt about Jake, that I can't seem to get over him and about how I was worrying about my exams because Jake wasn't here to help me and then Ben goes, "I can help you." and then he went really red and prtended to do something else. and i asked him what he meant and he said he meant nothing by it.
He was really uncomfortable after that so I made my exscuses amd went home to carry on my passionate affair that I have goign on with ym Physics notes (they're so god damn hot!) :mrgreen:
As I was walking out Ben goes "You looked really pretty tonight." (I looked awful)
I didn't kwno what to say and finished off wiht a "So do you!" SOOO cool I know!
He can't like me. I mean, its Ben, Jake's best frined!
And now bloody Jakes coming home. That's just bloody great isn't it!?
Apparently he's heard about Rory and wants to break his nsoe but I'm sure that's just a rumor!

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

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This doesn't apply to me as much as it does my best friend but neither of us have any idea on what to do in this situation yet so we'd like some help.

So my bff, Justina, and I were friends with this guy, Jake, throughout grade school. I've known him since we were 5 or something along those lines. My best friend and he dated for a couple of weeks in high school and when they broke up the friendship between them and me took a nose dive. The friendship between him and us faded for a while. Then this summer his mom was talking to my mom and she said that he didn't have that many friends that he could hang out with or be around any more. My mom told me this and I told Justina about it. We both felt bad because we had all three been really good friends in grade school so we decided to go and make amends. We went to some movies together and hung out at school with him. But then he starts texting me about how he likes her again and he thinks that she likes him back. I told him that she and I wanted to be friends with him, but that she and I weren't romantically interested in him. The next day he texts me and says, "I wanna know what the hell is going on here?" I was all WTF!!! He said that she had led him on and he thought that they were really gonna start dating again, I told him that she wasn't meaning to lead him on and if she did, it was an accident. He just said well I just know not to trust her anymore.

So after that little episode Justina and I decided that friendship wasn't the best idea anymore. So we didn't hang out with him or talk to him, but we were polite to him if we ran into him. But last week Justina said hi to him and he started stalking her. He followed us around and was bugging us for half of the day. Then he calls her constantly that night to talk to her. She finally told him to leave us alone because we can't be friends with him if he is going to take the friendship in a romantic light with her. It seemed like he got the memo for a few days. But then he started texting her and annoying her. One of the text messages he sent said that he wanted to let her know that he was glad that they didn't have sex. Sex was never evena discussion between them!!!

She was telling me the last part about the texting last night and we don't know what to do. I feel bad because we used to be such good friends, but I can't be friends with someone who is harrassing my best friend. So we definitely need some help here. Neither of us know what to do. HELP!!!!!!!!

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by Ruby »

Elizabeth - First of all, great name. It's mine, too. :) So, about this Jake kid. He sounds like a total creeper. Your friend needs to stop texting him back when he texts her. Both of you should try to avoid him at all costs. You said you were polite if you ran into him, but clearly even that isn't a good idea. Just do everything you can to stay away from him, and hopefully he'll go away.

Sorry I haven't updated in so long, but there really hasn't been much to update. I decided that instead of trying to ignore Drew, which wasn't working, I'd just let him flirt with me and not worry about it. So now he flirts with me constantly, even though he's still with the girl he's been dating for over a year. She's at college, so I guess he figures she won't find out. Like, the other day at school I said I was cold, and he just took off his hoodie and gave it to me. I said I didn't need it, but he made me take it anyways. And I was talking to him on aim, and I was complaining about dropping all of my stuff in the mud and nobody even helped me, and he said, "aw, i'm sorry dear. i would have helped you." I just thought it was odd that he called me "dear", cause that's what he calls his girlfriend. Before I didn't think he actually liked me, I thought he was just flirting with me for something to do, but maybe he does...please give me your opinion on whether or not he actually likes me.

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

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Hey... havent posted in ages... had day off school today so have actually had time to get on :) Ive been like Immy, but instead of phsyics ive been having a relationship with French notes and coursework, now i know French is supposed to be the lanuage of love (or is that Itallian>?) but it hasnt been very loving lately :(
which brings me to a question kinda random but
What language do you think is the sexiest lol>?
Sounds like loads has happend...

Why dont you just ask him why hes coming home? Soz can i ask why its bad that Jakes coming home?? lol sori.
Awww poor Ben, it sounds like he likes you and wasnt even put off by the fact you confessed about Jake bless him,do you think hes kinda tryin to take Jakes place, with by him helping you instead of Jake ect... becuase he likes you?


I dont think theres anything wrong with it if they like each other. I think its unfair that older boys dating younger girls is fine, but when its the other way round people think about it differently :( so personally i think its fine.


It sounds to me like his poor little male ego has been bruised and hes taking it out on you two. He also sounds a little obsessive, some guys just need to know when to give up. For me id have three options;
Dont text him back, dont talk to him, like Ruby said, being polite obv didnt help either.
I would not let him no that its getting to you, try telling him straight one more time, you dont want to be friends you dont want to be more than friends, you just want to be civil so get over it.
Or like hes basically making a fool of himself, so maybe if your friend told a few people, they would be all like wtf u following her round for. Maybe he can get the wake up call off other people if you giving it doesnt work if you get me?


hmmm i think it may have started out not meaning anything, but now he might like you a little... maybe hes confused??? Try not to worry to much, just let him flirt and see what happens. Do you like him at all>? And does he flirt like thst with everyone else??

My Update;

Hmm well as always my love lifes been confusing. :?
Gav still likes me, me and Gav are still really close as friends but i always get a sense of him wanting more, and that can make me quite uncomfortable at times tbh.
Jacob still likes me, and im not sure i return his feelings anymore, lately hes just annoyed me more than anything and the fact that he cant take anything seriously is really starting to get to me. Like i was at his, i wasnt feeling well and all i wanted to do was lie down and chill out like, but he just started being an idiot, and i try having a serious conversstion and he just wont have it. :evil:

Now the biggest problem Tom :cry:
Theres a new guy on the scene. Well not really new, ive been friends with him for quite a while, and it was always a flirty friendship, but the flirting didnt mean anything. But during a conversation he said something like
"well i must really like you.... ect"
And then we had a whole convo about how i kinda liked him back and He kinda liked me. But you see.... for like the last month i have been trying to set him up with someone else that he REALLY likes and she kinda likes him bak... shes also a friend of mine :S
The other day we went out, and ended up spending the night together and kissing a lot and just generally acting like we were a couple. And i really liked it :)
We agreed to just see what would happen. But everyone found out about that night and made a big deal outa it and some poeple wernt happy at all about it. I think this kinda put him off a bit.
I was ill for a week and didnt go to school, and during this time him and the girl got EVEN CLOSER which believe me was hard for them to do. I think me kissing tom made her think more about him. But now hes basically chosen her, and anything we could of had is ruined, and our friendship is awkward and practically gone.
Last night he was all like " im sorry nothing more ever hapened between us"
I dont wanna give up on him, but i dont feel like i have a choice. Im prepared to wait for him to gt over her, but who says he'll like me when theyre over?? I dont know what to do!! Id at least like our friendship back !!!!!
I tried gettin close with Jacob to forget about him, but it didnt work... only pushed Tom frther away and made me feel guilty.
Its typical of me to actually like the only guy outa all the people i have something with, that i cant have!!! It really upsetting me tbh, especially when i see then together, and we cant even smile at each other anymore.
The only good thing is that i dont think the girls annoyed at me, i apoligised to her an explained and she seid it was fine, but i lied and said it didnt mean anything.... to me it really did!

Anyone got any ideas on what i should do??

Soz for the super long post

ly all

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

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So lena finally has a REAL update. GAH
So last night/afternoon i spent 8 hours with this dashing young lad, Trevor. He was gorgeous. No he was not family. But we did spend thanksgiving together. He is the son of a family friend (who i adore!) and is 17 years old. (yes! someone my age!) But anywho, all would have been great if my dad left us alone. I'm all "dad. wanna go downstairs witht he other guys?" they were playing this pokerlike game "No. i don't want to listen to men shouting" great. thanks dad.. you're so helpful.
Halfway through i realized that i knew who he was and i'd seen him another time but now he had lost ALOT of weight and was damn fine.
Then his mom asked me to help him put something on his itouch so we had to use the laptop upstairs then some genius said "bring it downstairs so they won't be alone up there" thanks yet again.
so we chatted. laughed. bla blabla.
But my dad was still there and i just simply can't be flirty with my dad around. can't.
So everytime he left i played it up more. and more. To the best that i could atleast.
Then i texted my biff and was like "im so lame i can't ever get any romantic thing going on!" lol. pathetic.
Then i was in the living room with him, my dad, and his mom. His mom is all asking me if'i've had a bf and if i've evr kissed anyone and bla bla bla. not akward at all you know ? (sarcasm!) and then "do you think he's a beau?" YES he's gorgeous! but instead.. i just changed topic.
Then we had about half an hour at the end by ourselves and we talked about gosh knows what.

as soon as i got In the car going back home my sister was like "You and him were talking mad long" "no beaucase dad was actually there the whole time. giving him life lessons, and beign all friendly like 'you should come over sometime so we can chill'"
Then my dad gets in the car "so, did you kiss him? Did you make a date with him? I like that kid. He's nice."
mom- "and beautiful"
me"first of all... NO! second of all you never left us alone!"

ah... but i prob won't see him again until like christmas. =[