The Dating Thread--take 2

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by ana; »

samajama wrote:I still have no love life. Argh. I thought of another song though!
Remembering Sunday - All Time Low

I particularly relate to this part:
Oh I can see now that all of these clouds are following me in my desperate endeavor to find my whoever...

I think I'm going to put that in my siggy. 8-)
aw Sam.
we are in the same place right now.

i'm like, wow.. i need someone.
i miss those days, the bf days.. someone was always there, i miss that.

but like bob marley said..
"everything's gonna be alright"..

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by simplymortal314 »

I have news it's a semi-update. I feel dizzy in part because of it. It will have to wait. Wow, I just can't believe. *shakes head* Focus Jennifer, breathe.

Christine, I agree Andy might not love his girlfriend as much anymore. It doesn't seem like distancing yourself is working. I am sorry about your pictures. So, how are all those other guys?

Sam, likin' the song. And someone who deserves and wants you that will rival how much you want him will come along, patience my dear

EdwardxLover, that is really cute. Hmm, looks like Tiffi and Ben have some competition in cutest couple. Care to step it up now, tiffi? =] That really is sweet. *sigh*

NKistheshiz, that is a lot of drama. Wow I don't know where to begin. sooo many boys.


Marie, Things will work out. Time is all you need.

Lena, you can do it. Put him out of your mind. We're here for you. That is one long list.

As for me...
Well a song to describe my current love life is between four.
-My Immortal
-Your Song
-French Song
More so Your Song from Kate Walsh.

Now, what happened tonight. and in general.
First a funny-ish story. In English I'm in a group with two friends and this random guy. I guess you could say we flirted since I was constantly touching his arm an teasing him.He had a stapler and well was stapling the chair and throwing staples everywhere. I was trying to take it away from him. I guess it wasn't that funny. =]
I haven't been dazzling Stanly as much since I don't really see him, but I saw him at the choir concert tonight. After intermission I didn't think about him at all because of the following. (yes I am trying build up as much suspense as possible)
I saw Bus Boy
I was siting right at the end of the row next to the aisle, when intermission came around I stood up and streched. In that moment my friend comes up and we're wishing each other good luck on stage and hugging. When I familiar blond head comes up with another clearly following my friend. Bus Boy. ... and his friend. After all of us are talking then my friend runs off leaving Bus Boy and his friend behind. All three of us talk and It just felt stange standing there next to bus boy. His friend wondered off and it's just me and him we talk some more, small talk. (His new school is amazing) Then he is relunctant to leave when intermission is over. Then the choirs sing, I sing. Getting dizzy and couldn't stop thinking about him and less when the song I'm singing is about love. gosh. Concert's over and I change out of my robe. I walk out to meet my mother when I see two of my friends, the one from earlier (who I hugged like five times in during the night =]) and another. I stand behind one resting my head on her shoulder and they notice me, hug hug hug. Then behind one of them there looking at me is Bus boy. Since my two friends are busy talking about something irrelevent to me I go over to him, he compliments the concert and then our friends include us in the conversation. I say I have to go because I can feel my mom staring at me from behind. I hug my two friends. I tap his shoulder to tell him 'bye', then bus boy is a somewhat sad voice asks if I'm leaving I tell him about feeling my mom staring. He opened his arms and hugged me, I gave him a one arm hug back since I only had one avaliable because I was holding my robe and we were in a crowded area. =/ So he hugged me and it was... sigh. I told him it was nice seeing him and he said it back. Then I had walk away. As I was walking with my mom to the car I just had the urge to run back and hug him again and tell him... i don't know. That I miss him and seeing him every day. hearing him rant. his smiles, his eyes. That I want to spend time with him and.... I wonder if he's thinking about me or dreaming.

So that's what's been going on.
Questions, Comments, Concerns?
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

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GAH. So tonight I am going to my first co-ed sleepover thing. Well technically we won't be sleeping.
Wow. okay, that sounds like sex. lol. We are going to just be watching movies the entire night. and in theory obviously be seperated if we do sleep. Yes, this is the thing at Lu's house. Yes, my bestfriends are mad at me. and oddly nough i am probbaly going to spend the entire ngith/morning hanging out with Amber. She's okay again.

I hope you all have a great Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!

and Jennifer
you saw BB again!!!!! yay for hugs! and nay for crowded areas... unless you want to show of fthat you are hugging him!. Also, how long has it been since you have seen him? It seems like forever.

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by lovemesomecullensss »

Hey! Happy Halloween everyone! :]

Wow. Lots of Lu revelations. Well, that's great that you can once and for all make a decision about that situation. I wish you the best of luck with that, girl. :] I'm happy you sorted it out for yourself. And have fun at the sleepover! Your best friends will forgive you; sometimes, you just need to have some new experiences. ;] But it sounds awesome, so that's good. :]

Awww, you and Greg are too cute! That sounds amazing. :] You've got a storybook relationship going on there haha. I'm happy for you. :] Are you guys spending Halloween together?

Welcome to the thread. :] Awww, hon, that sounds like a jumbled mess. I'd say, just focus on the guy you're dating right now. He sounds cute and you should really give the relationship a shot before deciding anything else. So don't worry about anyone else but this guy and good luck with that. :] If it's not feeling right with him, you can break it off, but it sounds like you have fun with him.

Haha thanks. And this is why I love you. :]

Does he flirt with you any more than he does others? Look for signs. That sounds cryptic, but that's what boys are: cryptic. Haha. :]

I'm sorry that you and Eli can't really "go anywhere" because of Britney, but I totally understand you're train of thought. Especially about the biffles thing haha. Because Andy and I are biffles and I just don't know if ever dating him would be a good decision... So I get it. I hope you just take some time to yourself to sort things through in your head. :]

You saw Bus Boy!? Get out of Dodge! Hahaa. That's crazy. And all those feelings came rushing back, right? I know how that is. The guy I had a crush on for like three years, I didn't get to see him very often so I'd think I was over him and then I'd see him and *bam*, I'd fall for him all over again. That happens sometimes. Don't think too much of it, especially since you never really see him anyways. :]

As pour moi:
Not too much, really.
Andy's still being very... blunt in our question and answer sessions. But hey, I guess it's better than him lying to me and trying to cover how he really feels. I asked him who he liked more, me or Cara and he said he didn't know. Right now things aren't so great with her, though, because she's been nagging at him for no reason and being really b*tchy to him. (Apparently.) So yeah. But I asked him the other day if he could do one thing before he died, what would it be? His answer: Kiss me. And then I asked if he could have anything in the world, what would it be? His answer: A date with me. So yeah... He says he doesn't know, but I'm starting to think I'm winning out over Cara... haha.
Joey's fine. We've argued a little bit this week, just because he was saying some things that I didn't agree with. But we're fine. We've hung out a lot this week, and this girl who was in my play with us asked if we were dating haha. Why can't I just have guy friends without people thinking something's going on? So annoying.
Jordan's been getting on my nerves lately. His immaturity (not that it's overwhelming, but I can definitely tell a difference between him and me) has been showing up a lot more lately. And he broke up with his girlfriend. And now when he sees me in the halls, he like hangs on me a lot and stuff. I'm like... um, can you please not..? So yeah, that's kind of weird.
And my friend Dakota who had a crush on me Freshman and Sophomore year has been hanging on me a LOT more lately. He's always hugging me and stuff and saying, "I love you, bestie." I mean, it's cute, but I'm wondering why he all of the sudden just upped the anti, you know?
And Tim. Tim's just a cutie haha. Today was "dress like your favorite teacher day" since it was the Career Fair at school. (They didn't want wacky Halloween costumes when people were talking to colleges haha.) So he dressed like his Spanish teacher and it was HILARIOUS. And me, him, and my friend David talked all class period. We had the laptops to "do our annotated bibliography" aka do nothing, and it was so much fun. He's a sweetie. :]
So that's about it. I'm going to my best friend's house tonight (even though she's out of town...) to take her little brother trick-or-treating. Should be fun haha.

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by simplymortal314 »

Lena, have fun at the "sleepover". That should be very interesting. Scary movies, I hope those are the best! =] Hmmm, it seems that everyone has a good/annoying bad saide. Have fun!

Christine, I guess in his suconcious Andy likes you the most, but isn't ready to admit it openly more so. He is one confusing boy. You deserve to have guy friends. I also don't understand why people can't get that through their heads. I'm Jordam will stop soon. No one can last being that annoying for that long. I'd keep my eye on Dakota. And Tim does sound delightful.

It's been since June that I've seen BB. Now that you say it Christine, it might have all come rushing back, or I just haven't completely forgotten about him. I really hate that he cut his hair more, but oh well. Not my issue. This just made me realize how much I liked being able to talk to him and how there are things right now I feel like I can't tell anyone.
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by Ruby »

Landiana - Glad I could help :D

So I have an update from the halloween dance...well, sort of. I still have this huge crush on Drew, and he was completely flirting and all over me at the dance, even though he is still with his girlfriend who's 2 hours away at college. It was really sort of annoying, because he totally loves her, and I really really really doubt that he likes me, and even if he does, he isn't going to do anything with me, because he isn't going to make the same mistake twice. There's no way she would forgive him a second time. ugh. Life's not fair. I almost liked him better when he wasn't talking to me. At least it was easier not to think about him.

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by StupidxLamb »

Ruby! Aw, girl. That sounds really difficult. It sucks to be flirted with when you know the guy isn't even in the position to follow through with you. :[ I would have been annoyed. I'm sorry it wasn't the grand time that it should have been. Drew needs to watch how he acts.

Jennifer! YAY FOR BUS BOY. Oh wow, I am now realizing how long we've had this thread going for, because that was a while ago that the whole Bus Boy scenario started. :shock: Don't you hate it when guys do things with their hair that you don't like? Lol. I dunno, that bothers me. It's like, "Crap, you messed up your hair. Now I have to wait for it to grow out/for you to cut it again/etc." Haha. XD

Christine, the whole Andy thing reminds me of something. It's like, Andy likes you AND his girlfriend, but he knows one of those relationships won't work. And even if he likes you more, he probably sees the potential difficulties (like how you two are biffles already, but there are things that would complicate it). So he is taking the safe route with his GF.
I hate the whole assumption that if a guy and a girl are really close, there "must be something going on." It's like...what the heck. Not everyone wants to get in someone else's pants. :roll:

My update:
Noah came back this weekend. He's going to the same costume party that I'm going to tonight. :/ Boo. I don't want to see him!!!!! Britney and I are going to be party buddies so I will never be in danger of being around him or Sarah though. Haha. They're coming in couple's costumes (a flapper girl and her date). :| OH WELL, cause I'm a woodland fairy princess and my costume is all sparkly and AWESOME. Lol. I just want him to stay at Duke now. UGH.

Anyway. Eli's costume at the party I went to last night was a suit with a tag that said "To: Women, From: God.
LOL. I gave him the idea. It was awesome. He's going to the party tonight too, which is good. I like to be around him. He's awesome. :] And annoying! But awesome. Lol. :]
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by Immy93 »

I'm back bitches! ;)
I have unfourtunately been away on the North cost of england walking on beaches in about 50 layers to keep warm and visiting castles!
It's all good!
I'm very glad to be back though! I've never been one to miss the banter so I've had to read about a zillion pages! (ok, maybe no that many!)
I'm here to give you my pearls of wisdom again! :lol:

Ruby In my opinion I think you should forget about this Drew! He might be the most amazing guy ever but if he's telling someone he loves them and then flirting wiht you you've got to ask yourself if he is boyfriend material! ANd can I come to your next Halloween dance?! They don't have those in Britain and they sound amazing! :D

Jennifer Get in there with the bus boy! I think it's so romantic that you meet on a bus! It's like some 1940's english love film!! Okay, maybe I should chill out a bit! You have to forgive me though! I have been cooped up in a tiny house with no phone signal, computer and no DVD player and we were lucky to get a phone signal! Anything to do with technology amazes me right now! :lol:
I'm gutted about your mum though! That's SO somehting my mum would do! In my opoinion get back on that bus and go for it! :D

StupidxLamb I don't like Noah. Kick him in the balls next time you see him from me! :lol: (Don't really! Just imagine doing it fomr me if you know what I mean!) What about Eli then? How do you feel about him or don't you know?

up-dateI havne't spoken to Jake for over a weekn and to be honest, it's been great! He's still whining to all my friends and his about how much he likes me and how he can't get over me etc. I hope he never reads this because I'm trying to stay resilient but sometimes I can feel myself caving. I was in a castle on holiday looking at the portrait and this guy cam up to me and said Hi and I said Hi back and we got chatting and I could tell he liekd me but then I looked at the portrait again and the woman's dress was EXACTLY the same colour as Jakes eye's an I felt I couldn't carry on talking to this guy and so I made my exscuses and made a hasty exit! (via the torture chamber! It was horrible!) I feel like a fool though because I know I can't take him back! Am I just being like a head case!?!
I could do wiht some amswers!

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by Conzoni al vento »

i love the concept of Elis present. It's definatley something I'd appreciate seeing! hahahahah! You are one smart girl! How's britney been with this whole thing? There's not much she can do if you two like each other. WHich brings up another question. When does that one month period end? or was it two?
Noah is just ruining all the moments now isn't he? rhetorical question.
How'd that end out being by the end of the night? Bring any pencils, did we? ahahaha

four words: He wants you. Bad.
That's really all i can say to you right now. hehehehe. But seriously, he's being so out there with it. Tell him to stop because it's making you feel uncomfortable because he has a girlrfiend. Then if he does like you how he tells it, he'll end up breaking up with her. not really that big a deal since he's annoyed by her all the time anyway.

well last night was pretty interesting. Not sexual at all becuase Lu was all supervising. His parents are all traditional Italian so they'd get so pised. Amber, me and his other biff were the only girls to sleep over. Guys are so entertaining when they go to sleep/wake up. The only time really that i talked to Lu was when he was explaining Emily Rose to me and this other chick that wsa sitting in between us, when we were trying to figure out how to use the tv upstairs, and in the morning when i sat next to him whilst eating pancakes and watching Halloween. So really this whole thing was NOT about him, but still my friends are very pissed about it. because theyh think it is. And it's just hurting me kinda to see how supportive they are about my decisions. Especially since it was like the first time i chose anyone over them and they do it to me all the time. Ugh.

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by virginiax7 »

Hello lovelies. If whoever invented daylight savings time (I think it's 'ole Ben Franklin, corrrect?) was still alive, I would give them a hug, because I love looking at the clock and being like "'s really 9:30, not 10:30! Ah ha ha."

Pas grand chose de nouveau dans ma vie, but today our school's One Act play went to regional competition at some school way out in the boonies (dey all talked like dis), which was super fun. Everyone I liked went, and even though we came in second (the school that won had money to buy stuff for sets and rent costumes and we were like "Um, our school is broke. They give us nothing."), it was so much fun. Michael went, but I didn't get to talk to him much because I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to fix the breaking set, and he was busy being manly and lifting heavy things, ha ha. :] However, on the bus ride back my friend Salim (the guy who is one of my really good friend's brother) was sitting in the seat behind me and he kept playing with my hair (thinking about it, Michael does that too. Does this mean I have nice hair?) and talking to me. I love that kid, but I was so tired and all I wanted to do was sleep.

We had pratice after school on Friday, and Michael was like "I'm going over to Sarah's with Corbin tonight to hang out, do you want to come?" and of course I wanted to go, but Sarah's mom's house is kind of far away from mine so my mom didn't want to drive me, which was a bummer. But today Michael was all "We missed you last night" and I'm like "...Hee hee."

Christine: Yeah dude, I'm with Lena; that boy is warm for your form! (Does anyone say this anymore? Probably not. Oh well, I'm going to bring it back.) I have a strong feeling that before long, him and his girlfriend are going to call it quits, and then he'll be a knockin' on your door five minutes later. If him and his girlfriend should break up and he asked you out, what would you say? Do you think you'd ever want to go out with him, or would you rather things just stay at a friend level?

Lena: Huffah for co-ed sleepovers! Whenever I'm at my friend Sarah's house (her mom's because her dad would never let us do this), Corbin always ends up sleeping over, but he's a nice boy and doesn't try anything, lol. And he cooks good pancakes, so we let him stay. :] I have to admit, I'm confused as you why your friends are mad at you. Do they feel like you picked Lu over them, or are they mad that you just want to be friends with Lu, OR none of the above? (And he's Italian?! God, lucky girl. Italians are SEXY. All nice and tan...mmm. ;])

Jennifer: Ahaha, BUS BOY!( He's like a superhero....dun dun dun da dee da da.....BUS BOY!) I remember when the whole Bus Boy saga started. Wow, that's sad. I still haven't gotten a life. Kind of a blast from the past, huh?

Marie: Aw hon, don't let Noah and the girlfriend ruin your Halloween! (Even though at this point, Halloween is over.) I love love LOVE the costume idea you gave Eli though. That's so funny. :] Go and be a cute gilttery woodland fairy and show him you don't need a man in your life so HA! on him.

Ugh, my fingers are sore from a combo of playing my mandolin and typing. I'm signing off, loves. Nighty night.