The Dating Thread--take 2

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by lovemesomecullensss »

Haha your friend was right, you're cute, VK! Hahah. And the smoothie story was funny... Any opportunity to make conversation-via-eye-contact is good! :] As for your Smart Virginia vs. Nervous Virginia dilemma... So you may be split on the issue, but you need to pick a side! Either decide to go for it or don't. Don't keep deliberating over it; it'll drive you crazy! And then how will you do your chem homework? ;] :]

Welcome to our thread. :] Well, doubts... Those are no fun. Sounds like you've got a good thing going with your long-distance guy. But you have to ask yourself how serious it really it. Do you want to spend the rest of your life with this guy? Can you live without him? Because if you realize that you can, you're sort of wasting your time with the long-distance thing. Sure you care about him and love him, but he's not here. You can't actually enjoy the benefits of having a relationship if he's not here, you know? So unless you're truly committed, I'd maybe reconsider how worth it the relationship is. (Not to sound harsh!) As for this other guy, sounds like you made a real connection. Who knows what that could have in store for you. But you really can't approach that situation until you think about your relationship. Obviously you don't just want to throw away your relationship for a simple casual connection, but I think it's more than that. Take your time, really think things through, and good luck! Report back! :]

Sounds like you had fun with Lu and Amber despite their cliqueyness haha. That's good. So do you think Amber would go for Ethan and do that to Lu? That'd be kind of harsh, he really seems to like her. But then again, I'm sure he'd move past it eventually haha. And haha having conversations in French is the best! ;] Sounds like you had fun flirting with those other guys, too, despite their moral-wrongness haha. You must've been a busy girl. ;] Hahaha. :] I love you.

Wow, WV is pretty close to me! I'm glad you're having fun just hanging out and enjoying the laziness of a snow week. :] Don't die of boredom! That would not be cool! :]

Nothing. The only boy I've talked to today is Coomer (yes, that means I haven't talked to Andy...) and he was like, "We should hang out! Oh wait, my mom won't let me..." Which is good, because I'm not so sure I'd want to hang out with Coomer... Haha.
Oh, but I did take my dog for a walk today and I broke off all these crazy icicles off peoples' mailboxes and stuff. I called them my collection of murder weapons: just in case. Haha my parents were a little creeped out, but you never know when they might come in handy...
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by psugar »

I have no advice or anything to day, I'm out of it, cause I'm home alone and like really scared, so I'm going through my songs on youtube that I favorited and turned them up all the way. My first bit of my spanish midterm went well, some stuff I didn't understand, but guess what, they mentioned Twilight in it! Except they spelt everything wrong. I tried out for music stuff for the highschool and got a program of studies, my school district is top in the state(beat that magnet schools!) which means we have to really mull over alot of stuff(52 pages of fun). I saw S at lunch again and waved cause he was staring at me. I just spilt water on myself and can't find and of my sweats.We had an inservice today, so that was nice. In regards to what I'm freaked out about, I'm psychic(seriously, I am) and I know when something paranormal is near me, I can feel something in the room at the moment, I keep looking behind my back.
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by virginiax7 »

Evening all!

Christine: I know I know, I need to pick. The picking part is just so hard though...sigh. I keep thinking of that line from Sixteen Candles: "That's why they call them crushes. If they were easier, they'd be called something else." (Now I really want to watch that movie.) I'm just trying to sort my feelings out and then see where to go from there...yeah, I know that's a totally vague statement but hey, it's all I've got. :] I really like the name Coomer though, ha ha. It makes me think of coon-skin hats, weird as that is.

Lena: Hey, I am all for having fun with attractive males. Just don't date the druggie. :]

psugar: Aw, don't be freaked out! Whenever I'm home alone and I feel weird about being alone, I turn on all the lights and watch old reruns of Friends and stuff, ha ha. :] That's really cool that they talked about Twilight on your Spanish midterm. :]

Keds: Welcome to the thread! I'm going to reiterate what Christine (lovemesomecullensss) said: if you feel like the guy you're with now is really worth it and you feel like you want to spend the next few months or years or what not with him, then as hard as it is, it will be worth it to keep up your relationship, even if it's at a distance. However, if you feel like your connection with this other guy is something special, then you might have to sit down and think about how you feel regarding your other relationship. I hope you're able to figure something out, and be sure to come back with the details! :]

All night I've been sitting in my room in my yoga clothes, surrounded with multiple coffee mugs all filled with various types of Yogi tea, rubbing my temples and trying to figure out what the heck I'm going to do with myself. (And I've got City and Colour on, which is a very relaxing band. Except I keep laughing because I saw them in concert and the lead singer makes a really weird face when he sings. Kind of like a rat. So this kind of ruins the relaxation.)

One day I feel one thing and the next day my feelings are the total opposite. One day dating John sounds like a great idea, the next I feel like I'm not ready to be in a relationship right now. I'm scared that I'll go with one feeling, then regret it and feel like kicking myself in the butt. I know I need to make a choice, and that I might not be 100% sure about that choice when I make it (which is OK), but it's just...scary, I guess. I guess it's because when you like someone, you kind of put your whole self out there and then if you end up getting rejected, you feel really hurt. (Not that I'm saying this is going to happen to me, I'm just guessing as to why I'm taking so long in figuring this out.) ISHFILH.KPIAGNLKWEHIPHQR!

I cannot focus when all I can think about in my mind is Rat Man singing. I'm going to change the song.

Night guys.
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by twilight813 »

Hey everyone! This is my first time posting on this thread. Some of you know me from the Gen Y or Randomness. My name is Lily. I have been in my current relationship for 3 and a half years. I have been in many relationships before this one. I am truly in love and I know we will get engaged and married and have a life together. We live together right now, and its not always perfect but we compliment each other in so many ways. Hes the greatest guy and our relationship is amazing! So yea just stopping by to say hi and hopefully getting to know everyone here!
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2


Welcome to the thread! :D New people are always welcome. I'm Chelsea btw. Wow I'd love to have a relationship like that. I'm glad you're happy with him, and he sounds really great. Hope we see you around the board! :]
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by Wolf-Girl90 »

ALL4TEAMEDWARD wrote:Welcome to the thread! :D New people are always welcome. I'm Chelsea btw. Wow I'd love to have a relationship like that. I'm glad you're happy with him, and he sounds really great. Hope we see you around the board! :]
Hello Chelsea!

To be honest I don't know why I'm really writing on here! if I recited my love tales to you you'd all be asleep in a matter of seconds! :lol:
I do love giving advice though! :D My friends always say it's my strong point, so if I feel I have some killer advice to give I'll give it you!
Oh yeah, my names Genny as well (pronounced Jenny! it's only spelt weird because it's an abiviation of my name, and I hate my name)
Well, hello!
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by StupidxLamb »

Welcome to the thread, Lily! Your relationship sounds so perfectly imperfect! Love it. ;D My name's Marie, by the way. Well, now that you are a part of the thread, why don't you tell us how you and your boy met! We all love a good success story around here. Haha.

Genny, well, you're wrong...we definitely want to hear the details of your love matter how minuscule. I swear, we post whenever a cute guy looks our way. ^_^ Nothing wrong with that. :mrgreen:

Oh, for some reason I am now reminded of the time I went into Home Depot and thought I saw Johnny Depp. Of course, what was Johnny Depp doing in a Home Depot in South Carolina when he was supposed to be filming a movie? But he was really fantastic would have thought the same! :lol:

On another note, I'm sick. :[ Which means I didn't go to that party last night, 'cause I would've been sneezing and coughing on ALL the potential cuties...and probably infecting them. XD Oh well. I watched 90210 and consumed a ton of cold medicine, which is kind of sad for a Friday night. Haha.

V, I TOTALLY get what you mean about making decisions. I get really paranoid because I think that I'll end up regretting whatever I do. Haha. And it's probably true, in a way. But I think of it like this. If I'll regret it either way, I'd rather regret doing it than NOT doing it. 'Cause I'll always WONDER then, and that's REALLY annoying. (Note: That doesn't apply to dangerous things, children, like, drugs and alcohol). Soo, yeah. If things don't work out with John, it'll have been an experience AND you'll probably have a lot of cute memories. Good trade, in my opinion. :D
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by edward x lover »

ok this is for everyone you guys have much more exciting lives than me. There are way too many things going on on this thread for me to comment on so I am just gonna say ALL4TEAMEDWARD I am very jealous of you. I haven't had a snow day or a delayed opening since 5th grade and I'm in 10th grade now. You are very lucky.

My Update type thing:
Greg and his family minus his sister are going on vacation next week and they invited me to come but my mom won't let me. Her exact words were "You are too serious with him to go anywhere over night I don't want you to end up like his sister." Wow where's the trust mom?? Anyway Greg's parents made his sister move into one of those teen pregnancy houses. I feel really bad for Greg because he was close with her and now he can't even look at her anymore. So Feb. 14th is the Valentines Day dance. Girls choice =] I got a really pretty pink dress and the sleeves are spagetti straps made of little red crystal hearts. =] And my dance competition is next weekend and Greg promised he would come if they got back in time. Lucky guy gets to go to Mexico but he promised it wouldn't be any fun without me.
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by keds723 »

I forgot to mention that my name is Kristen, btw.

Thanks guys for your great advice...deep down I knew that, but it's harder to tell yourself that I think. I'm actually at my boyfriend's house now and I realize that although I could be forming a wee bit of a crush, what I have is worth it, and I don't want to gamble on the other kid. Who knows! Although I did find out today that not only does he got to my school, but he lives down the street from me in my home town. Very strange....maybe it's kismet, but I'm choosing to ignore it.

Psugar: Yikes! I remember being so afraid to stay alone at my house. It's so huge and I wouldn't go upstairs because I didn't want to leave the doors unguarded. I would also make it look like there were multiple people home by turning on all the lights and as many electronics as were necessary. What sort of music stuff do you do? I'm actually majoring in Music Education in college right now and I play a bunch of instruments and sing. I'd be interested in hearing about your interests!!

V:That's hard! I have a friend who constantly feels this way, and I don't envy her at all! Sometimes it's like you don't want to give up the friendship or the feeling that you have and settle for someone. Honestly, if it doesn't feel right, give it more time and just enjoy the flirting and the extra attention. Just make sure you're honest with him and make sure he knows that if you don't want a relationship, there won't be one. Dating is sometimes more fun than being in the relationship. I would just be careful with him and make sure he knows what you're feeling. Because he's just as vulnerable as you. If you decide to date him, then you can always change your mind...It's just a matter of taking the risk, that's all.

Lily: I will listen to any and all of your stories any day!

Marie: Don't worry; If I had thought I'd seen Johnny Depp in a Home Depot, I totally would have been snapping photos with my phone! Being sick sucks, but sometimes, the cute, nice ones will take care of you ;) that's how you find a good one! haha!
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by Wolf-Girl90 »

Stupid x lamb Thank you for the welcome and I'm sorry that you were ill! I had the measles a couple of weeks ago so that was nasty! Well I'm sorry to say the only cute guy in y life is my best friend! He is the hottest gu in the school and girls get jelous and spread umours about us! None of them are ever true and we try to laugh it off but it gets annoying!

edward x lover How long have you been going out for? Sorry, I'm new on here. I feel sorry for Greg's sister! Did she have any choice with the whole prgnancy house thing? I didn't know they even existed! I hope that Greg's and his sisters relationship isn't going to be damaged long-term by this. Is she keeping the baby or putting it up for adoption? Sorry for all the questions. I hope I'm not being too nosy!

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